Night of the Proms

Roxette will be the main act in the 25th edition of Night of the Proms concert series, a show which combines classical with pop music. This tour takes place in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

This will be the first live performance of Roxette since many years, and as they themselves mentioned in the press conference in Antwerp in May 2009:

“We are thrilled to finally be able to attend ‘Night of the Proms’. It’s gonna be the first time we share a live stage together since 2001 and it certainly feels most exciting to do so in front of the huge ‘Night of the Proms’ audience. We look forward to performing some of our greatest hits and working together with the big Night of the Proms orchestra, which should fit our music very well,” said Marie and Per.

In the pages under this section you will find all necessary information to attend one (or, better, knowing you, more) concert!

Night of the Proms

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