En vacker kväll – Polls

Every week we will have a poll where you can vote for your favourite songs or songs you would like Per to play in his upcoming tour “En vacker kväll” which starts on July 6th – all dates here.

Poll #1 – Per Gessle

[yop_poll id=”21″]

Poll #2 – Scener

[yop_poll id=”22″]

Poll #3 – The World According to Gessle

[yop_poll id=”23″]

Poll #4 – Mazarin

[yop_poll id=”24″]

Poll #5 – Son of a Plumber

[yop_poll id=”25″]

Poll #6 – En händig man

[yop_poll id=”26″]

Poll #7 – Party Crasher

[yop_poll id=”27″]

Poll #8 – En vacker natt

[yop_poll id=”28″]

Poll #9 – Gyllene Tider

[yop_poll id=”29″]

Poll #10 – Roxette

[yop_poll id=”30″]