Per Gessle’s short message to all RoxetteBlog readers

Today me and 5 friends met Per in Halmstad. He was very nice, stopped by when he saw us, all smiles, then parked his beautiful Ferrari on the side of the road and jumped out of it. We talked a bit and took some photos. Then, when he was about to leave, I asked him to send a message to all RoxetteBlog readers (sorry for my voice, as I wrote it in my report last night, I kind of lost it during the gig). So, he sent a message. It’s short, but pure Per. 😉

Thanx for always taking your time with us, fans, Per! Much appreciated.






Win a meeting with Gyllene Tider! – (Coop members only)

If you are a member at Coop (having a membership card), you can win awesome prizes in their exclusive contest: a meeting with Gyllene Tider, concert tickets AND even an autographed guitar and WeSC headphones, as well as signed vinyl.


1st prize
2 concert tickets for any of the concerts during the tour + an exclusive meeting with the band + 1 signed guitar + 1 set of WeSC headphones

2nd to 4th prize
Concert tickets + signed vinyl record + WeSC headphones

5th to 14th prize
Signed vinyl record

All you have to do to participate is to check your copy of “Dags att tänka på refrängen” album and answer the following 2 questions at Coop’s website:

  1. What color is the rocket in the booklet at the lyrics to “Jag tänker åka på en lång, lång, lång, lång, lång resa”?
  2. What time is it on the clock at “Dags att tänka på refrängen” lyrics?

You also have to give some reasons why you should win (in max. 50 words).

Contest ends on 16th June.


If you are not a Swedish citizen, you have to apply for the Coop MedMera-card at the checkout in a Coop store in Sweden. You can’t buy a membership card online. BUT, I sent an e-mail to Coop and asked if it is possible to take part in this promotion from abroad and unfortunately, it turned out that a membership card is not enough. I got this reply:

Yes, you have the opportunity to participate in the contest from abroad, but to answer the questions you must have a user account on and in connection with the registration of such an account a Swedish personal ID number is required.


So, it’s only for Swedish fans who also have a membership card at Coop. If any of our readers will win the 1st prize, it would be great to see that signed guitar and we hope to hear about the meeting with the guys. Good luck!