EMI Germany starts new website for Roxette

Roxette’s “official German website” got just launched on www.roxette.de. The site basically features the same content as www.emimusic.de/roxette – where the domain was previously forwarded to – but is styled in line with the Charm School artwork. It embeds content from Roxette’s official Facebook page and runs a contest to win signed “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” singles. EMI used www.roxette.de already in the past to launch special sites for the “Room Service” and “Hits!” releases.

Music special about Roxette to be aired on German TV

The German TV channel “Sat1” (one of EMI’s cooperation partners for the “Charm School” release) will air an episode of it’s “Music Special” series about Roxette on February 17, 1:50 a.m. The 30 minute late-night special typically shows a documentary about an artist/band. We don’t know if the material will be new and unseen or just a subtitled/dubbed version of one of Roxette’s known documentaries.

Source: Sat1 homepage

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TV spots for “Radio” and “Charm School” in Germany

Advertising spots for Roxette’s new single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” and the album “Charm School” are broadcasted on Germany’s TV channels ProSieben, Sat1 and Kabel1. The longer spot (seen below) features audio snippets of the single and the album track “Speak To Me”. The speaker reminds of Roxette’s big successes and informs about the new CD release dates on January 28 and February 11, 2011. There’s another spot for the single only. And then we heard the channels are using the single also for show trailers. Looks like a full marketing package!

Update: Here’s the shorter single-only spot…

… and a cooperation spot by the TV channel.

Enjoy! 🙂

Roxette at “Wetten, dass..?”

After 20 years Roxette will finally take part at the German TV show “Wetten, dass..?”. On February 12th, Roxette will perform a Greatest Hits medley at the show which will be broadcast from Halle. The show is on German channel ZDF and the biggest TV show in German television – around 8-10 million people usually watch the programme.

Unfortunately, tickets for this one show are already sold out.

Source: ZDF

UPDATE, 24th January
: A few minutes ago, EMI Germany confirmed that Roxette will play a medley including “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”.

UPDATE, 31th January: On Friday EMI revealed that Roxette play a medley of “The Look” and “It Must Have Been Love” along with “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)”. Thanks mr jefferson!

Ticket sale for German shows starts on saturday

According to several sources, the ticket sale for the German shows starts on this Saturday, 6 am.
Until now the shows are not listed at Germany’s biggest ticket site, Eventim.de.  According to Swedish sources the sale for the Göteborg show starts on Monday and a ticket costs 450 SEK. Livenation.se has a note on their site telling about a Presale of special tickets starting tomorrow already. If you have any further information about tickets, sales, prices and more – let us know.

“Night of the Proms” turns into “The Nokia Night of the Proms”

So here they move on German roads. “The Night of the Proms” tour turns its name into “The Nokia Night of the Proms” thanks to the main sponsor of this event in Germany. 20 more shows to go!

The Nokia Night of the Proms 2009.

Comment from Project_Z:

The tour has ended for Toots Thielemans, Sharon den Adel & OMD… Here come Alan Parsons (with singer PJ Olsen), Heaven17 & Christina Stürmer…

Will there be surprises on the part of Roxette? Will WICF stay in the first part of show? Will WICF stay in the show at all or will it be replaced with another song (as suggested of a NotP-forum)?
Which classical piece will be replaced by “Le Carnaval Romain”? as this piece is on the CD, but wasn’t played in Antwerp, Arnhem or Rotterdam. Will Swedish Rhapsody leave the playlist, taking WICF along (as suggested of a NotP-forum)?
Will a “new” Roxette-song enter the playlist? Church of your heart to replace WICF?

Questions, questions, questions… to be answered next Friday in Hamburg!

NOTP Germany: Drink and help!

NOTP fan cup for GermanyNOTP Germany presents the fan cup for the upcoming proms season. When you order a drink at the German tourdates (except Frankfurt) you get this cup against 2 € pledge. If you like to keep it as a souvenir the profit goes to the Nordoff Robbins music therapy foundation. In Frankfurt you can buy it at the merchandising shop.

Nordoff Robbins | Source: NOTP blog (in German)

Germany, Austria and Switzerland release “Gessle over Europe” on November 6.

According to EMI Germany, EMI Austria and EMI Switzerland, Per Gessle’s latest live album “Gessle over Europe” will be released on November 6 in these territories.

Visit this websites to get to know where you can order the album.

As for now this is the official list of all the countries where “Gessle over Europe” will be released:

Sweden – October 23
Denmark – October 26
Norway – October 26
United Kingdom – October 26 [MP3]
Germany – November 6
Austria – November 6
Switzerland – November 6