Roxette’s four US No.1s at Don’t Stop The Music gala on TV4

There was a 2-hour-long live music gala on TV4 tonight, Don’t Stop The Music. The evening was arranged by the Swedish Music Foundation, which works to support everyone in the music industry who has been affected by the pandemic in various ways.

Among other artists, Peter Jöback, Tomas Ledin, Zara Larsson, Lars Winnerbäck and First Aid Kit performed at the fundraising gala.

Such an event in Sweden can’t happen without at least covering Roxette. This time it was 4 great Swedish ladies who performed Roxette’s four US No.1 hits in a medley. It started with Janice and Listen To Your Heart that turned into Frida Öhrn’s interpretation of The Look. Then came Mariette with Joyride and Loreen closed the medley with It Must Have Been Love. Click HERE to see their performance. Before the medley, there was an intro talk about Swedish US No. 1 successes. Four of the seven No.1s were Roxette songs.

Dea Norberg was at the gala too and she provided backing vocals. She was also interviewed by TV4. She is a singer and backing vocalist and she has been touring for 25 years. She tells the music industry is in a difficult situation during this time. Dea says she wants to feel that she can contribute to the society with the skills she has. She hopes and believes that all on stage and backstage will survive this tough period. She represents thousands of those who we don’t see, but who created what we see.

HERE you can watch the complete program.

Stills are from the gala.

Per Gessle at the TV4 gala supporting UNICEF

Last night Per Gessle performed at the gala organized by TV4, supporting UNICEF. UNICEF works to give every child, everywhere, a fair chance in life. This year’s program, ”Världens kväll för alla barn” hit a record with 10 thousand more new “World Parents” in Sweden (monthly donors) than last year, resulting in 27505, collecting more than 33 million crowns for the good cause.

There was a 2-hour-long gala on TV4 where several Swedish artists performed. During the day, Team PG posted a rehearsal pic where we could see Per and the gang rehearsed together with Linnea Henriksson.

Before the show, Linnea Henriksson and Live Nation Sweden shared a pic of Per and Linnea on the red carpet. Expressen asked Per about what he expects from the gala and Mr. G said he would expect a fun and emotional evening and that a lot of money would be collected. He also mentioned it’s really great to work with Linnea Henriksson.

Expressen also shared a pic of Per and Åsa on the red carpet. They both look fab and they are such a lovely couple.

Per and Linnea performed “Småstadsprat” together at the gala. It did sound different to the album version or any live versions we could hear so far (with Lars Winnerbäck or Per alone). The band played beautifully and Helena’s tussilagos sounded wonderful too. Check out the performance HERE (or if you are in Sweden, you can watch it on TV4’s website as well)!

Still is from the video. Thanx Gabriela Demichelli for recording it!


Roxette to perform at German Radio Prize gala

According to Bayerische Rundfunk, Roxette will be one of the artists to perform at the German Radio Prize gala on September 8th, in Hamburg.

The information can also be found on the “Der Deutsche Radiopreis” website so we can say it’s confirmed. According to this website, Roxette will perform “live”. Marie reveals that they will play “Speak To Me” for the first time on stage.

As far as I could find out, it seems to be a “private” gala for invited guests only (media?), at least last year there were only 700 guests.

According to the report from last year’s gala, it was broadcasted by 26 radio stations at the same time (including web radios) and there was even a live video stream via internet. The show was then broadcasted on NDR TV (not live). Let’s hope this year the media coverage is going to be the same!

Update Aug 24 – some hours later:

Good news for all of us! I was just told that the gala will be broadcasted by

– 42 radio stations
– via internet on
– TV (after the gala, not live)

More information and details will be available within the next days.