“Hitlåtens historia” with “The look” available to watch

Have you ever known that it was Clarence who counted 1-2-3-4 in “The look”? This and more in the exclusive footage from the recording studios in SVT’s “The look” documentary. It seems it was co-produced by Danish and Norwegian TV-stations, so it’s very probable it will be broadcasted in other Scandinavian countries.

In my opinion – the best Roxette documentary of 21st century.

Update: Fellow rox fan shirley is working on an English translation of the documentary, which should lead to a subtitled video. You can read her work in progress at R2R forums and maybe help her!

NOTP Countdown: Photo of Roxette, videos coming!

This brandnew photo from the rehearsals was just posted on roxette.se! 😀

Roxette with Clarence and Christofer at NOTP rehearsals

Edit: Per on twitter:

Roxette home videos from the NOTP-rehearsals available very very soon at www.roxette.se

Fantastic! Worldwide fandom is able to follow this tour via YouTube again (like Party Crasher tour)! 😀