“Way out” available on Amazon.de

It seems like the tracklisting for “Way out” single will be slightly diffrent from the one that was presented before. “Way out” will be released in the radio edit, which is said to be shorter with 2 seconds from the album version (2:43 comparing to 2:45). Crash!Boom!Bang!/Anyone from Brussel will last for 6:21.

Source: Amazon.de

Thanks to The Real Roxers.

NOTP tour: the live album tracklist

Night of the Proms 2009.According to Amazon.de the tracklist for the latest “Night of the Proms” album which will be released on December 4 [there is some kind of delay, I think] looks like this:

1. Il Novecento / Fine Fleur – Nox Argentea
2. Heaven 17 – Let Me Go
3. Katona Twins – Scarlatti’s Metamorphosis
4. Christina Stürmer – Engel Fliegen Einsam
5. Alan Parsons – Sirius & Eye In The Sky
6. Il Novecento – Le Carnaval Romain
7. Roxette – The Look
8. Christina Stürmer – Mama (Ana Ahabak)
9. Alan Parsons – Silence And I
10. Heaven 17 – Temptation
11. Ouvertüre Dichter & Bauer – Il Novencento
12. John Miles feat. Katona Twins & Sharon Den Adel – Stairway To Heaven
13. Il Novecento / Fine Fleur – Bolero
14. John Miles feat. Toots Thielemans – If I Could
15. Roxette – Listen To Your Heart

Amazon.de delays delivery of Gessle Live-LP

A few days ago, Amazon.de sent a mail that the delivery of the Live-LP “Gessle over Europe” is delayed. Actually, the mail says:

We’re still trying to get the article you ordered.

Amazon says that they can’t tell a delivery date at the moment but will send a mail when they get further information. Furthermore the mail says that “we cannot guarantee that the article is still available. Are you still interested in it? If you don’t want to wait any longer you can cancel your order as long as it has not been sent off.

Question is: Will Amazon be able to send the LP? Wait and see..