Gyllene Tider – Moderna Tider 40th anniversary

“We were constantly trying to keep up with our own success”, says Per Gessle, talking about the times 40 years back, more precisely, 1981. Gyllene Tider broke through with thunder and crash a year earlier and the shy boys from Halmstad didn’t really know how to be in the media, what clothes they should wear or how to behave on big stages… even if they were the biggest.

The difficult second record – the one that so many fail with – was on the doorstep. But it couldn’t be a fail for Gyllene Tider – it became a success beyond all expectations.

Now, 40 years later, Moderna Tider is being hailed with a 3-set vinyl box containing the original vinyl, a vinyl with all the songs that were released around the album but weren’t included on any record, as well as a vinyl with all the songs from the original album in their original format, recorded live in the rehearsal studio in Harplinge.

Release date is 19th November. Besides the LPs, the box will also contain a 36-page booklet with Sven Lindström interviews with the Golden Five in it.


LP #1:

Side A

  1. Vänta på mej!
  2. Tuff tuff tuff (som ett lokomotiv)
  3. På jakt efter liv
  4. När vi två blir en
  5. Det hjärta som brinner
  6. Du spelar svår att nå
  7. Kom intill mej

Side B

  1. (Kom så ska vi) leva livet
  2. Min tjej och jag
  3. Povel Ramel, Paul McCartney och jag
  4. Chrissie, hur mår du?
  5. Kärleken är inte blind (men ganska närsynt)
  6. När alla vännerna gått hem

LP #2:

Side A – 19.32

  1. Gyllene tider för rock’n roll – 2.57
  2. Vill ha ett svar! – 2.15
  3. Och jorden den är rund. – 1.58
  4. Ge mej inte det där – 2.13
  5. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta – 3.49
  6. Teena – 6.04

Side B – 21.00

  1. För dina bruna ögons skull – 3.37
  2. Vem tycker om dej? – 4.29
  3. Leka med elden – 4.50
  4. Beating Heart – 3.04
  5. To Play With Fire – 4.50

LP #3:

Side A – 23.10

  1. Vänta på mej! (Live replokalen 10 feb 1980) – 2.54
  2. Tuff tuff tuff (som ett lokomotiv) (Live replokalen 1 jan 1981) – 3.02
  3. När vi två blir en (Live replokalen 12 aug 1980) – 3.09
  4. Det hjärta som brinner (Live replokalen 12 aug 1980) – 3.05
  5. Du spelar svår att nå (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 2.41
  6. Kom intill mej (Live replokalen 9 jan 1980) – 2.59
  7. Henry, dansa inte disco! (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 5.03

Side B – 20.59

  1. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 3.22
  2. Povel Ramel, Paul McCartney och jag (Live replokalen 19 jan 1980) – 3.48
  3. Chrissie, hur mår du? (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 3.51
  4. Kärleken är inte blind (men ganska närsynt) (Live replokalen 18 juni 1980) – 3.52
  5. Vill ha ett svar! (Live replokalen 7 jan 1981) – 2.17
  6. S.O.S. (Live replokalen 18 juni 1980) – 3.34

You can pre-order your copies on Bengans, Ginza and CDON. Only 2000 copies will be available!

Check out how cool the box looks HERE!


Marie Fredriksson – Sea of Love

It’s 9th December and it has been a year since Marie Fredriksson passed away. On the anniversary, the single Sea of Love is released on the family’s initiative to honor the memory of Marie. This is the last song Marie recorded.

During Marie’s final years, she released a series of singles that were close to her heart; the jazz ballad Alone Again (2017), the blues cover I Want To Go (2017) and the big band ballad Sing Me a Song which was released in 2018 in connection with Marie’s 60th birthday.

Sea of Love was inspired by the demonstrations in Stockholm after the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan 2017, and the sea of people who stood up for love and reconciliation.

Listen to Sea of Love HERE.

Sea of Love

Like a sea of love, of love

You and I, me and you
You’re so strong and I’m so blue
Close to you I feel the sun
One for all and all for one

Place yourself in a world
Where every voice could be heard
Not just me, not just you
But all of us like a sea, sea of love, of love, of love

I woke up in a dream
We were one just like a team
We marched together with a common goal
Peace in mind and in your soul

Free to live your only life
Without hate and with no strife
In a world where we could live
Side by side like the sea, sea of love, of love, of love

You and I, me and you
You’re so strong and I’m so blue
Close to you I feel the sun
One for all and all for one

Composed by Mikael Bolyos


200 Roxette World related shows

As we mentioned it in our latest review, Sandra Knospe celebrated her 200th gig in Amsterdam 2 days ago. 200! What an impressive number! Hard to beat it except if you are member of the band or at least the crew. 😉 It’s not only Roxette, but also Marie and Per solo, as well as Gyllene Tider, but most of the shows she attended were Roxette gigs. She followed the band from South America to Australia, but being a German girl, she of course went to the most shows in Europe. And why I use past tense here I have no clue… she followed the band from here to there and she’ll never stop. Well, she was truly born to follow.

When Sandra enjoyed her 100th show she surely didn’t expect she would have such a special treatment 100 concerts later. The crew offered her to see the venue from a different perspective and showed her around the stage. Then on the concert the band mentioned her anniversary. What a night!

Here are Sandra’s thoughts about her 200th gig:


A Rox gig with a different perspective

Pic by Sandra Knospe

Another day another concert. After Rox had played in the famous L’Olympia just the other night it was Amsterdam’s turn now. Approaching the venue at around 5pm I have to say I was surprised to see way less people queuing in front of it than usually. There were two entries, one for people who had bought the expensive Early Entrance tix and one for the remaining concert visitors. I expected to see more “hardcores” in any of the queues, but I guess some just decided to come late since it didn’t make sense to queue the whole day with a normal ticket and no big chances of front row anymore. And other Roxers probably have decided to skip the concert completely and boycott the EE ticket policy from Live Nation. So maybe one doesn’t need to wonder that it felt a bit different outside this time. And in a way it continued inside.

The entrance for EE ticket owners was around 6.15pm and the others followed shortly afterwards. I can’t really tell how the entry was outside, because a friend of mine and I were lucky enough to get to see the stage from the other side of the fence while the doors opened. That evening I celebrated my anniversary of 200 concerts including Rox, P&M solo and GT and a very kind person suggested that maybe it would be interesting for me to see the things from a different perspective. And it was!! I am very happy and extremely thankful that we got this little special treatment!!

After that my friend and I found our places in the front and we were eager to see the show. Some chit chat with people around us and then Eskobar started to play. As a fan who has seen a few shows you can already sense during the supporting act what mood the crowd is in and if they will get infected by the vibe and atmosphere on stage. At least to 90% you can guess that already before Rox enter the stage. And this time it felt as if it would be a bit of a tough job to get the crowd into it. And it turned out to be like that. Of course Rox got a warm welcome when they finally entered the stage and people surely clapped and sang along to the choruses of the oh so well known hits, but in between it felt a bit quiet and the enthusiasm was, well, let’s say limited compared to all other shows of this leg so far. But that only goes for the audience. On stage the glorious 7 had a top night. Marie delivering a great performance, Per bouncing, spinning and dancing around. Lyrics where they belonged. Only Per with a cock-eyed brain once, when singing this line twice in a row during “Crush on You”. And speaking of Per I have to take the opportunity to mention here that there is a noticeable change since this leg in the way Per interacts with the audience. There is much more contact with the people in the front rows than before. Keeping eye contact for more than just a millisecond and checking out the first few rows quite often is not that usual for him. It feels nice to see him being so relaxed and acting and reacting to the crowd in a more open way on stage. And it’s not just me who has noticed it. So whatever has happened that made him change this I hope he keeps it and I am sure all other Roxers hope that, too. Because it adds some extra kix to every gig.

The band was in top shape as well. What I really like a lot is that meanwhile the short dialogues on stage are alternating. It’s not always the same every night and it looks and sounds more spontaneous and not that practiced anymore. Really funny. They should keep that. It adds a lot to the atmosphere. And if not for the normal concert visitors then for sure for the hardcore Roxers. OK, I have to admit I am probably not very objective now since I got a little extra mentioning on stage that night. And THAT surely made my anniversary even more special!! So unexpected and freaking amazing. You simply have to love them all. Not only for the music. But before going into raptures now I’ll rather stick to the review.

I enjoyed the concert to the full and the energy and mood on stage made it exciting for me. So after the gig I was all smiles. The only question I’ve asked myself was “Would it have been different audience wise without EE tix?” I tend to say yes, because I think more hardcores would have shown up and been in front row, partying and jumping all the time. But with 150,-€ per ticket one simply has to cross out some shows when you have planned to see them more than just once during their tour. So I really hope that EE ticket policy won’t become a regular thing. But that’s just my personal impression. And even if most of the visitors weren’t physically active, the general opinion of the people who were standing next to me was positive. They all enjoyed the concert. The only thing some mentioned was the feeling that the concert was too short. Well, what can I say? Surely, I agree on that and all of us would love to get more than 17 songs on a gig, but nevertheless, we enjoyed what we’ve got to the max. So thanks for playing and cheers to the next 200!!


The audience could have been more active, but anyway, even if there is a standing still crowd, you can always be sure there is at least one person jumping in the front during the complete show. And it’s Sandra Knospe. Indeed, to the next 200, Sandra!

25th anniversary It Must Have Been Love single on Spotify

As we already informed you about it, a 25th anniversary It Must Have Been Love 10″ single in red vinyl will be released soon. The physical release date is 6th May, but today, on the 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman’s movie premiere the single is made available on Spotify. Click HERE to have a listen!

Check Bengans, Ginza and CDON for the limited edition vinyl!



25th anniversary release of It Must Have Been Love

As Per informed some days ago on Roxette’s Facebook page, a 25th anniversary It Must Have Been Love 10″ single in red vinyl will be released soon. The release date is set to 6th May! The anniversary sleeve is also shared at the record stores’ websites. Bengans, Ginza and CDON have already listed the limited edition item.

Track list:

A1           It Must Have Been Love

B1           It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted)

B2           It Must Have Been Love L.A. Version (1992)

As Bengans informs, track 2 on the B-side is an edited studio version of the track originally on the Tourism record, previously not released.


Thanx for the links, Daniel Kühn.