Bäst när det gäller – Gyllene Tider’s new song is out!

Gyllene Tider together with Linnea Henriksson made the official Swedish Soccer World Cup song. “Bäst när det gäller” (Best when it counts) premiered on Nyhetsmorgon, TV4 today. Per Gessle, Micke Syd Andersson and Linnea Henriksson were on TV to talk about the song and soccer. It was also revealed that a video to the song will be shot this weekend. Cosmos Music made available an official lyrics video until then.

“Bäst när det gäller” is available digitally on the usual platforms. There will be a physical release as well, a 7″ and a 12″ vinyl single on 1st June. The 7″ version is a limited edition single, released in 500 copies. The guys are in blue jerseys on the 7″ sleeve and in yellow on the 12″ sleeve. You can pre-order the singles at Bengans or Ginza or CDON.

Tracklist for the 2-track 7″ single:

  1. Bäst när det gäller
  2. Bäst när det gäller (Instrumental)

Tracklist for the 4-track 12″ single:

  1. Bäst när det gäller
  2. Bäst när det gäller (Bridge & Mountain Remix)
  3. Bäst när det gäller (Galavant Remix)
  4. Bäst när det gäller (Instrumental)

Per says, to write the official song is of course a huge challenge and you can’t say no to that. The guys in GT were extremely proud when they were asked. Mr. G says he already had the title in his mind for a while, but now he had the reason to write the text as well. It became a little story about a couple who are the best when it counts, but also a text filled with soccer references that most recognize.

Bäst när det gäller

När vi träffades i vimlet
Det var ett hat trick att minnas
jag kom från farmarlaget
Du var populär

Du sa du älskade fotboll
Jag såg en sol igenom fönstret
hur kan man låtsas att det regnar
när du ser ut så där?

Vi är bäst när det gäller
Vi är bäst när det gäller
Vi är bäst då när allt står på spel vi är bäst då när allt kan gå fel

Liksom dårar på nätet
Gillar vi ringarna på vattnet
Vi vill att världen ska få veta
Vår karaktär (eller vad säger du, Per?)

Att aldrig tappa kontrollen
Att aldrig ta nåt med en klackspark är aldrig tvåa på bollen
När du ser på mej så där

Vi är bäst när det gäller
Vi är bäst när det gäller
Vi är bäst då när allt står på spel vi är bäst då när allt kan gå fel

© Per Gessle


Spending My Time is the Listen To Your Heart of Joyride

Did you know? 2 extremely important Roxette songs were written on this day 27 years ago. Yeah, Per Gessle, the 8th wonder songwriter wrote Joyride and Spending My Time on the same day. Isn’t he a genius? I mean, look at these 2 songs. Both of them are masterpieces and he could just come up with the power pop song in the morning and the big ballad in the afternoon. He is second to none!

Per says about Joyride:

When I wrote this one Roxette was sitting on top of the world. Three number ones in the US already and more to come. It felt like nothing could go wrong, I was full of self-confidence and every song felt so easy to create.

My wife (then girlfriend) left a note on my piano saying in Swedish: ”Hej din tok, jag älskar dej!”, which means ”Hello you fool, I love you!” It just had to be a chorus.

The writing process went very quickly. So fast I actually wrote ”Spending My Time” together with MP Persson the same afternoon. Hallelujah!

On The Per Gessle Archives you can listen to 2 demos of Joyride: first a less produced, acoustic Joyrider recorded on 22 May 1990 at T&A and a lot more produced Joyride recorded on 23 May 1990 at T&A. Listen to Per and Sven Lindström talking about the demos HERE.

Per about Spending My Time:

The music to ”Spending My Time” was cowritten with my old chap MP Persson. We finished writing it the very same day that I wrote ”Joyride”. Must’ve been May 1990.

I liked the idea of writing a lyric that starts in the morning and ends at night. This was my humble attempt. Great vocal performance by Marie and a super production from Clarence made this one a winner for Roxette.

On The Per Gessle Archives you can listen to the demo to Spending My Time recorded on 24 May 1990 at T&A. Listen to Per and Sven talking about the demo HERE.

Per adds:

I knew we had a great song (MP and I wrote this one together) but the demo always sucked!!! I couldn’t sing it very well, I don’t know why. It was always meant for Marie. She did a tremendous job delivering it. I’m sure it would have become a Top 5 song in the US if EMI wouldn’t have scrapped the entire company and sacked 122 people in the middle of marketing this one. People loved it but radio never got the chance to catch up. The Music Business. You win some, you lose some.

Stills are from the official videos to Joyride and Spending My Time


Pics are from ”Songs, Sketches & Reflections”.

Per’s quotes are from his book ”Songs, Sketches & Reflections” and the demo conversations from The Per Gessle Archives, as well as the PG about songs section on RoxBlog.

Interview with Per Gessle about Good Karma, melodies, songwriting and other groovy things

zdf_pgThere were quite some shorter and longer Good Karma interviews with Per during the past few weeks and he even provided all of us, Roxers with a fantastic opportunity, a Facebook live Q&A some days ago, answering 84 questions in 1 hour. After all this, we still had thousands of questions, so we put them together and shot all of them at him.

Even if Mr. G is always very busy with all of his parallel projects, he found the time to answer all our Qs. It’s really m.u.c.h. a.p.p.r.e.c.i.a.t.e.d. and we love all his detailed replies! And also the less detailed ones. Haha. Enjoy!


RXB: – First of all, thank you very much in advance for taking your time and answering our questions. Much appreciated! We know you are always very curious about the reception of your releases. Seeing the reaction of fans, your new album, ”Good Karma” is loved. How does it feel?
PG: – It feels fab. Since our fans are extremely varied and therefore very hard to please we didn’t expect anything like this. People, including the media, seem surprised by the direction we’ve taken and we find that interesting. You never know what people might think.
”Good Karma” has been created with a natural flow, we knew right from the beginning what we were looking for. However it’s been quite a difficult album to make. Not only couldn’t Marie join us in the studio except for her vocal takes and the technical challenges we went through took a lot of time and energy, especially from Christoffer. You need a low pulse and lots of patience to make an album like G.K.

RXB: – ”Good Karma” is the shortest Roxette album with its 38 minutes. Quality over quantity, but do you consider an album having a certain length when you start recording?
PG: – No. We record songs we like and use the ones we like the most. In the ”Good Karma”-case there are a few leftovers but we didn’t think they matched the quality of the other tracks so we left them out. Personally I think forty minutes is perfect for an album. You know you’ve succeeded if your natural instinct is to play it again.

RXB: – Your album titles are always short and simple. After the 10th studio album was released, which of your records do you think has the best title, taking into consideration the whole concept around that certain album?
PG: – I think they’re all pretty good. No, I don’t. I don’t really like ”Pearls Of Passion”. I don’t like titles with an ”OF” in the middle. It sounds pretentious. My original song was called ”Pearls AND Passion” but it was misspelled by EMI on an early draft and we kept it like that for some reason. And I changed the title and the lyrics of my song. True story. Have I told that one before?
”Look Sharp!” is a very cool title. ”Crash! Boom! Bang!” as well. And ”Charm School” and ”Joyride”. And ”Have A Nice Day”. And ”Room Service”. Hey, we’re brilliant at titles!

RXB: – You smiled in the Sat1 interview that the album leaked and so you could read on Facebook which songs people liked already before the official release date. Does it piss you off when such things happen?
PG: – No, it was expected. It’s almost impossible to keep things secret these days. There’s always someone who spills the beans. It goes hand in hand with our open-minded and ultra connected universe.

RXB: – Regarding radio, the last time a Roxette lead single went on air worldwide was ”She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” in 2011. Unfortunately, in many countries ”It Just Happens” is still not played. Why do you think radios don’t pick it up even if there are news in the media about it?
PG: – Radio doesn’t work like it used to. In the old days you had music people who were in charge over playlists etc. Today most stations around the world play music selected by algorithms based on social media etc. It’s pretty tough to crack that system especially if you’re a ”vintage” band like us. It’s the same problem for most artists of our generation (and older). That’s one of the reasons most songs in the Top 40 chart sound pretty much the same and are targeted towards a very young audience who are on the internet all the time.

RXB: – You mentioned in several interviews that ”Good Karma” songs were not meant to be performed live. The previous two albums’ lead singles had you on lead vocals, which was obvious from promotional point of view as Marie wouldn’t have been able to handle new lyrics. How was ”It Just Happens” chosen now? Three singles in a row with you on lead vocals make us wonder.
PG: – No strategy. Warner wanted a ”classic” powerful Roxette-song as the lead single and off we went with ”IJH”. It’s a quite sophisticated song, coming from us. Maybe not the most obvious choice for a first single but I understand how they were thinking. Personally I consider ”IJH” to be a ”Marie-song”. Her vocals are the driving force behind it, not mine.

RXB: – ”Some Other Summer” might have a bigger potential. Do you expect it or any another song to be a bigger hit worldwide and that radios realize these tracks are worth to be on air?
PG: – No, I don’t expect anything. ”SOS” is a great pop song in my book, so are ”Good Karma” and ”Why Dontcha?” and a few others. But that doesn’t mean that I expect it to become a worldwide hit. It doesn’t work like that anymore. New balls, dear you.

RXB: – Talking about it, you gave ”Some Other Summer” to Sebastien Drums long before your original version was out. What was the idea behind someone else releasing your song before you do?
PG: – We had a mutual friend in the German music biz who asked us if we had a Rox-song Sebastien could use. And we had just finished ”SOS” so he got that one. I like the idea of doing unexpected things. Sometimes strange and wonderful things happen that way. But I never really understood Seb’s official version. There are a couple of other SOS-remixes he did that I prefer. But that’s me.

RXB: – The video to ”It Just Happens” turned out to be wonderful. We loved seeing you both enjoyed the shooting and Marie still loves acting. How was it working together with a new team?
PG: – It was cool. They all did a great job. We spent a day in an old building in the centre of Stockholm trying out the take away sushi and fooling around in front of the cameras. The rest of the shooting didn’t involve us at all but we certainly liked the result. It’s a beautiful little story that director Tobias Nordquist captured very well visually.

RXB: – We got used to the fact that MTV is mostly not about music and videos anymore and the clips are rather watched on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. What do you think is the purpose of a video clip nowadays?
PG: – I think most things you do promowise are made to remind the media and your fans that you’re still alive! If you release new music and don’t do anything, no interviews, no videos or no TV-appearances it’s really hard to cut through that enormous amount of information that surrounds us all. A video might pop up at an airport, department store or getting shared on smartphones. It’s all part of that big puzzle called the entertainment industry.

RXB: – We got very excited when in an earlier interview you mentioned you wrote some songs together with MP now for the first time since long. ”You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore” is now on the album and it’s certainly very different to what we are used to when you 2 put your talents together. Are there any other songs from this set of latest MP cooperations that might see the light of day?
PG: – I don’t know. We’ve written more songs together over the last couple of years but there are no plans of using them for the moment. Time will tell what’s gonna happen to them. MP sometimes got some wonderful and weird musical ideas and I try to glue them together with my humble ambitions. It’s fun. He’s very special. He still drives a very fast Suzuki-bike.

RXB: – You wrote 3 songs together with Addeboy vs. Cliff and they are co-producers on 3 other songs. How did it feel to work with others? You were never really into bringing new people in.
PG: – Well, I’ve changed. I had bumped into AvsC through other projects so I knew their style and what they were capable of. I basically asked them to send me some musical ideas, like sounds and grooves, bass lines and chord progressions, to see if I could make something out of it. And I could. I kept a lot of stuff they made, edited a few things out, added some new parts and wrote melody lines and lyrics. However, none of the songs we wrote together were specifically made for Roxette. They were just collaborations trying things out.
AvsC and me never worked together in the studio. It was all done via the internet. I loved the final result but actually never expected Marie to like it since it was pretty far out. Not quite ”classic” Roxette if you know what I mean. But she really loved some of the songs and so did Chris and Clarence. Off we went and put them on a rocket to Planet Roxette!
The ”Good Karma” track was co-written with AvsC but Chris wanted us to produce it ourselves so he could play some serious power chords in the intro. His guilty pleasure, I guess…. And Clarence added that ”Fading Like A Flower”-inspired keyboard intro. Very nice. Very catchy. Cheers.

RXB: – What’s the difference in the cooperation with Addeboy vs. Cliff between ”The Look” remake in 2015 when they got the basics and had to do something with it and when it was vice versa for ”Good Karma” songs and you asked them to give you baselines?
PG: – Well, the main difference is of course that the songs we wrote together started with them, not me. ”The Look” is my song which they ”interpreted” their own way. We did the same thing with ”You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore”, which was written by MP and me, but the backing track was created by AvsC. And they’ve just finished a fab uptempo version of ”Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?”. Same thing. A song of mine done in Addeboy vs Cliff-style. It will hopefully be released later this year.

RXB: – The world is changing. You record parts in one studio, others in another and you don’t even have to meet physically to put things together. Isn’t it strange for you to record this way? Don’t you miss the ”personal meeting” touch in each phase?
PG: – It depends on what kind of recording it is. The more technical it gets the less you need lots of people around. It’s always, more or less, only one person who’s doing the job anyway. In Roxette’s case it’s Chris since he’s in charge of the computer and the digital funfair. My (and Clarence’s) job is to guide him through the audio jungle with our taste and our musical suggestions.
Chris has become an amazing tech wizard. Without him and his vast palette of sounds the Good Karma project wouldn’t have sounded as interesting. And he’s become a brilliant mixing engineer as well. He mixes a song, sends me his vision, I change or suggest a few things and might add or take away something, he sends me back an updated version. And we go on and on like that for a few days and nights. When we’re done we send it to Marie and Clarence for their approval. That’s how the Good Karma-album was mixed.
When you make a record like ”Travelling” or anything with Gyllene Tider it’s a different ballgame. Then it’s all about instant communication and ”playing” together. I like both ways. I would love to make a new Mazarin-style album one day but I also know that if I want a really hardcore updated production sound it can’t really be done in that ”organic” way. You have to do everything on the computer. It’s no big deal. I’m glad I enjoy both ways. And have the opportunity to choose.

RXB: – Besides the standard vinyl, there is a limited edition, beautiful, orange coloured LP as well. How many copies of the limited edition vinyls are released?
PG: – I wish I knew but I don’t. A couple of thousand is my guess. It might be less. Or more.

RXB: – There is a poster to this edition and it’s the album cover. Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to include a poster on which you and Marie appear instead of the butterfly?
PG: – No, if we thought so we would have done it. We like the butterfly.

RXB: – On the vinyl there is a ghost track after ”April Clouds”. We tried to figure out what it is. Any hints?
PG: – No. Another internal joke.

RXB: – It’s the first time you and Marie don’t appear in any form on the front cover of a studio album. Why?
PG: – We wanted this project to have a symbol that we could use on lots of things. The album sleeve, the tiny stamp-sized pic used on iTunes and Spotify and Amazon etc. On merchandise and upcoming singles. The butterfly-image is beautiful and stands out and can be used in so many varieties. And it fits the music and the title.

RXB: – Now we understand the butterfly artwork, its X shape and the evolution it symbolizes. What is still not clear is the guitar and microphone appearing at a certain body part of poor butterflies. What’s that intended to be?
PG: – It’s up to you to decide.

RXB: – Then there is no instrument on the ”Some Other Summer” cover. Is that a coincidence or maybe you rethought it after reading some comments?
PG: – No. I haven’t even noticed that. Thanks.

RXB: – Warner seem to be enthusiastic about doing promo for Roxette and we are very happy to see all their efforts. How do you see your cooperation with them vs. EMI?
PG: – It’s a totally different market today so it’s really impossible to compare. Warner worldwide is very committed to Roxette and the Good Karma-project. We’re very happy.

RXB: – You say that you would never be able to write e.g. ”Fading Like A Flower” today, simply because you moved on as a songwriter. At the same time, each song on ”Good Karma” has your stamp on them. All the lyrics are Gessleish as usual and the songs have the classic Roxette sound. So it seems your songwriting basics stay the same, but something is changing. How do you see it?
PG: – Yes, it’s like that. I change a lot but I still stay the same. It’s good and bad. I have my trademarks and style which make my songs sound like me. It’s hard to close that door and I’m not sure I want to. The older I get the more I treasure my personality and my way of thinking. My creative challenge is to find new ways to express myself via new sounds and techniques and collaborators and partners. That’s what I’m trying to do.

RXB: – What was the most challenging in improving your own sound for ”Good Karma” and update your style of writing?
PG: – I don’t know. The idea behind the album, to make a quite complex production that’s not intended to be played live, was there from the beginning. I started to write songs with that in mind. And, like I’ve mentioned earlier, working with new collaborators became part of that task.

RXB: – Which song do you think has the best title on ”Good Karma”? Which song do you think someone who doesn’t listen too much to Roxette would definitely listen to by seeing its title?
PG: –”You Make It Sound So Simple” is my favourite title. It makes me curious.

RXB: – There are 2 ”Why don’t you…?” titles on the album. Even if they are different, with one being rather slangy, isn’t it strange to include 2 similar titles on the same album?
PG: – No.

RXB: – You say you are very satisfied with ”Why Dontcha?”, because even if it seems to be so simple, it’s very hard to write such a song. How do you know that a good song was written? Can you feel it from the very beginning once it was written that everyone in the gang will like it?
PG: – Yes, I feel it as go along writing it. If it doesn’t interest me enough I don’t finish it. I throw it on the fire. But that someone else will like it is a different matter. I never know.
I might finish my song, make a simple demo out of it. Then maybe I re-write it and make another demo before I play it to anyone. Every song has gone a long way before it’s presented to the people I work with.

RXB: – Are you impressed by any song on ”Good Karma” to the same extent as any of your biggest hits throughout the years?
PG: – All of them. This album was made at a certain point in our lives and we’ve done the best we could under the circumstances. I’m not the one to compare our new stuff to the old stuff. Every song and recording has its own history and destiny.

RXB: – Knowing the album was planned to be released earlier than this year, have the lyrics of ”This One” ever contained 2015? (”Oh gimme a coin and I will kick off a dream / In 2016”)
PG: – Yes. There are versions with ”2015” somewhere.

RXB: – The music of ”April Clouds” and ”Wish You The Best” is different and you also mentioned that ”Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” was originally an uptempo song. How does the melody to the same song change in your head?
PG: – I don’t know. I just follow what feels right. If you have a lyric like ”April Clouds”, which mostly were written a long time ago and you make new music to it, the end result will be quite different due to the fact that you’re a different person twenty years later. You interpret the words and the meaning and the vibe differently because you’re older and time has gone by.
Making ballads out of uptempo songs are quite easy. As long as the lyrics are interesting and the melodies are strong you can basically do whatever you want with a song.

RXB: – We know it’s very early since ”Good Karma” is out, but is there anything you would change on the album now?
PG: – I would love to have another go mixing ”You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore”. It’s OK but I know it can be even stronger.

RXB: – Roxette’s live career is (most likely) over for now. There are so many concerts that are lying in the vaults and waiting for a proper release. You mentioned a potential box with all these. Can you please tell us a bit more about what concerts it would include? We hope for Norrköping 88, Borgholm 89, Zurich and Sydney 91, Unplugged 93, Johannesburg 95 and Stockholm 2001 – having them in a bit better quality wouldn’t harm!
PG: – No, I can’t because I don’t know. But you’re right, the first things that should be made available are all those old live VHS-tapes and DVDs that’s not around anymore. The ones you mentioned.

RXB: – Roxette Diaries stopped in ’95. But there is 21 years more of Roxette stories to tell. Any plan to mix ”Soooo-Christoffer” clips and HAND / Room Service footage into one motion picture any time soon?
PG: – No, not for the moment. But I’m sure things will pop up down the road.

RXB: – Because of the tour cancellation, reporters of course asked you about Marie’s health and then many times overdramatized the situation with stupid headlines. It felt like history repeated itself, but you handled it quite well. How is it going with those interviews when you expect they would rather ask about the new album? Can you change the direction of the interview and skip answering questions not related to the album?
PG: – Yes I can if I want to. But most reporters are interested in Marie’s health and our future plans together. I can understand that. It’s not a problem for me. I know how media works.

RXB: – Was the tour photo book originally planned to be published this June already before the tour cancellation? Or if no cancellation, would you have waited until after the tour ending in September?
PG: – The plan was always to have it ready for the summer of 2016.

RXB: – Anders told there were several tens of thousands of photos and he had a hard time choosing only a certain amount to send you to choose from them. How did it work for you?
PG: – I went through hundreds of pics and put a little red dot in front of those I found interesting. I think Marie did the same.

RXB: – Will there be any tour book signing sessions?
PG: – No signing sessions, no.

RXB: – Roxette is celebrating the 30th anniversary this year. We got a new album, we’ll get the tour book. Any vinyl releases of previous studio albums by chance?
PG: – No plans but we might put together something for Record Store Day next year. 31 years is worth celebrating too!

RXB: – You wrote books, you did radio programs, you appeared countless times on TV. Do you fancy some new technological tricks besides Facebook and Twitter? As a part of your artistic exposure in e.g. YouTube videos?
PG: – Sometimes I do. I like new things.

RXB: – Besides music, your wine world is another part the fans are curious about. Are there any plans for some new items in The Per Gessle Selection in the near future?
PG: – Well, the new ”Kurt & Lisa” vintage will be out later this year. The new vintage of ”The Improver”-champagne from Pierre Peters will come early 2017. We’re talking about making a nice Pinot Grigio and also a new red wine from South Africa. Time will tell.

RXB: – Is there any question you would ask from your hardcore fan base now, either related to the new album or anything else?
PG: – Not really. You guys seem to cover most of my universe!

RXB: – Thank you very much for your time and good luck with all the new releases and your future projects!
PG: – Thanks very much. More to come, I promise!


/Patrícia, Tomasz, Kirsten, Judith, Sascha

Interview with Per Gessle: “I wanted the books to show who I am, my style, my drawings, my silly notes and confused guide-lines”

PG BookFair01-1 We had the chance to ask Per Gessle some questions about the books (“Texter, klotter & funderingar” and “Songs, Sketches & Reflections”), so we went through the books and thought of some detailed ones. Per, who is currently busy with the Roxette rehearsals, nicely took the time to answer to all these questions. Here is the result!

Don’t forget to grab the books and check them out while reading for a complete experience. Or to buy them if you haven’t yet (or you may be lucky in… read at the bottom!)

RXB/J&PP: So let’s start from the beginning. When did you get the idea to make these books? Was it born at the same time as the box? What came first, the idea of releasing TPGA box or publishing the books?
Per Gessle: Hello.. It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind for a long long time. There are so many songs around, so many demos. It really is “a lifetime of songwriting”! Also I’ve got so many studio diaries that need some fresh air!!

Through our Facebook-site I’ve also noticed that many people are interested in the demos. That feedback was certainly important to me in my decision.

It’s been a great ego trip in spite of the endless hours of research that was needed to make (especially) the box happen, since the amount of material is so vast. Lots of people have been involved, primarily MP (finding & refreshing old tapes + recording & editing Sven’s and my conversation-pieces which took forever), Pär Wickholm (CD-box layout) and Benny Mårtensson (book layout). Without those guys it wouldn’t have happened. Not like this. I’m extremely pleased with the result.

The books are not simply some lyrics put together black on white with a few pictures but something much more personal, with comments, drawings and other things from your archives. What was your initial concept you had in mind? Did you have such design in mind from the beginning?
Yes. I didn’t want to do just standard lyric-books. I wanted them to show who I am, my style, my drawings, my silly notes and confused guide-lines. To write a song is a long journey and most of the time people only get to know the final destination.

Why did you decide to split them in two books, English and Swedish? Do you plan to release the English book outside of Sweden?
I’m sure both books will be available globally through Amazon etc. The reason for two separate books is that otherwise it would have been too thick. And I don’t want to compete with the bible. Or the complete edition of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.

We also realized that some songs are missing from the books and some are missing your comments and only the lyrics are included. How did you decide on which songs to include and comment on?
I wrote down what I remembered and if there were any good stories or anecdotes connected with the songs. Some songs I don’t remember writing. Some lyrics didn’t make it due to copyright-reasons. “Tylö Sun” and “Skicka ett vykort, älskling” for instance. I don’t own the copyrights to those.

10624861_10152244866910178_591528627164385920_nEvery page on the books is different, some pictures are used more than once but each page has a different design. We know Benny Mårtensson did this part, but what was your involvement? Did you check every page or give hints to certain lyric pages how they should look like?
Yes. I wasn’t in favour of using the same pics more than once but Benny found that OK. A few of his pages I didn’t particularly like so he remade them. He’s done a fantastic job. A very talented guy. The original idea was just to mix the lyrics, my studio diaries incl drawings and combine them with a few comments about the songs. Then I realized that some of the original lyric-sheets looked really cool with coffee-stains and dead flies on them so we used a lot of those. The pics should not be the main thing. Just to spice things up a bit and make it even more personal and easy to look at.

One can read the books in (at least) 2 different ways: Either with or without the music to the lyrics. While reading the books without music one gets a deeper insight into your lyrics and realizes (once more) how great songwriter you are. Did you (re)discover parts of your lyrics that impressed you? Lyrics long forgotten where you thought “wow, did I write that?”? (or some you thought “what was I thinking?”).
Thank you. I’m happy you enjoy my work. My ambition writing lyrics has always been that they should be capable to stand on their own two feet. I think it’s crucial that you should be able to read a song lyric without getting too embarrassed. Both as the writer and as the reader. Sometimes I’ve screwed things up, sometimes it feels good when I bump into one of my lyrics.

We have both interviews in the Swedish book, but only the Sven interview in the English one. Both are great reading for fans or even non-fans and going through all the interesting things in the Tomas Andersson Wij interview, it would have been a good idea to translate it and include it in the English book as well. Why didn’t you decide for having it there?
I agree. TAW’s interview is great and should have been included in both books. If there will be a 2nd edition it will be translated and made available in English as well. The reason we didn’t include to begin with was that Tomas and I mostly talked about my Swedish work and thought it didn’t really interest that many people abroad. We were wrong.

In the Sven interview you say you try to avoid learning too much, because you are afraid of losing the unconscious. At the same time, working together with all those fantastic musicians, it’s impossible not to learn from them. How can you keep the balance?
Well, what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t really work for me to “educate” myself too much and learn the classic and proper rules of music. I want to trust my gut feeling and if I need help (which I do all the time…, I know what I want but I don’t know how to get it…) I consult more “educated” people than me, Christoffer and Clarence for instance.

I truly believe that I’d been a far less interesting songwriter if I didn’t follow my own set of rules and instincts. I don’t really know when I’m doing things “right or wrong” and that’s the whole idea for me. Follow that sweet smell of surprise.

Read moreInterview with Per Gessle: “I wanted the books to show who I am, my style, my drawings, my silly notes and confused guide-lines”

Don’t Go Dark is out in its complete length

© Per Gessle
© Per Gessle

As we informed you 2 weeks ago, there is another house music project of Per Gessle. Per cooperated with Kill FM and wrote the lyrics and the melody to their new track, Don’t Go Dark. As Mr. G informs, it’s called topline songwriting in the Crazy World of Dance, which charmed not only him, but also Helena Josefsson who provides the lovely vocals for this song.

Kill FM’s Don’t Go Dark EP is now out on iTunes and on WiMP, but it’s only a Scandinavian release so far. You’ll find 3 versions of the song. The original version and the instrumental mix are 4:08, while the radio edit is 3:05 long.

The song already got great support from several DJ’s, also from David Guetta among them. You can read a whole list of supporters under the video on YouTube in the description part.



The lyrics don’t seem to be too complicated, but I’m still not sure if I understood the lines correctly. Here is what I can hear (feel free to correct it):


Don’t Go Dark
(Words & melody: Per Gessle; mix: Kill FM)

I couldn’t believe my eyes
I couldn’t believe my eyes
I gave my heart to a simple cause

I couldn’t believe my ears
I heard you were in tears
You gave your heart to a simple cause

Don’t go dark on me

I couldn’t believe my ears
I heard you were in tears
You gave your heart to a simple cause

You have a great face made to smile
You have the power to walk a mile
You got everything you need

Don’t go dark on me


Thanx for the cooperation in understanding the lyrics, Mandy Sedgwick and Celestte Williams.

Lyrics to track 10, 11 and 12 on Nu!


So now the complete album is available digitally and we got to know how the last 3 songs ”Stjärna som brinner”, ”I morgon” and ”Vad vore jag utan dig” sound. Now that I could listen to the album from track 1 till track 12, I must say it has become my second favourite Marie Fredriksson album. Nothing can beat ”Den ständiga resan”, but ”Nu!” is a real strong Ms Effe solo comeback.

Hats off to all artists who cooperated and hats off to our Marie in top top top shape!

Bring on February! Hope to hear several songs from the album live.





Stjärna som brinner I morgon
(Johan Kinde / Mikael Bolyos) (Ulf Schagerström / Mikael Bolyos)
Kan du minnas dom avstånd vi färdats Ser hur dagens första ljus
Dom platser vi sett Har sökt sig ända hit
Kan du minnas var Genom natt och över tiden som flyr
Och hur vi blev ett
Man kan undra vad allting beror på Se hur mörkret bleknar bort
Hur vi gör våra val För varje sekund
Har ödet bestämt Av igår blir inget kvar
Vårat lyckotal Bara vi i denna stund
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Imorgon är redan här
Strålar och faller med dubbel fart Vi följer vägen vart den än bär
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Kom så följer vi vägen
Brinner i mörkret tills Imorgon är redan idag
Inget finns kvar En godare plats det är dit vi ska
Imorgon, imorgon
Alla människor jag känt alla vänner
Alla minnen från förr Det känns som om nånting har hänt
Finns dom där innanför Som om nånting har vänt
Denna dunkla dörr Som om nånting vaknar till liv här igen
Dom sekunder, minuter och timmar Och allt som vi borde ha gjort
som till sist blir dag Det kan vi göra nu
Allt som nyss kändes klart Och allt som vi borde ha sagt
Kommer det finnas kvar Det kan vi säga nu
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Imorgon är redan här
Strålar och faller med dubbel fart Vi följer vägen vart den än bär
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Kom så följer vi vägen
Brinner i mörkret tills Imorgon är redan idag
Inget finns kvar En godare plats det är dit vi ska
Imorgon, imorgon
Vad blir kvar


Vad vore jag utan dig
(Mikael Bolyos)
När jag ser tillbaka tjugo år
Snabbt vemodet övergår
Till en sån lycka man kan ju tycka
Tiden stått still
Jag minns dagen som igår
Du satte så djupa spår
Du sa första gången
”I dina ögon ser jag mig”
Du tog min hand och kysste mig
Min tvillingsjäl du är allt för mig
Vad vore jag utan dig
Våran resa blev inte som du skrev
Jag har kvar ditt brev
Men om någon sa
Du får leva om din dag
Aldrig någonsin
Skulle jag byta bort det som var
När jag ser tillbaka tjugo år
Och den tid som var så svår
Jag fylls av en känsla
Av någonting större än vi två
En glädje och sorg oändligt blå
Men dina ord dom tröstar mig
Vad vore jag utan dig
Jag älskar dig
Vad vore jag utan dig


Lyrics to track 8 and 9 on Nu!


Today we got 2 more songs: ”Känn dig som hemma” and ”Jag undrar vad du tänker på”. The latter one is a beautiful melody written by Mikael Bolyos.

The longest song on the album, ”Nu!” (40:50) is ”Känn dig som hemma” (4:17) written by Per Gessle. When the song started to play, the intro reminded me of Small Apartments soundtrack. Somehow it felt like this song’s intro could be a track next to Drizzle #1 or #2 and Franklin’s Theme.  I think if no one would have told this is the song written by Per, I would have found it out real soon. It sounds quite Gessleish to me and who else would use the word ”torktumlare” (= tumble dryer) in the lyrics? 😉 And I don’t even have to mention: Marie’s voice together with Per’s lyrics and music is always winning!




Känn dig som hemma Jag undrar vad du tänker på
(Per Gessle) (Mikael Bolyos)
När du kommer hit finns allt viktigt till hands Jag undrar vad du tänker på
Gitarren är stämd och bjuder till dans Jag undrar vad du tror
Och bordet där dukat precis som du vill Vi lever numera som
Du sitter vid fönstret, jag sitter intill En syster med sin bror
Jag vill att du ska få det bästa av mig Vi smälter, vi smälter bort
Känn dig som hemma Likt snön som föll ifjol
Det bästa av mig Är detta det vi drömde om
Du ska få det bästa av mig Jag undrar vad du tror
Känn dig som hemma
Dagarna dom flyter på
När du kommer hit, en känsla av gott Som vågor på ett hav
Som sol på tapeten, ett snyggt volleyskott Den ena är den andra lik
Sängen är bäddad och torktumlaren tömd Tristessen blir min grav
Och vintern därute är borta och glömd
Jag längtar, jag längtar bort
Jag vill att du ska få det bästa av mig Från den jag är idag
Känn dig som hemma Till någon mycket starkare
Det bästa av mig Till någon som är jag
Du ska få det bästa av mig
Känn dig som hemma Jag drömmer mig iväg
Till mitt paradis
När du kommer hit, jag hoppas du ser Där jag kan vara den jag vill
Att hela mitt hjärta skrattar och ler Känna doften av en sommarbris
Min plan är rätt enkel, jag vill nå nivån Och njuta av regnet i april
Så du aldrig nånsin vill gå härifrån
Till natten kommer tankarna
Jag vill att du ska få det bästa av mig Då vet jag inte hur
Känn dig som hemma Jag ska lyckas ta mig ut
Det bästa av mig Jag väntar på min tur
Du ska få det bästa av mig
Känn dig som hemma Men en dag skall att ordna sig
Då ska jag stå beredd
Att möta det jag drömmer om
Och inte vara rädd


Thanx for sharing the lyrics to ”Känn dig som hemma, Per.

Lyrics to track 6 and 7 on Nu!


Nice to spend your Saturday morning with 2 new songs from Ms Effe’s new album. Today’s beauties are ”Aldrig längre bort än nära” and ”Bara 3 ord”. I can only say 3 words: I LOVE THEM!

The more you get from this album, the more you are longing for the rest of it. Maybe it’s better for those who decided to wait until they can listen to the complete album once it is released. Now it’s really soon: digital release is on 18th November, physical release is on 20th November.





Aldrig längre bort än nära Bara 3 ord
(Ulf Schagerström / Mikael Bolyos) (Kenneth Gärdestad / Mikael Bolyos)
Jag är aldrig längre bort än nära dig Bara tre ord och en evighet
Jag är aldrig längre bort än här Är allt jag begär av dig
Var vi än går så går du nära mig Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Jag är aldrig längre bort Säg att Du älskar mig
Än nära
När jag ser dig så blir min längtan större
Om jag är den som får Oh, än nattens tystnad
Ditt hjärta att slå När jag ropar så hoppas jag du hör mig
Om du vill gå med mig Oh, att du lyssnar
Kom med mig då Allt jag begär är tre enkla ord
Vart ska vi gå Bara tre enkla ord
Inget är värt mer på denna jord
Jag är aldrig längre bort än nära dig Än bara tre enkla ord
Jag är aldrig längre bort än här
Var vi än går så går du nära mig När jag ser dig
Jag är aldrig längre bort Så drunknar jag i minnen
Än nära Oh, du är så nära
När jag hör dig vaknar mina sinnen
Nu vet jag vad jag vill Mer än jag kan bära
Det var nåt du sa
Om att allt kan börja om Bara tre ord och en evighet
Allt kan bli bra Är allt jag begär av dig
Just nu idag Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Säg att Du älskar mig
Jag är aldrig längre bort än nära dig
Jag är aldrig längre bort än här All min önskan
Var vi än går så går du nära mig All min längtan
Jag är aldrig längre bort Är att ha dig nära mig
Än nära Allt jag drömt om
Är några ord från dig
Bara tre ord
Bara tre ord
Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Säg att Du älskar
Bara tre ord och en evighet
Är allt jag begär av dig
Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Säg att Du älskar mig

Lyrics to track 4 and 5 on Nu!


Today we got 2 new beautiful songs from Marie’s album. One of them is Längtan”. We had the info that Marie has written only one song for this album and we knew it was another one, but still, having the same title as an earlier song of hers made us think it might be a remake of “Längtan” (written by Marie Fredriksson and Lasse Lindbom) from Efter stormen album.  Now it turned out it’s a completely new song.

The other song for today is “Sista sommarens vals”. A real gem! This is the song written by Marie. The one that will also have a video clip. The whole waltz is so soft and the lyrics are so touching. I really hope to hear this one live next year.




Längtan Sista sommarens vals
(Mikael Bolyos) (Marie Fredriksson)
Har du någon vän, som längtar Jag ville så gärna skriva nåt vackert till dig
Har du någon vän, som längtar, som längtar efter Du var den som jag höll så kär
De vackraste orden var bara till dig
Stjärnorna i vinternatten I en tid som var enkel och ljus
Som fyller dig med minnen
Haven som kan ge dig vatten Du min älskade vän
Svalka dig Du var den som höll i min hand
När det blåste så kallt
Har du någon vän, som längtar Du var den som kände som jag
Har du någon vän, som längtar, som längtar efter Du var min vän, det bästa som fanns
Kärleken som ger dig vingar Minns du hur tiden
Tro och visar vägen Var svår och förändrade allt
Lyckan av att bara finnas till Minns du hur tiden gav oss kraft att se
En stund på jorden Du var den som alltid stod brevid mig
Vara fri, att längta Du var den, den bästa jag haft
Har du någon vän, som längtar Du min älskade vän
Har du någon vän, som längtar Du var den som höll i min hand
När det blåste så kallt
Du var den som kände som jag
Du var min vän, det bästa jag haft
Våren kom
Det kändes som
Allting blev nytt
Ljuset kom och allting slog ut
Sommarn kom
Det kändes som midsommartid
Vi dansade sista sommarens vals
Du min älskade vän
Du var den som höll i min hand
När det blåste så kallt
Du var den som kände som jag
Du var min vän, det bästa jag haft

Lyrics to track 2 and 3 on Nu!

445337One of the best ways to practice your Swedish is writing down the lyrics of new songs after listening to them several times. Here are the lyrics to Marie’s ”Det bästa som nånsin kan hända” and ”Det är nu!”.






Det bästa som nånsin kan hända Det är nu!
(Uno Svenningson / Mikael Bolyos) (Ulf Schagerström / Mikael Bolyos)
Jag öppnar dörren mot ljuset, Det är nu som varje steg är det första jag tar
Natten har varit ung Det är nu som varje stund
Jag öppnar dörren mot bruset, Är det största jag har
Jag känner mig så lugn Det är nu som jag kan
Hålla kärleken kvar
Det bästa som nånsin kan hända, Det är nu
Det händer mig här och nu
Det bästa som nånsin kan hända Nånstans längs vägen
Är när jag möter en dag, Ligger nåt jag förlorat
Full av behag, till slut Nånstans längs vägen men jag vet inte vad
Nånstans i hjärtat har jag slutat att fråga
Jag följer stigen mot vattnet, Nånstans så vet jag precis vart jag ska
Och speglar mig däri
Jag vadar ut trots kylan, Det är nu som varje steg är det första jag tar
Kan inte låta bli Det är nu som varje stund
Är det största jag har
Det bästa som nånsin kan hända, Det är nu som jag kan
Det händer mig här och nu Hålla kärleken kvar
Det bästa som nånsin kan hända Det är nu
Är när jag möter en dag,
Full av behag, till slut Nånstans längs åren blev vintrarna längre
Nånstans längs åren
Du fick mig att drömma Blev det är bistert och kallt
Att börja om igen Nånstans så har jag lämnat
Att våga tro på framtiden Allt det där bakom
Du fick mig att känna Nånstans så är jag i början av allt
Hur ett hjärta kan slå
Som ingen oro kan Det är nu som varje steg är det första jag tar
Det är nu som varje stund
Det bästa som nånsin kan hända, Är det största jag har
Det händer mig här och nu Det är nu som jag kan
Det bästa som nånsin kan hända Hålla kärleken kvar
Är när jag möter en dag, Det är nu
Full av behag, till slut
Det är nu som varje steg är det första jag tar
Det är nu som varje stund
Är det största jag har
Det är nu som jag kan
Hålla kärleken kvar
Det är nu
Det är nu som jag kan tro
Att det är sant det jag ser
Det är nu som jag kan famna
Allt dagarna ger
Det är nu som jag vet
Att det finns så mycket mer
Det är nu

“Kom vila hos mig” lyrics

If you missed Marie Fredriksson hype, check this news and that one too. Oh, don’t forget about this as well! Here below you will find latest Marie Fredriksson’s lyrics written down by some crazy non-Swedish speaking fans, including Nathalie, Patrícia and me. Enjoy!


Written by: Mikael Bolyos

Solen den slår mot fönstret
Luften ligger så varm och tung

Det är skönt att vara människa
Den som ändå vore ung

Jag älskar dig för evigt
Det gör så ont att se dig svag

Du blundar för allt det vackra
Du blundar för varje dag

Kom vila hos mig, kom vila hos mig
Du behöver inte oroa dig
Kom vila hos mig, kom vila hos mig

Jag tröstar dig min kära
Men din tystnad gör mig svag

Du sjunker in i sorgen
Ner i själens svarta hav

Den tid vi har tillsammans
Blir så skör när dagen dör

Jag vill att du är lycklig
Se på ljuset utanför

Consequential Lyrics – a podcast about Roxette lyrics

Cassettes & Chocolate Milk is a music blog and podcast series that examines the passionate antics of the mod revivalists, lovers of synth and mad devotees of British pop.” Missy El (Eleanor Gray), who is running C&CM since 10 years, is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Her new podcast series, Consequential Lyrics consists of 40-minute-long episodes (including the songs). Besides analyzing the lyrics of Queen, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths and Erasure, she analyzed some Roxette lyrics as a bonus.

It sounded so familiar, when I heard her starting the show like this:

This episode looks at the lyricism of Roxette. Now I can almost hear you cry: ”But El, surely there is no real depth or meaning in Roxette lyrics!” Well, that’s where you’re wrong!

God, how many times I heard it from my non-Roxer friends. And when I asked them to tell me a Roxette song without any meaning, they all came up with ”Sleeping In My Car”. Maybe they just never had any back seat affair in their car… Whatever. I gave up convincing them. Now I could suggest them listening to this podcast at least.

Roxette_2012_liveBy the way, listening to Missy El, you can clearly hear she’s a fan of Per Gessle lyrics. I can totally understand her. 😉 Songs analyzed (not a typical list of Roxette songs / demos): Sleeping Single, Come Back (Before You Leave), I Do Believe, (I Could Never) Give You Up, Love Spins, Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave) and Always Breaking My Heart. You can listen to this episode by clicking here.


Soldans & Disco & Henry & Hanna

After seeing Gyllene Tider’s Leifs Lounge gig setlist with ”Arabiska nätter” as the opening song and ”Vill ha ett svar!” among the extras, I was thinking about what other surprise song could they include in the tour setlist. Well, I think most of you would agree on ”Henry, dansa inte disco!” would be a great surprise to be performed live. This song so far appeared only on the album (”Jag har förstått allt, men jag kan inte ge några detaljer”) which Per released in 100 copies for MP’s 30th birthday.

Now it will be available for a wider audience on GT’s new compilation album, ”Soldans på din grammofon”, in 2 versions. Next to a new version (4m 27s long) the other might be the same as the one on MP’s birthday album, since it is stated on the tracklist as a live rehearsal studio version from January 1980 and the b-day album says rehearsal studio, Harplinge, 20th January, 1980. However, the old version is 4m 47s long and Soldans version is 5m 09s long. So there’s a little difference. You can have a listen to the old version by clicking here.

In case Henry is joining the guys on stage during the tour, you might want to sing along. If he won’t be dancing disco on tour, you’ll still need the lyrics to sing along in your living room after the album is out. 😉 So either way, start learning the lyrics! Thanks to Peter Mills, you can find an English translation next to it.


Henry, dansa inte disco! Henry, Don’t Dance Disco!
Lyrics by Per Gessle. Music by Per Gessle & M.P. Persson translation provided by Peter Mills
Harplinge, 20/January/1980
Hanna var ett rock n’ roll freak. Hanna was a rock ‘n’ roll freak.
Henry var en äkta discoboy. Henry was a genuine discoboy.
Henry köpte jämt Veckoreyn. Henry bought “Veckoreyn”. (Swedish teenage-magazine)
Hanna stod i kiosken vid Stora Torg. Hanna stood in a kiosk near Stora Torg
Så Hanna och Henry dom träffa varann, ooh. So Hanna and Henry they meet each other, ooh.
Allt dom gjorde, gjorde dom likt. Everything they did, did likewise.
Men det fanns ett problem, det gällde musik. But there was a problem, it was about music.
Hanna hade hemliga hobbys, Hanna had secret hobbies,
hon samlade plattor från fjärran tid. she collected albums from an older time.
Henry han höll huvudet högt, Henry he got the head high,
han dansade disco aaalltid. he danced disco aaalways.
Hon hade älskat Elvis och Lennon och Jagger. She had loved Elvis and Lennon and Jagger.
Henry han dansa som i trans, ooh. Henry he dances like in trance, ooh.
När han stod på golvet hade Hanna ingen chans. When he stood on the floor Hanna had no chance.
Hon sa: She said:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
Hon sa: She said:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco. -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
Hanna hon var kär i Henry. Hanna she was in love with Henry.
Henry var också kär i sin vän. Henry was also in love with his friend.
Men varje kväll var det krig But every night was a war
framför den svarta skivspelaren. in front of that black record player.
Så Hanna och Henry dom lämna varann, ooh. So Hanna and Henry they left each other, ooh.
Henry svängde sina discoshoes Henry swinged his disco shoes
och Hanna blev hög på rhythm n’ blues. and Hanna became high on rhythm ‘n’ blues.
Hon säger: She says:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
Hon säger: She says:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.


Please note that there might be some changes in the lyrics, just like it was the case with ”Är det jag?” when it became ”Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sej”. 😉


”Soldans på din grammofon” is released on 3rd July. Here you can check the complete tracklist.


soldans                  GT_jag har forstatt allt men jag kan inte ge nagra detaljer


#gtsommar Lyrics of Gyllene Tider: Man blir yr

However, we could see parts of the text on the sleeve, Gyllene Tider shared the complete lyrics of Man blir yr, their first single from the new album Dags att tänka på refrängen. The song is full of very typical, fantastic Gessle rhymes. Because of mentioning a “Hollies-låt” and “förlåt Susanne”, the song might refer to Sorry Suzanne from The Hollies, but somehow one can feel there appears a little Fru Nordin in this song. Doesn’t she? 🙂



Man blir yr

Kom just på
Mitt i villervallan
Broder Allan står
På en båt
I en Hollies-låt
Helt genomvåt
Förlåt Susanne, det blir så här ibland
När jag gräver upp gammalt damm
Och ser tillbaka

Man blir yr
Man tar fyr
Tum för tum
I mitt rum

Kom just på
Hur vi möttes
I en vrå
På ett diskotek
85? Kanske 82?
Du var söt i lockigt hår
Susanne, det blir så här ibland
Jag gräver bland gammalt damm
Och flyr tillbaka

Man blir yr
Man tar fyr
Tar en chans
Får åka ambulans

Kom just på
Den som spar han har
Det är tur att du finns kvar
Här hos mej
Annars hade jag nog ägnat all min tid åt dej
Jag hade letat efter dej
Jag hade letat efter en vän
Värd att leta efter

Man blir yr
Man tar fyr
Man blir kär
Och blir så här

© P. Gessle – Jimmy Fun Music


The song premieres on Swedish radio stations next Monday (18th March). The single with Chikaboom #2 as a B-side will be available digitally from that same day, as well as on 7” red and yellow vinyl from 3rd April (according to webshops).

If you want to listen to the song very early in the morning on Monday, you can tune in on Mix Megapol (Gothenburg). There will be a GT interview, so the song will surely be played during it. According to Per, they’re on from 7.30 am CET. Click here for listening to Mix Megapol’s online broadcast. This morning show is also shown on TV, but we’re not sure there is a live broadcast. Clips hopefully will be available later on Kanal 5’s website or the show’s YouTube channel.

Bring on Monday! 🙂




If you have a great opportunity to listen TRAVELLING album in a legal way at tape.tv (service available for people living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Don’t forget to order your copy of TRAVELLING!

And here come the lyrics of the new songs.

01. Me & You & Terry & Julie

Terry is an old teacher
He’s reading the paper in the church
Julie used to be famous
Portraying the bright-eyed Mother Earth

But how about you?
Do you want a love that lasts forever?
But how about you?
Do you want to spend the night together?

With someone so blue
That she doesn’t know what to do
Loves a big hole in her shoe
That’s the truth
How about you?

Terry’s folding the paper
And yawns at a Headline ???cocking crew???
Julie thinks he’s a charmer
Cause hes got the proper attitude

But how about you?
Do you want a love that lasts forever?
But how about you?
Do you want to spend the night together
With someone so blue?
That she doesn’t know what to do
Loves a big stone in her shoe that’s the truth
How about you

Whooo yeah
Whooo yeah
But how about you?
Dont you want a love that lasts forever?
Do you want to spend the night together
With someone so blue?
That she doesn’t know what to do
Loves a big thorn in her shoe that’s the truth
How about you?

Read moreTRAVELLING lyrics