Per Gessle on Nordic Rox – July 2022

The July episode, the 507th show of Nordic Rox on Sirius XM was dedicated to a dynamic band from the ’90s, Brainpool. They are one of the best bands ever to come out of Sweden, Per thinks.

Sven and PG kick the tracklist off with ShitKid’s Baby Roulette. Then comes Beguiled by The Hellacopters and it’s followed by Effortless by Sabina Ddumba from her Homeward Bound album.

Pay The Price by Roxette comes next and Sven says the songwriter happens to be sitting here. PG laughs. Mr. G tells the song is from their Have A Nice Day album from 1999. He remembers they spent much time in Marbella, Spain recording the album. They had a new co-producer, Michael Ilbert who was also the engineer. He made a big mark on this production. It sounds cool and quite different from the previous albums. Pay The Price has always been one of Sven’s favourites from this period. It sounds energetic and poppy and still you can hear it’s a Roxette track. Per likes it too, he thinks it’s great. HAND was like a comeback album for Roxette. They took four years off after the Crash! Boom! Bang! album Marie got her second child, Per did some solo stuff and worked with his Swedish band as well. They recorded loads of songs for HAND and PG thinks it’s a pretty strong album. They had some great singles on there as well, but Pay The Price is what we call an album track.

Troglodyte by Viagra Boys is the next song, a teaser from their upcoming album that will be released this summer. They were on a soldout US tour right now. Per thinks they are cool, hasn’t heard them before.

It’s time for the Brainpool section in the program. They are a band from the south of Sweden. They were supporting Roxette on the Crash! Boom! Bang! tour. Sven tells they sent demos to different music publishers and record companies, also to Jimmy Fun, Per’s label and PG picked them up. Per laughs and says that’s why they were support act for Roxette. They were signed to Per’s publishing company and they helped them to get a recording deal with Sony. The debut album was called Soda and it’s a terrific album according to Per. It was produced by Michael Ilbert. Per just loves this band. They have a great drummer, Jens, a great guitar player, David and a great bass player, Christoffer who eventually became a member of Roxette. Per has been working together with Christoffer since 1997 or so. Janne, who was the lead singer has got a hig-pitched voice. They have such tremendous energy and great songwriting, as well as amazing arrangements, very much due to Christoffer’s abilities. He is a great arranger. His favourite musician of all time is Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys and you can hear that in the way they do their arrangements. Per tells he could go on talking about Brainpool all day. Every Day was the first song Per has ever heard of them, so the guys play this one. Sven says it’s such an explosion. Per adds it’s got its punk and new wave attitude, but it’s still a pop song. It’s pretty soft, but it’s heavy at the same time. After the song Sven asks Per if he would be able to play this fast. Per asks „on what instrument? Citar?” The guys are laughing. It sounds fast, but it’s not that fast, PG says. Sven is curious how the demo sounded to this song. Mr. G tells it sounded like this. Not as polished though, but it had the same attitude and energy. It’s such a great song, he thinks. Sometimes you hear all these artists and bands having this attitude and energy, but the song is not there. But Brainpool had great songs as well. Sven adds it’s so much ’90s, the melody, the ’60s style and the sort of grunge punk thing.

The second album of the band was Painkiller. That was the big breakthrough for them in Sweden, especially with their song Bandstarter. It was a big hit on the radio. Sven is curious if they made any mark outside Sweden. Per tells not really. They were the support act for Roxette on the European tour leg, but unfortunately, nothing really happened. Painkiller is also a great album according to PG. It’s a little bit more mainstream, but still very cool. According to Sven, there is more of the classic rock tempo on this album. Per tells they were one year older then vs. the first album, so a little more mature. They were 23 instead of 22, they grew up. The guys are laughing.

Sven and Per play another song from the same album, Invisible To Her. It’s one of Per’s favourites, he thinks it’s wonderful. This is the closest thing to a ballad that you can get from Brainpool. It has a beautiful melody. Per was really sad when Janne, the lead singer left the group. He was also one of the main songwriters and it wasn’t the same after. His voice had that characteristic Brainpool touch to it. He became a doctor, by the way.

After the Brainpool session, the guys pick Andreas Johnson’s Glorious. A great track according to PG. Carnival by The Cardigans is next, from their second album, Life. They are a great band with beautiful sound. It was an interesting period for them. They broke through in Sweden first, then in Japan before they became big elsewhere in the world with Lovefool.

Next comes a Swedish song and then Lies by Peter Bjorn and John.

Daniel Norgren’s I Waited For You is the last song. He is an artist Per have missed, so he asks Sven to tell him a bit about Daniel. He debuted with an album in 2008. Sven missed that one too and the second as well, but he caught on in 2010 with the album Horrifying Deatheating Bloodspider. Because of the title Sven thought he must listen to this one. He is laughing. Per thinks Daniel has got an amazing voice. Sven tells he is a singer songwriter, rooted in ancient, pre-war blues. He is really convincing. He is mixing that old influence with a new attitude. Per thinks IWFY is beautiful and he’s got a new Swedish favourite here.

Anita Lindblom’s Cigarettes is closing the show as usual.

Stills are from a 2017 interview.

Thanks for your support, Sven!

Brainpool single premiere

Brainpool is B-A-C-K! Their new single, “The Last Christmas premiered today on, made available on SoundCloud by Brainpool’s record label, Adrian Recordings. Single is out digitally on 27th November.

The single has a cute and at the same time interesting cover with this kitten and the golden grenade Christmas ornament she is playing with. The track itself is a real modern Xmas song including all the bells & chimes & some other strange sounds that help you to get into the mood, but still keeping the Brainpool sound through the whole song.

Not that I don’t like Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, but I’d be happy if this year all the radio stations would change at least half of the planned Wham! “Last Christmas” airplays to Brainpool’s “The Last Christmas”.

Just keep on doing what you do, guys!




© Brainpool

A five minute break in the midst of preparation
A cigarette to calm your precious nerves
Was it a sound? A reflection in the window?
The sudden presence of another world

But in the deserts of Iran – And in the mountains of Afghanistan
Everybody’s happy, everything is fine
Just keep on doing what you do – There’ll be no shadow hanging over you
There’s no need to worry, oh no – at least not tonight

Your memory drifts to the firm interrogation
With no United Nations by your side
But daddy is rich and your mother is good looking
So hush now little baby, don’t you cry

Cause in the deserts of Iran – And in the mountains of Afghanistan
Everybody’s happy, everything is fine
Just keep on doing what you do – There’ll be no shadow hanging over you
There’s no need to worry, oh no – at least not tonight


Just keep on doing what you do – no acid rain is gonna pour on you
There’s no need to worry – at least not tonight

And in the deserts of Iran – And in the mountains of Afghanistan
Everybody’s happy, everything’s alright
Just keep on doing what you do – There’ll be no missiles crashing down on you
There’s no need to worry, oh no – at least not tonight

No cause for alarm, they won’t do you no harm
Everybody’s smiling, everything is fine
And in the ghettos of Sudan – and council houses in Birmingham
There won’t be no trouble, oh no – at least not tonight


Update 2nd December: Aftonbladet shared the video to this song. Not a usual Xmas video. 🙂 Click HERE for watching!

Brainpool – JUNK Development Workshop

As you all know, as both Per and us informed you about it, Brainpool (Christoffer Lundquist, David Birde, Jens Jansson) visited New York last week and were working some more on the JUNK rock opera (directed by Shakina Nayfack) that started its journey some years ago. They took part in a development workshop now. Here is a video shared by ”Junk A Rock Opera” channel on YouTube. Chris is starring with his guitar!


Brainpool to release a new single: “The Last Christmas”

If you have been around the Roxette world for a long time you will know Brainpool from the Roxette tour 1994. Or maybe because Per Gessle called them the best band in Sweden. And Christoffer Lundquist for having produced many Roxette & Co albums. And Jens Jansson for having played drums on many of these albums and tours.

Or because they are simply great.

Adrian Recordings has confirmed that, after a long break, the band is back with a new single, “The Last Christmas”, which will be out on November 27th.

Will there be a new album? Time will tell.

In the meantime, you can read our interview with Christoffer Lundquist from 2011, where among other things he also talked about Brainpool.

Gyllene Tider featuring other artists throughout the years

It is one of my hobbies to keep a sort of database of Swedish artists and their connections. It is a fact that there are many many artists in Sweden, and many of them have worked together at a certain point in their career. I think specially the time of the 70ies – 80ies was a period of many collaborations. I started with this many years ago and I am trying to bring my paper-excel database into a better platform. Who knows where this will end.

I also have to mention that the fact that I started to listen to the Swedish Per & Marie material opened the doors for me to other Swedish music and some of these artists have become a fix part of my music collection. And this collection is growing year after year.

Gyllene Tider is, of course, no exception, so I wanted to share part of these findings here.

Marie Fredriksson – Sang backing vocals on  “The Heartland Café” and duet with GT “Ingenting av vad du behöver” from “Puls”. She also sang “Vandrar i ett sommarregn” with GT on TV and joined GT on stage a couple of times before. On the other side, GT also joined Roxette in 2010 in Halmstad.


Eva Dahlgren – sang “Vandrar i ett sommarregn” in “Puls”. As far as I know, GT never played this song (or any other) live together. It’s about time!

Niklas Strömstedt – sang “Da’n före da’n” with Gyllene Tider, taken from Glitter, glögg & rock ‘n’ roll. Played as musician and sang backing vocals on “The Heartland Café” and other albums. On his TV program “Tack för musiken” he and Lasse Winnerbäck performed “Honung och guld”.


Christoffer Lundquist – Produced Gyllene Tider’s albums “Fin 5 Fel” and “Det är dags att tänka på refrängen”. Ex member of Brainpool. Brainpool and Gyllene Tider sang “My Sweet Lord (she’s so fine)” on TV together.

Wilmer X – joined GT on stage during Återtåget, sung “Marie i växeln” together. They also formed The Lonely Boys together with some of the GT-ers in 1995.


Anne-Lie Rydé – “When Love Is On The Phone” from “The Heartland Café”.

Lasse Lindbom – produced many GT songs and albums. He also recorded some songs written by Per, he performed “För dina bruna ögon skull” on Melodifestivalen in 1980. The song is also recorded by GT.

Clarence Öfwerman – like Christoffer, produced Gyllene Tider’s albums “Fin 5 Fel” and “Det är dags att tänka på refrängen”.