Sundsvall Roxette gig gets its own website

Media are really interested in summer Roxette concert that will take place in Sundsvall on August 7th. It will be the first full Roxette gig since 2001. According to the press release it will be the first European Roxette concert. It can mean there is no chance for any other show before August 7th.

After several articles in local press, over 9,000 tickets sold, Norrporten Arena’s website got the new look – only dedicated to forthcoming summer festival. You can read the most important information regarding the festival: find media partners and sponsors, buy tickets for the show, bus, train or book a room at one of Sundsvall hotels and hostels.

There is also a chance to win tickets for the festival as long as you can decribe your most exciting Roxette experiance in Swedish – before May 1st. The winners will be announced on Monday May 3rd. No informations is given if only Swedish citizens can participate in this contest.

In “Örongodis” section you can listen to two radio advertisments of the concert (the longer and the shorter one).

Source: Norrporten Arena