Awesome Gyllene Tider signing session photos

You may remember Expressen’s article about a big chaos when Gyllene Tider had their signing session in Halmstad. Well, journalists like colouring their headlines and of course, there was no chaos at all, but what is very true in the article is that Basia Konarzewska, a great Polish Roxer, was flying to Sweden with a friend of hers to be present on the signing sessions in Halmstad and Kungsbacka. Basia had a fantastic weekend with the guys and she took some awesome photos of the two sessions she was attending. Judge them yourself by clicking here. Happy faces all around! 😉



© Basia Konarzewska


Gyllene Tider enters the soccer world

As Gyllene Tider published the news on Monday, they are going to sponsor 2 Halmstad soccer teams: Halmstads BK and IS Halmia. Per Gessle is already a major sponsor of Halmia since many years.

Gyllene Tider is divided into two soccer camps. Per, MP and Göran are supporting Halmia, while Micke Syd is for HBK. 3:1 is not a bad result of a ”match”. Oh, we didn’t forget about Anders: he prefers fishing. 😉

Micke Syd gave a short interview to Sveriges Radio yesterday talking a bit about the sponsorship. Listen to it here.

Jersey of HBK is blue and will have a red Gyllene Tider logo, while red-white Halmia jersey will have a blue logo on the back. Aftonbladet showed a montage of the HBK jersey. It won’t look like this, but you can have a look at how blue and red fits together. Halmia’s jersey you could already see several times on facebook, Roxette Official. 😉


HBK Halmia

© SCANPIX / Aftonbladet                                                                 Photo taken from Roxette Official’s facebook page


Update: Halmia’s jersey will look like this:


Photo was shared on Gyllene Tider’s facebook page.


#gtsommar Second Gyllene Tider concert in Halmstad on July 6? Coop knows better!

…though the official sale did not start yet, Coop, the best chain in Sweden ever (everyone will admit that after today), announced that the second concert in Halmstad is planned on Saturday, July 6. And we are pretty sure it’s not a mistake… 🙂

In addition to Ticnets VIP package for the 6th, Remco Verhaaf noticed that the codes on the tickets of Malmö and Halmstad contain a “1” in the 3 letter concert code (MS1 & MP1), while Gothenburg only mentions SLS. So maybe a second Malmö gig is an option as well? We love all those conspiracy theories!


“Svarte Rudolf” sang by Gessle on P3

Last week Swedish public radio P3 broadcasted programme “Livet är en fest” (Life is a party) with episode called “Halmstads pärlor, del 1” (Halmstad’s Pearls, part 1). Yesterday it was time for the second part with such pearls as “Svarte Rudolf” (accoustic song sang by Per Gessle) or “Farlig Terräng” (early Flickorna… demo by Gyllene Tider). The first 20 minutes of episode are dedicated to Roxette’s career including songs like “Neverending love”, “Listen to your hear” and extracts from interviews with Marie and Per in Swedish.

Legendary “Parkens paviljong” on the Swedish Radio

As The Daily Roxette informs on its Facebook page Swedish public radio P3 broadcasted the 25th episode of “Livet är en fest” (Life is a party) programme called “Halmstads pärlor, del 1” (Halmstad’s Pearls, part 1). This radio programme included some of early Gyllene Tider and Marie Fredriksson’s gems like “Parkens paviljong” recorded in 1977 and songs from Strul and MaMas Barn record in good quality. Old interviews with both Marie and Per were used, but nothing new – except great music cuts – were revealed.

Next Thursday at 9 pm CET – second part will be aired. The second part will be on the Roxette’s career.

Clarification on the case Nojet / Live Nation vs.

We were asked to share this clarification with you.


The Swedish Market Court decided not to open the case Nojet / Live Nation vs. regarding the right to sell tickets to the Roxette Concert in Halmstad last summer. Their reason being that the event had already taken place and the Court saw no reason to make a ruling in the matter.

They did not however, state that had the right to sell tickets, they just decided to not make a statement at all. Given the headlines in some Swedish media we want to make this clarification; no case, no winner.

As it was Nojet/Live Nation who initiated this case it is common law that the initiator has to pay for the expenses of the other party.

2010 tour bootleg: Halmstad, audio x 2

Time flies – 10 long, windy days passed since I had posted the last bootleg here on RXB. So now it’s a high time to present you two “new” audio recordings from one and only concert. Sweden’s Liverpool, Roxette’s hometown, småstad or whatever expression you would like to use – it’s all about rainy and cold Halmstad which got a little bit warmer on August 14th.

These two recordings have different quality, but I do hope you will appreciate hard and very exhausting work of two groups – Czech fans and so-called superduo Justyna & Kai 🙂

The first bootleg (let’s call it Czech) includes all songs – the last ones from Gyllene Tider are ripped from the well-known YouTube videos. The second one (it could be Polish-German one) has a nice cover plus all the songs except “It must have been love”, “Joyride” and two GT’s classics like “Sommartider” and “När alla vännerna gått hem”. So it’s up to you to choose which one is the bigger, the better.

Czech bootleg ||||||| Polish-German bootleg

To quote the Man:

Thanx for yesterday. A truly magic night that we’ll never forget. Rox were great, GT were great, the crowd was awesome!!!! Cheers, P.

St. Petersburg in audio is still waiting in the line.
Do you have any other recordings?
Maybe you ripped any of these video bootlegs I posted.
If yes, please share with us with your recordings – here in the comment section, on Fb or Twitter. You can use our e-mail address:

2010 tour bootleg: “The miracle happened” (mix, audio)

Taken from Run2Roxette Forum

As we haven’t been at the concerts Arlanda and I (Kerstin) decided to make this little bootleg to remember and celebrate Roxette’s comeback. Inspired by Per’s Gessle Over Europe we searched youtube for concert videos to get songs from every concert. In doing so, our intention was not to create a fine high quality masterpiece but a nice souvenir of this miraculous tour.

01. Dressed for success (Sundsvall)
02. Sleeping in my car (Moscow)
03. Opportunity nox (Halmstad)
04. The big L. (Moscow)
05. Wish I could fly (St. Petersburg)
06. She doesn’t live here anymore (Moscow)
07. 7twenty7 (Skanderborg)
08. Perfect day (Leif’s Lounge)
09. Things will never be the same (Halmstad)
10. It must have been love (Skanderborg)
11. Silver blue (Skanderborg)
12. Fading like a flower, How do you do!, Dangerous (Starvanger)
13. Band Presentation, Joyride (Moscow)
14. Listen to your heart (Leif’s Lounge)
15. The look (Skanderborg)
16. Church of your heart (St. Petersburg)
17. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (Sundsvall)
18. Juni, Juli, Augusti, Sommartider (Halmstad)
19. När alla vännerna gått hem (Halmstad)


Meet & greet in Halmstad on August 14th

So yes, it did happened. The Daily Roxette with organized a little meet and greet with Roxette just after Roxette’s concert in Halmstad on August 14th. If you were at Leif’s Lounge on August 13th, you had a chance to win this unforgettable occasion to meet Marie and Per and see a little bif of the backstage.

Here’s the little clip from the meeting.

It’s not perfect, I know, but well, I hope at least that you enjoyed it.

Tour 2010: Halmstad, August 14h

Published August 13th, edited August 17th and August 21st

We need your help. Each and every concert will have such a topic. If you find something connected with this particular gig, post it in the comment section. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

* Dressed For Success
* Sleeping In My Car
* Opportunity Nox
* Wish I Could Fly
* She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
* 7Twenty7
* Perfect Day
* Things Will Never Be The Same
* It Must Have Been Love
* The Big L
* Silver Blue
* Fading Like a Flower
* How Do You Do!
* Dangerous
* Joyride

* Listen To Your Heart
*The Look

Extra II (with Gyllene Tider):
* Juni, juli, augusti (GT)
* Sommartider (GT)
* När alla vännerna gått hem (Roxette and GT)

Fan stories


by MrSugardad: The Look, Dangerous, Sommartider, by TicoTorres: Things will never be the same, by Legenden81:  The Look, Sommartider, Juni juli augusti, by Paalm: Dressed for success, It must have been love, by flygaruffe: Juni juli augusti

Since there are lots of videos to this show, we won’t post all of them here. Just read the comments from our users (thanks for helping us out with searching for links!!!) below, or go to R2R’s forum topic “Live in Halmstad”, user Russian has posted an endless list of videos 🙂


Roxette’s comments

Thanx for yesterday. A truly magic night that we’ll never forget. Rox were great, GT were great, the crowd was awesome!!!! Cheers, P.

Media reports

Big Hallandsposten interview with Per, you can find the translation on DailyRoxette | Halmstad is dressed for success | Video report from the queue from Hallandsposten | Reviews:  Sydsvenskan, Sydsvenskan Blog, Lahomstidning, Aftonbladet, HD, BT


The issue with the tickets seems to have been solved, as articles report everybody got in.

Gyllene Tider joined Roxette on stage during the second extra and as you can see above, performed Juni, juli, augusti and Sommartider, to then be joined by Marie and Roxette’s band to play “När alla vännerna gått hem.

This must have been the concert with more international fans in the audience. There were at least 80, surely front row. Per spoke a special greeting for them, in English.

C’mon Join The Fan Meeting Fun In Halmstad!

Update Friday 13 August: don’t forget! See you at Leif’s tonight! The party starts today 🙂

Hotel Tylösand confirmed there will be a special Roxette menu (different meals to choose from) today and tomorrow. I also asked them to play extra Rox&Co music tonight, I was told it would be done 🙂 /J

Published on July 30th:

As many of you know since Roxette announced their plans to now perform in fabulous Halmstad instead of Anderstorp many fans that were not going are now going. So Halmstad is without a doubt going to be one big party fest! So in order to get the party started for Saturday evening, some fans came up with the idea to organise an unofficial meet & greet event at Leif’s Lounge in Hotel Tylösand on Friday August 13th, if you have not had the pleasure to check out the charming place that is Leif’s Lounge then now is your chance to come on down and meet some of the other fans, check out the fabulous Roxette memorabilia that is on display and buy a drink in the bar to increase Per’s profits! 🙂

We’re currently waiting to hear back on whether or not they will put on the special Roxette menu for the evening, for that there has to be more than 25 people… we expect more than 25 somehow! 😉

So C’mon join the joyride everybody…

Poster designed by the fabulous Dany who is currently somewhere in the sky on her way to Sweden!

Roxette at Leif’s

As you all know, Roxette gave a “surprise” concert at Leif’s Lounge (at Hotel Tylösand, Halmstad) on Wednesday 4 of August. Here’s my personal review of the before and after.

We arrived at the hotel at around 5 pm and went to get our reserved tickets. There weren’t many fans waiting outside/inside the hotel, must have been maximum 10. After getting our tickets we headed to the beach, the weather was nice, so why not wait for my 3 Spanish friends and the 3 girls coming from Malmö/DK enjoying the sun? After a while sitting near Bettans Bar I suddenly heard Marie’s voice, I was like “what?” I am not sure if they had been playing for a while already, if so, I didn’t realise until I heard Marie’s voice: Rehearsal! Some curious Swedes and me headed to Bettans to try to see the band. I had always wanted to see / hear a rehearsal and there they were! Tylösand, sun, beach and Roxette. I was wondering when would I wake up from this dream…
After a while Poli, Saar and Stina arrived. I informed them about the rehearsals, and we thought they had ended them, but then suddenly they played “How do you do!”. We were all “huh! they are playing THIS song?”. It was just a preview of what the concert a few hours later would be.
I had booked a table for 2 at Leif’s Terrace for dinner at 7 pm, which was the time the doors at Leif’s would open as well, so we headed to the hotel. Right on time my Spanish friends arrived, so we all went in a few minutes after 7. Of course, some people were already sitting by the fence front row. Txiqui kept a place for me (thanks!!) while I was eating at the terrace. We got a nice table, with a great view over the stage, which was perfect for Connie, since she didn’t want to stand in the crowd.
At about 9 pm I went to the front since it started to get full of people. The atmosphere was great, many people, and many Swedes wanting to be close to the stage!!! I got to meet Ted, I think we had seen eachother shortly at GT’s concert in 2004, but had never really talked to him before. A pleasure!

And now starts the interesting part for you. The concert started about 15 minutes late, at 10:15pm. We were all very nervous, excited, shouting for Roxette, and finally there they were! The show started like a bomb with the “yeah yeah yeah” to Dressed for Success. It was an explosion of happiness, light, guitars, drums, Marie’s voice. The version was similar to the one during Per’s tour last year. Of course, with one BIG difference, MARIE!!! Actually, as you check the setlist, the whole show felt a bit like a recicled Party Pleaser concert, keeping the Roxette songs which worked so well, and adding other Roxette songs instead of Per’s. I don’t mean it negative at all. The show worked last year, the songs rocked, so why wouldn’t it WITH Marie? Of course, we also got some songs we didn’t get to hear with Per solo, and some surprises.

Read moreRoxette at Leif’s

2010 tour: Halmstad, August 4, dress rehearsal

We need your help. Each and every concert will have such a topic. If you find something connected with this particular gig, post it in the comment section. Thanks for your help and cooperation!


1. Dressed for success (Look sharp!)
2. Sleeping in my car (Crash! Boom! Bang!)
3. Opportunity nox (The Pop Hits)
4. The big L. (Joyride)
5. Wish I could fly (Have a nice day)
6. She doesn’t live here (Don’t bore us…)
7. 7twenty7 (Have a nice day)
8. Perfect day (Joyride)
9. Things will never be the same (Joyride)
10. It must have been love (Pretty woman)
11. Stupid (Marie left the stage on this song)
12. Do you wanna be my baby (Marie left the stage on this song)
13. Silver blue (Per said they sing this one because it was #1 in the song requests/ fans wanted to hear, yep, it was your choice, dear readers) (Tourism)
14. Fading like a flower (Joyride)
15. How do you do! (Tourism)
16. Dangerous (Look sharp!)
17. Joyride (Joyride)

18. Listen to your heart (Look sharp!)
19. The look (Look sharp!)
20. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone
21. Church of your heart (Joyride)

Fan stories

Judith’s report for RXB


Intro | Listen To Your Heart | Joyride (part) | Silver Blue | Wish I Could Fly | LTYH 2 (better audio)

By Sarah: Silver Blue | Perfect Day | Church of Your Heart

By Alex Usero, go to his YouTube profile, you’ll find It Must Have Been Love, Perfect Day, Things Will Never Be The Same, Wish I could Fly, Silver Blue.

By Judith (parts of How Do You Do!, Opportunity Nox, Steppin’ Stone and Silver Blue full).

By Txiqui (Perfect day, Fading like a flower, Things will never be the same, Silver blue)


Photos can be found here in the photoshow at

Great photo gallery by Txiqui/Roxspain

Roxette’s comments

Great dress rehearsal last nite. Marie in top form. The band kicked ass (after 4 songs..). The crowd was awesome. Hallelujah everyone.

Official videos

Media reports

Announcing the gig: Hallandsposten | Aftonbladet | Expressen | HD | GP | Aftonbladet
GP reports live from the concert
Concert reports: The Daily Roxette | Hallandsposten |


The 600 tickets sold out within 2 hours, despite only available at Hotel Tylösand. Plus 400 invited guests.

Pearls of passion – 0
Look sharp! – 4
Pretty woman soundtrack – 1
Joyride – 6
Tourism – 2
Crash! Boom! Bang! – 1
Don’t bore us… – 1
Have a nice day – 2
Room service – 0
The ballad hits – 0
The pop hits – 1
Per’s solo – 2
Cover – 1

Please excuse the rough translations!

Roxette play surprise concert at Leif’s Lounge

As informs, Roxette decided to share their dress rehearsal with 600 fans:

Like in 2003 (Per Gessle), 2004 (Gyllene Tider) and 2007 (Per Gessle again) there will be a secret concert, like a dress rehearsal if you will, in Halmstad August 4! Roxette will play Leif’s Lounge at Hotel Tylösand on Wednesday night. 600 tickets will be released on Wednesday morning, in order to stop ticket scalpers, and will cost 295 SEK. Tickets may be bought in the reception of Hotel Tylösand starting at 11.00 AM.
The concert starts at 10 PM.

Official tourstart will be Saturday in Sundsvall.

16,000 people bought tickets for the Halmstad concert

According to the latest article published on, over 16,000 tickets were sold for the Roxette concert in Halmstad and the organizers in the official application documents say about max. 22,000 fans that can be expected on the concert day. The police sources claim that the marketplace can take even more people – close to 30,000 spectators.

Ingmar Nilja, the local police chef, met with the organizers from Nöjet AB two times just to discuss all the issues about the Roxette gig. It was decided that the organizers will be responsible for people’s safety in the concert area and because of that Swedish policemen will not get paid for their help.