Roxette’s “It’s Possible” #1 in major German radio station charts

Roxette’s latest single “It’s Possible” reached #1 in the German radio station SWR3’s chart. This chart is done with the votes sent in by the radio listeners during the past week. Roxette entered the chart at #2 last week and has finally climbed to #1 this week.

SWR3 (Südwestrundfunk) was is one of the biggest radio stations in Germany and the biggest in south Germany.




Travelling charting

New Roxette album Travelling entered official Czech album chart on #7. Although was realease date set to this Monday, album was already released last week in Thusrday. So only two days were enought for Travelling to jump on positin 7. FYI Charm School scored #1 and received Gold status in Czech Republic last year.

Additionally “It’s possible” debuted at #64 on German single charts.

Official “Charm School” charts

We will collect the different official chart entries and positions of Roxette’s new album “Charm School” in this post. How is the album doing in your country? Let us know! Please provide sources to your numbers.

Update February 21: Roxette entered straight to #1 in Germany! Announcement by Media Control | EMI (who also provided us with a new promo picture).

Update April 1: “Charm School” enters South Africa! And Per says that it has been certified gold in Switzerland! Germany and Austria should follow that style, while the album is heading to platinum in Sweden, according to the latest Live Nation press release. And CS is not the only charting album: The current Roxette action brought the “Hits!” compilation up to #65 in the German charts…

Update April 14: The album has reached the Brasilian charts! According to different retailer charts it’s also selling well in Argentina, but the official chart site doesn’t get updated. There’s also lack of official sources for Russia and Asian countries. We’re grateful for your help!

Update April 20: “Charm School” got Gold in Germany for more than 100,000 sales! Russia now included in the table.

To see the charts:

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Roxette #1 on German and Russian listener charts

Roxette entered directly to #1 on the German radio SWR3 (one of Germany’s top radios) charts with “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) this Sunday. The charts are done with the votes from the listeners via the same homepage. Keep on voting for Roxette!

Roxette is also #1 on Radio Berlin, after being one week at #2.

In addition, Roxette entered the official German airplay charts at #71 and the Austrian at #44.

But that’s not all, Roxette also entered directly to #1 on Russian radio ROKS, based in St. Petersburg, this weekend. This charts are also done with the votes from the listeners.

Andreas Weizbauer and Evgeny Perekopskiy and many Germans and Russians and other fans contributed to this article 😉