Roxette XXX Tour – Locarno, Switzerland (Moon and Stars) – July 10 – #51

Concert No. 51 took place in a beautiful setting in Locarno. The last time Roxette played at the very same place, Piazza Grande was almost exactly 4 years ago, 14th July 2011. That was a sold out show with more than 12,000 people in the crowd. This time (according to Corriere del Ticino) appr. 6,600 people went to see Roxette. Actually, the huge main square looked so full, I can’t imagine how more people could fit there. Most of them were standing on the ground, but since there are houses, those who live there watched the show from their balconies. How cool is that! Wouldn’t we all want Roxette to play under our balconies if not in our living rooms?

After some disastrous and messed up inlets on this tour leg, the security team in Switzerland showed it can work in a much better way. Those Roxers who had been waiting in front of the open air venue all day could reach their well-deserved spots in the front row.

Roxette charmed the audience with their performance and yet another sweaty night it was for the band. Marie was shining and in top shape, Per was smiling all the time from ear to ear while jumping like hell. The band was very energetic, too and they animated the crowd continuously, however, the audience rather remained a bit reserved. The setlist got one song shorter than at the past few shows. It was again The Heart Shaped Sea that was left out.

Just like in Vienna an Austrian flag, in Locarno at the end of the concert a Swiss flag was thrown to the stage by long time Roxers Karin Rubischung and Jörg Zimmerli. Dea and Chris held it up, you can see it on this pic. Lovely!

To make sure everyone sees what is happening on stage, there were big screens on the 2 sides. Just like in Australia for the Sydney Opera House gig, the screens were showing everything in black & white.

Anders Roos, photographer of the upcoming XXX tour book this time fixed a camera to Christoffer’s guitar he is using during Dressed For Success and Dangerous. Quite curious about the result. We do hope we will get to see it one day!

Åsa is still on tour, so we can expect many cool videos appearing on Roxette’s Facebook page from the show.

Per’s words after the Locarno bonanza:

LOCARNO UPDATE: Allright!!! Could this be the most beautiful concert setting in the world? I dunno, but it sure makes your jaws drop when you’re standing on that stage!!! Wonderful crowd and a most asskickin’ band this hot Friday night. Thanx everyone for showing up, I dunno how many you were, looked like at least 10.000. Some sleep now, after some really stupid Pelle jokes, then it’s Zurich-time! See y’all tomorrow, folks!! Cheers, P.

Can you believe that only 10 shows are left and the European tour leg is over? My, oh my… Roxette stays in Switzerland for one more gig. Next show is in Zurich without a day off (11th July). Dear champagne lovers, don’t forget to party hard! 😉


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She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
Fading Like A Flower / How Do You Do!

Sleeping In My Car
It Must Have Been Love


Sleeping In My Car
The Big L.
Spending My Time
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Crush On You
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
Watercolours In The Rain / Paint
Fading Like A Flower
How Do You Do!
It Must Have Been Love
Dressed For Success
Joyride (intro: Vogel-Lisi)

Listen To Your Heart
The Look


Thanx for your help with the setlist, Karin Rubischung!

World Tour 2011: Locarno, Switzerland – July 14 #46

Comment from Per Gessle

Supergig in Locarno last nite. Such a beautiful setting, lots of beautiful people + Marie did one of her best shows since the 90’s!!! And the band was groovin’!!!! Thanx for stopping by and making this evening unforgettable!!! Lazy day today, flying to Finland, new balls tomorrow! P.


01. Dressed For Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. Only When I Dream
06. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
07. Perfect Day
08. Things Will Never Be The Same
09. It Must Have Been Love
10. 7twenty7
11. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
12. Silver Blue
13. How Do You Do!
14. Dangerous
Band presentation
15. Joyride (introduced with “Vogellisi”)

16. Watercolours In The Rain
17. Spending My Time
18. The Look
19. Listen To Your Heart


The concert was organized on the city market as a part of the few-day festival Moon & Stars. 12,500 tickets were sold for the concert. Marie grabbed Italian flag at the end of the concert – but as the gig took place in Switzerland, some might find it controversial.

Articles and photos


Roxette World Tour plan updated

The Daily Roxette published the updated 2011 Roxette World Tour plan. What has changed?

– the Dubai concert was cancelled (?) before it even went on sale
– the second gigs in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Cape Town are officially confirmed
– Slovakia gets a concert in Kosice on June 6th for about 10,000 people
– still no information regarding the Swiss concert on Moon & Stars Festival in Locarno
– Turkey gig rumours are still not confirmed