Roxette XXX Tour – Barcelona, Spain (St. Jordi Club) – May 14 – #28

The day started very early for many fans that had catch planes, cars, busses, trains to get to Barcelona on time to queue up and try to get the best spots in the first row(s). The first ones were at St. Jordi Club at around 9 and started with the numbering system, that had worked in Madrid too (as well as many times before in other countries/tours).  And it paid of, around lunch time the sun was the strongest and we had to find some shadows under the trees nearby. The waiting was very calm, it felt at times more like a picnic, under some trees having lunch and chatting with friends. At around five-ish more people started to join and every body went back to her/his places in the queue. The local security told us that since we had been organised all the time, they would let us in in groups of five to try to respect the numbering system. Nice! It only worked for the first … 10? since the ones that were let in later seemed to panic to get a precious place in the first row and started to run (where is Show Security Sweden when you need them!). In any case, it wasn’t pushy but rather hot inside (and it was about to get hotter!).

Eskobar showed up on stage right on time at half past eight and played their 30-minute set, which people seemed to enjoy a lot. Some fans shouted “Eskobar! Eskobar!” or the typical “ooeee oeee oeee” many times as well as Daniel’s name. I think it’s always nice when the support band is welcomed warmly by the audience, it makes the whole show a better experience.

And finally it was time for Roxette (on time this time). About 4.000 fans were waiting for the Roxing guys and girls and ready to give everything during the whole concert. As soon as “Sleeping In My Car” started to sound people went wild. I haven’t heard such a loud bunch for a long time! Sometimes the audience was so loud it was hard to hear the band sing. This went on during the whole concert, even non-singles like “The Heart Shaped Sea” or “Watercolours In The Rain/Paint” were welcomed by a lot of sing-along (check video below). This last one was very touching, with Marie singing as wonderful as always. The setlist was the same as in Madrid.

(C) Mariana G. Magnus with the chicken hat in Barcelona.

And everybody on stage seemed to love the crazy audience, judging by the big smiles. Dea and Chris were teasing each other all the time, and Magnus even had the honour to wear one of the chicken hats that made a second appearance in Barcelona (read Madrid’s review for details). And Per somehow got lost presenting one of the songs, he started to say something about he hoped we knew that song “because………”? He laughed and everybody else laughed as well. And, of course, everybody on stage got his or her share of “Claaaarence” or “Maaaagnus” or “Marieeee” or “ooeees” (a few times we went on for so long and loud they had to wait to start speaking or the next song).

One of the highlights of the night was surely when Chris played the hymn of FC Barcelona as the Joyride intro. It only needed Chris to play the first chords for the people to go wild and start to sing. If you’ve grown up in Catalunya and are a Barça fan you just know this song by heart, and it was simply special. Thanks for that!

The whole show was a constant sing-along and one could simply feel the love in the air. Goose bumps! It is simply one of the best feelings I know, to enjoy the most important band in your life, the one that has always been there since you were a teen, and feel proud to hear so many people share and give that love and share this moment with friends you have known for more than 20 years. The venue may not have been as full as the last time Roxette played in Barcelona, compared to Palau St. Jordi, but the explosion of fun and good wives in the air was there the same or even stronger.

The party went on after the show was over outside the venue. While walking to the car or down the Montjuic hill one could hear people commenting how amazing the concert had been, singing Roxette songs, or even hear some concert-goers blasting Roxette songs from their cars in the traffic jam. The reaction? Happy horns by neighbouring cars, clapping and singing by those who were going down by foot. Party! I heard some even went to a karaoke to sing some more Roxette songs…

Two TV channels (Catalan TV3 and Spanish TVE) were at the place and interviewed some fans before the show, recorded a few moments of the concert and broadcast a short report about the show as well. Check the links below to watch them.

Next gig is on Sunday (17th May) in Bucharest, Romania.

Articles and photos

Photos by Xavier Mercade.


News on Catalan TV3
News on Spanish national TVE
Stars” recorded by Catalan TV3
Watercolours In The Rain
Listen To Your Heart
Fading Like a Flower
The Big L.
Spending My Time
It Must Have Been Love
How Do You Do!
The Heart Shaped Sea (check the videos by this user, there are quite many of them, including Crush On You)


Sleeping In My Car
The Big L.
Spending My Time
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Crush On You
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
The Heart Shaped Sea
Watercolours In The Rain / Paint
Fading Like A Flower
How Do You Do!
It Must Have Been Love
Dressed For Success

Listen To Your Heart
The Look

Solsken’s report from Barcelona

Our reader Solsken sent us his personal review for Roxette’s Barcelona concert. Thanks!

The waiting outside Palau Sant Jordi was really a long one, although I got there quite late. We had to give it all during the rain and due to the relatively cold weather for what Barcelona is. I was later told that such a rainy waiting was something common for several Rox concerts during the year. I just made us fight for what we desired – be there as close as possible to the band, which was achieved after some running and some annoying multiple-checking of the ticket for the show. The selection of which cameras enter and which not was also somewhat ridiculous, especially as mine stayed outside. It doesn’t matter, it’s all recorded in my head.

What can I say – a Roxette concert, from the 4-5th row: it can only be a magical experience with these songs and this band. I think Marie almost never struggled with the lyrics and delivered, what a woman, admire her strength!!! Once again I was impressed by the energy Per shows on this tour. I read somewhere (a stupid journalist?) that he has learned all the typical guitarist movements, but in fact they were his own movements which we know so well and I personally like a lot and expect to see. So he was full of energy and so interactive with the audience.

He also had a great gresture toward Marie he came after Perfect Day, and we were shouting “Marie, Marie”. Great musician and a great show by him personally. The same is the case for Magnus and Helena’s jumping during The look – they went so crazy… and great to watch. And what about Mr. von Lundquist: he can make an amazing guitar solo on every song: his versions of The Look, 7-27, and She’s got nothing on sound such rockingly great to me!

Of course, you always miss what you know can happen – like Sould depp & Watercolours in the rain, but you can’t always get everything you want… Oh, I almost forgot: I hadn’t seen the new lights and they really are not something excessively bombastic (which I think would be unnecessary), but they fir the songs very well and I personally enjoyed them very much – a very good decision. Chris’s Barça anthem really made the people go crazy, as well as Per reading (rather than speaking) Catalan!!! During that second episode is when the “Gessle, Gessle” shouting started.

I can only talk about the ones that were in the front, since I was always looking forward, so that I don’t I miss a moment of the show, like when I was fighting with the camera. I think in the front row it was really lively with all the jumping, shouting and singing, which never stopped, expected for some tender moments like Marie’s Perfect day during which is sang in a different (not so crazy) well. I think we did quite well with It must have been love, Spending my time and during the first verse of Fading like a flower (‘cos Marie asked).

We also sang “na na na na na na” in the Beatles style, after singing it in the Roxette style first during The look. I was particilarly pleased that we could sing the whole two verses of How do you do while Per was playing (with) the single guitar chord; we then sang it once again during the “real” song. And I am also very pleasued about the attendence – 8.200 (I read it on Facebook) is a great number considering the late change of venue and the zero promotion, except from some free newspaper and a radio station once in a while.

So, as I said, we had the “Marie, Marie” & the “Gessle, Gessle” cheering, we also tried to sing Happy birthday when Clarence was presented, but I think it wasn’t really heard from the stage. The “TACK!” coloured sheets of paper that we held were, as RXB says, a really good idea. Thanx to the more organized and crazier fans for this!!! And we also sang “oe, oe, oe” (or “ole, ole, ole” or something like that) several times and Roxette seemed to like that continued reaction:))

As you know, there was an after party organized I think by RoxSpain (I don’t know the people personally, so excuse me if I’m wrong; in any case Thanx for the organization). I am not usually the center of any party, but it was really great to have 2.30h (due to late arrival) of only Rox-related songs. And we got to hear some Charm School demos!! The music was perfectly selected and I really enjoyed people’s response to Opp Nox and Crash on you, which are among my personal favorites.

Apart from all already said, I had the chance to meet the band at the airport and I can only say that they are such nice people!!!! And that those seconds, especially with Per, are something I will never forget.

World Tour 2011: Barcelona, Spain – November 19 #74

Comment from Per Gessle

Barcelona! What can we say! Always a pleasure! Thanx for making this concert such an epic memory!! Already!!! Cheers, P.

And later on, after he met some fans at the airport

Greetings from the airport in Barcelona. Phew – it’s warm here in the lounge!!!! Just want to say thanks to all you guys + dolls who I met earlier while trying to check in. I know that yesterday was your last gig with The Roxers for a while. Thanks for your support + keeping us on our toes. We will certainly miss you in the front row! See y’all next year!!! Keep it up!!!! Cheers, P.


01. Dressed For Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. Only When I Dream
06. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
07. Perfect Day
08. Things Will Never Be The Same
09. It Must Have Been Love
10. Opportunity Nox
11. 7twenty7
12. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
13. Crash! Boom! Bang!
14. How Do You Do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation
16. Joyride (introduced with “El cant del Barça”, the FC Barcelona anthem)

17. Spending My Time
18. The Look

19. Listen To Your Heart
20. Church Of Your Heart


The concert was initially scheduled in a smaller venue and was moved to Palau Sant Jordi around Summer due to the huge demand (and that, with zero publicity about the concert!). I however don’t know official numbers, I would say about 6,000?

“Soul Deep” and “Watercolours in the Rain” were dropped off the setlist again.

Fans organised to hold printed A4 sheets with the word “TACK!” on it (thanks Claudia!) when Roxette came back to play “Spending my time”, action which left all of them on stage speechless.

Christoffer played the FC Barcelona hymn as intro for Joyride and got everybody (or at least 90%) to sing the song along… Barça, Barça, Barça! The big surprise was to come though, Marie appeared on stage wearing FC Barcelona t-shirt with #10, Messi. Which made the Barcelonistas go crazy.

This time the famous Spanish fans wore viking helmets, which the band ended up wearing during “Church of your Heart”.

Videos and articles

Per has uploaded some videos on Roxette Official.

Music TV
Nacio Digital

Charm School demos will be revealed tomorrow – in Barcelona

In case you are attending the Roxette concert in Barcelona tomorrow, you should also consider to attend the huge fan party afterwards.
The Charm School demos, which will be released on the revisited edition of the album next week, will be played exclusively tomorrow evening.

So take your time and join the party!

Well, let’s party all over the world! or at least in Madrid and Barcelona

Do you usually feel like partying after a Roxette concert? Don’t want the fun to end? Always wanted to live the Spanish fiesta and cerveza (or sangria)?

Then go on reading!

As we mentioned, the Spanish Fanclub, Roxspain, is organising a post-concert party in Madrid and Barcelona.  Here are more details about where and when. We expect to see you there!

Madrid (click to open the event on Facebook)
Where: Delirio Live, C/ Pelayo, 59, Madrid
From: after the concert, approx 23:59 until 5
Entrance: 10€ including 2 drinks until 2am. From this time on 1 drink 10€, 2 drinks 15€.
Don’t forget to bring your flyer (will be given away in Madrid the same day or can be printed out from Roxspain, more details to follow) to participate in the small competition!

Where: Fundació Mágica a la Ovella de Poble Nou / L’Ovella Negra – C/ Zamora 78 (crossroad with C/ Pallars)
From: after the concert, approx 23:59 to 3:00
Entrance: 10€ (includes 1 softdrink)
How to get there: Subway L1 until Marina, then about 5 minutes walk. L1 goes from Pl. Espanya, which is the station for Palau Sant Jordi as well. For more information about transportation in Barcelona please visit TMB.

Our DJ will play Rox&related non stop!

If you have any question about transportation let us know and we’ll try to help you out!