World Tour 2011: Montevideo, Uruguay – April 2 #09

Yesterday Roxette landed in Montevideo, Uruguay, what is their first stop in the South American leg of the World Tour 2011. They are going to spend some weeks in Latin America touring in Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
We have read (mostly on Facebook) that many fans already met Roxette and even have partied with the musicians (C, M and P!). Below you’ll find some links!

According to, fans who purchase an item from the Official Merchandise stand in the venues in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile will enter a draw to win a Meet and Greet with Marie and Per.

The set list contained no new songs (contrary to what Per said that a new song would be added in each continent) and “Silver Blue” was skipped.
Christoffer played “La Cumparsita” during the band introduction.
There was also a big screen at each side of the stage.

Thanks to Rosina for the information.

Fans and the band
Pictures of rehearsals and concert by Rosina Marmion on Facebook

Marie with fans (on Facebook, you might not be able to see it due to FB privacy settings!)
Christoffer and the band arrived! (From Roxette Official Facebook)
by Andrese06: Roxette at Sheraton hotel | Per and the band at hotel | Marie signing autographs | Things will Never Be The Same
by elyoru100: Roxette at the hotel
by PiCaLoKi: Beginning of the show (very bad quality)