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For all the Brainpool fans…

…Christoffer Lundquist back in 1994 with short hair and no beard 🙂


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New date for “HitlĂĄtens historia” premiere

The word from the Man:

The mighty Swedish Television, SVT, will premiere its new series “” (“Story of the hit”) with the fabulous fairy tale of Roxette’s “The Look.” This broadcast is on January 16 with repeat on January 20. SVT1 is the channel. And yes, it’s quite good

The programme will last for 30 minutes and will start at 21.45 CET.

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NOTP broadcasting on television and radio soon!

Make sure you catch one of the broadcastings of this year’s Night Of The Proms with Roxette! Here are the known dates so far. Please feel free to complete if you know more!


TV: 21.12.09, 19:25 – AVRO, Nederland 2


Sunday, 13.12.2009, 16:00-20:00 – BAYERN 3 “Greatest Hits“ (Special „15 Jahre Proms” but incl. songs from this edition)
Monday, 14.12.2009, 22:00-24:00 – BAYERN 3 “Nightlife“
Thursday, 24.12.2009 and Friday, 25.12.2009, 23:00 – WDR 2
Saturday, 26.12.2009, 22:30–24:00 – SWR 1 “Kopfhörer” (Highlights of NOTP 2009)
Date unknown – HR 3
Date unknown – NDR 2

TV: Around Easter – Deluxe Music

Update, 27.12.2009:

The TV dates for Belgium got changed:
Part 1: 27.12.2009, 0:00-0:50 – EEN
Part 2: 03.01.2010, 23:10-0:00 – EEN

All times are CET. To be updated…

Source: NOTP Fanpage | Project_Z

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NOTP tour: “The look” & “Joyride” in HQ

Very merry Christmas from staff.

Thanks to Project_Z.

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NOTP tour: “The look” & “Joyride” on Dutch TV

Yesterday the Dutch TV station broadcasted a 50-minutes special on “Night of the Proms 2009” tour. Two Roxette songs were included – “The look” & “Joyride”.

If you want to watch the programme, click here – you have to look after “bekijk uitzending” button. Anyone who can download it and upload it somewhere? The high quality versions would be highly appreciated!

It was recorded in Rotterdam on November 21st.

Thanks to Roxette Holland at TDR for information.

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NOTP tour: on radio and TV

As we have previously informed there will be some radio and TV broadcasts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the next few days and week.

For instance, don’t forget to watch the Dutch TV Nederalnd 2 tonight. Some Roxette recordings might pop up there. If there is a possibility, share with us your opinions & video files.

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NOTP tour: Munich, December 11, #34

We need your help. Each and every concert will have a such topic. If you find something connected with this particular gig, post it in the comment section. Thanks for your help and cooperation!


Ros’ gallery

Per Gessle’s comments:

Olympiahalle in Munich might still be there. I don’t really know after the Rox gig tonight. Awesome! Thanx everyone for making us GODS!

Official videos:

Fans stories:


Munich #2 was superb ! This is what I call an audience ! Per was wearing black and white pants this time. Everything went perfect from the beggining. Marie was very very warm with the audience, waving and smiling. Per was little bit too serious. At the end of the show he stole Chris’ hat. Per threw his bouquet and me and my friends got it ! Per & Marie left early tonite as well but Pelle, Chris and Clarence were there for a small chat (under the snow).

YouTube clips:

Media reports/reviews:

Abendzeitung: “A real sensation: Roxette”

Four songs from this concert were broadcasted on Bayern 3 radio station.

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So you think you can dance?

The So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 10 dancers found their magic on December 2nd. Jakob Karr, Ellenore Scott, Noelle Marsh made a great showing along with, Kathryn McCormick, B-boy Legacy Perez, krumper Russell Ferguson and Mollee Gray.

Many fans were waiting to see how Mollee Gray and Nathan Trasoras would fair after a rocky few weeks. Mollee’s new partnership with Russell Ferguson proved to be golden. They conquered Mandy Moore’s lyrical jazz to “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette. This beautifully choreographed piece showcased Mollee’s graceful lines and technical skills. She showed more maturity while Russell continued to impress with his quick study abilities and emotion filled dancing.

More at:,

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Roxette on Swedish TV

Swedish channel TV4 will broadcast an interview with Roxette next Saturday! It’s made by long time fan Lasse Bengtsson and will be shown during “Nyhetsmorgon”.

I think I saw the camera in one of the recent backstage videos… 🙂

Source: via The Daily Roxette

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NOTP tour: Programme book for Antwerp, TV broadcast?

Night of the Proms logoAt the official Proms page it’s now possible to go through a virtual programm book for Antwerp. Roxette on page five!

Source: NOTP Antwerp

Update: There’s an ad for NOTP on Belgian TV channel EEN on December 27.

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Special about Roxette on Australian TV

Steve from Australia sent us following information:

A 90 minute Roxette Special has aired on Australian TV Channel “TVS”, which is a Sydney Community TV station. The special is a mix of clips from “Really Roxette”, “The Making of Joyride” and
Roxette videos. Some of the videos played were “The Big L”, “Real Sugar”, “Fingertips ’93”, “The Centre of the Heart”, “It Must Have Been Love” and “Almost Unreal” amongst many others.

The special aired on Prime-Time at 8:30pm on a Saturday night (Eastern Daylight Time!).

It has been a long time for us Aussies since we’ve seen such dedication to Roxette on Australian TV, even though it is Community TV.

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