New song and video from Helena Josefsson

The song is called “Kyss mig” (Kiss me) and it’s quite unusual for Helena – she’s rapping there. The video was directed by Cecilia Nordlund (Cilihili) and you can spot Helena’s husband – Martin in one of the main roles.


According to Helena herself, there will be more informations on the song (album?) and even English translation of the lyrics. In the meantime she also informed that Sandy Mouche will perform for the very first time in three years on Banco del Musica festival on Stortorget in Malmö on March 4th. They have been rehearsing since Christman and prepared a handful of new songs that they would like to perform. You can also become fan of official Sandy Mouche’s page on Facebook – join here.

Helena Josefsson on her new song and website.

Helena Josefsson on her new song “Fen & Jag”:

While waiting for my second solo album to get released, I have made this song together with Martinique and Per from my band Sandy Mouche, just for the fun of it. I wrote it and they produced it for me. It is about how I met a fairy one day who said she could give me a new life, to live my life all over again, so I could erase my mistakes and get released from the sadness I have gone through. But my answer to her is, that I now understand that all the tears and the laughter would lead me to where I am today, and I don´t want to change a thing. It was all worth it. Now that I have managed to get a child and my own, new family. When the vocals were recorded, my baby boy was sitting on the floor playing. You can actually hear him in the song, too! At 1.17!

On her website:

Unfortunately my homepage is dead at the moment, but just wait a couple of days and it will be back!

On the cover of “Fen & Jag”:

The new single “Fen & jag” has a cute cover made by Martinique

Helena Josefsson is about to release a single

Helena posted few interesting informations on her official website on September 26:

Martin is taking care of our baby during the days and I have started studying in Copenhagen. So there are quite some things to get used to time lacking and more love than I could ever imagine a baby could make me feel!

The record takes such a long time before it gets released so I am releasing a single very soon Just for fun! As a little gift. Martinique and Per from Sandy Mouche have produced it for me. There will be a simple video with it, too! Just waiting for the video to get cut.

The trailer of the music-documentary that is about to be finished! It’s about 4 female musicians from Malmö, of which I am one! Look