Universal to acquire EMI Music

After a lot of turmoil during the last couple of years, it seems like Roxette’s long-term record company EMI Music found a new home at Universal Music, the world’s biggest record company. Universal finally won the bidding game against Warner Music, but the deal still has to go through regulatory investigations because of its huge combined market share in recorded music. That process could take up to a year.

Meanwhile, current and past EMI artists seem to be quite happy with the deal. Dave Holmes, the manager of Coldplay, said that the deal “can only be a positive” for EMI. “I look forward to working with the Universal team,” he added. Mick Jagger said that he “particularly welcomed” the new owners. The Rolling Stones switched from EMI to Universal in mid 2008. “This is a very positive development and I particularly welcome the fact that EMI will once again be owned by people who really do have music in their blood,” he said.

Time will tell if this deal will bring any changes to Roxette’s future at the record company. EMI’s publishing arm is likely to be sold to Sony/ATV.

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EMI Music Germany to release the special edition of “Hits!” as well

It seems like not only EMI South Africa has decided to celebrate Roxette’s World Tour 2011 with the special edition of “Hits!” CD and DVD compilation. On May 27th, the very similar edition – but this time with German flag and age restriction (well, in fact there is no age restriction) will be out on the German market.

You can purchase your copy at amazon.de for only 12 EUR.

Source: EMI Music Germany

Thanks to Daniel Kuhn for this information.

EMI Germany starts new website for Roxette

Roxette’s “official German website” got just launched on www.roxette.de. The site basically features the same content as www.emimusic.de/roxette – where the domain was previously forwarded to – but is styled in line with the Charm School artwork. It embeds content from Roxette’s official Facebook page and runs a contest to win signed “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” singles. EMI used www.roxette.de already in the past to launch special sites for the “Room Service” and “Hits!” releases.

East European Version of “Charm school”

Roxette’s new album, which will be out in a month time, will be released not only as a standard, deluxe and vinyl edition, but also as the East European Version for countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

The only difference between the standard version and the EEV is the booklet. It is very likely that it will include only 4 pages. On the back of the album flags of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania should be included as well. Thanks to that EMI Music reduces the price of the album to around 9 EUR0 for each copy and increases the sale in countries mentioned above.

Source: Fan.pl

Thanks to Miki Pe for informing us.