Marie’s tour: Örebro, 21st February #2

650x573_MF_tour_2014Setlist (same as on the first concert)

1. Så stilla så långsamt [1992 – DSR]
2. Kom vila hos mig [2013 – Nu!]
3. Bara för en dag [1987 – ES]
4. Det regnar igen [1992 – DSR]
5. Sista sommarens vals [2013 – Nu!]
6. Ber bara en gång [1996 – IETSV]
7. Sparvöga [1989 off the Swedish drama TV series]
8. Ett hus vid havet [1985 – DSV]
9. Ett bord i solen [2007 – TFT]
10. Så skimrande var aldrig havet [1990 off Taube compilation album]
11. Ännu doftar kärlek [1984 – HV]
12. Så länge det lyser mittemot [1992 – DSR]
13. Om du såg mig nu [1987 – ES]
14. Efter stormen [1987 – ES]
15. Den sjunde vågen [1985 – DSV]

16. Mellan sommar och höst [1992 – DSR]
17. Den bästa dagen [1985 – DSV]
18. Tro [1996 – IETSV]



Watching some videos from the first concert also those who couldn’t attend the show could hear Marie was in top shape. One thing I was missing badly: the singing along. And actually, I was wondering if the audience sitting still was because of the theater atmosphere and being a seated concert in Sweden. I’ve never attended such a concert, so I started thinking OK, this might be the right behaviour and I’ll have to get used to it when I’m there to see Marie live. BUT luckily, today’s show proved that even if it’s a theater event, there are those songs that do make you stand up and dance and sing along and clap your hands. Efter stormen and Mellan sommar och höst were 2 of those songs this time. Check the instavideo below!

According to fans who were there, today’s show was even better than the fabulous premiere concert. Marie and the band were in very good mood and Marie liked the audience standing up and dancing. So, let’s keep it up!

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Pressbilden (with photos)
Nerikes Allehanda

Efter stormen instavideo
Så stilla så långsamt  by Gyöngyvér Simon
Så skimrande var aldrig havet by Antje Friedrich


Marie’s tour: Helsingborg, 19th February #1


1. Så stilla så långsamt [1992 – DSR]
2. Kom vila hos mig [2013 – Nu!]
3. Bara för en dag [1987 – ES]
4. Det regnar igen [1992 – DSR]
5. Sista sommarens vals [2013 – Nu!]
6. Ber bara en gång [1996 – IETSV]
7. Sparvöga [1989 off the Swedish drama TV series]
8. Ett hus vid havet [1985 – DSV]
9. Ett bord i solen [2007 – TFT]
10. Så skimrande var aldrig havet [1990 off Taube compilation album]
11. Ännu doftar kärlek [1984 – HV]
12. Så länge det lyser mittemot [1992 – DSR]
13. Om du såg mig nu [1987 – ES]
14. Efter stormen [1987 – ES]
15. Den sjunde vågen [1985 – DSV]

16. Mellan sommar och höst [1992 – DSR]
17. Den bästa dagen [1985 – DSV]
18. Tro [1996 – IETSV]


Marie Fredriksson’s first concert was a spectacular start of the series of 19 concerts across Sweden. In the city of Helsingborg – as she calls herself as a “hometown” she performed in front of 800-900 people in the Konserthus (philharmonic). There were 18 songs performed and Marie and the band conquered the stage for about 90 minutes. Some of songs were sang for the very first time in the Marie’s touring history – including 2 singles off 2013 “Nu!” – “Kom vila hos mig” and “Sista sommarens vals” as well as  Swedish version of “A table in the sun” from 2007 ballad compilation known as “Ett bord i solen” or second single off “I en tid som vår” – “Ber bara en gång”.  The most popular album during the concert was 1992’s “Den ständiga resan” and after that come 1987’s “Efter Stormen” and 1985’s “Den sjunde vågen” with 3 songs each. The biggest suprise was the lack of Marie’s only #1 single “Där du andas” from 2008 as well as her last tour’s hit “Äntligen”.

Concert generated raving reviews in Swedish media – Aftonbladet gave 4/5 and called the band “magical” and the concert as “full of startled emotions” with 3/5 from both Expressen and Marie mentioned her fight with cancer just before “Ett bord i solen”. She also dedicated one of songs during the gig to her father Gösta Fredriksson.

The Tivoli


Heartland Anne’s videos:
Den sjunde vågen
Bara för en dag
Så skimrande var aldrig havet / Ännu doftar kärlek

Big thanks to Heartland Anne for sharing clips and photos.

Christina Tholander’s videos:
Ett bord i solen
Ett hus vid havet
Så stilla så långsamt

Ricardo Acosta Hernandez’s video:
Så stilla så långsamt & Kom vila hos mig

Antje Friedrich’s video:
Den bästa dagen


Win a chance to meet Marie in Helsingborg!

MF_Tack_för_musiken_02Marie will start a 3-month tour and will take her to 19 cities in Sweden on February 19th in Helsingborg. We know you are all looking forward to seeing Marie singing her Swedish songs live again, and we want to make this experience even more special. In cooperation with Marie’s management D&D we are proud to offer you the chance to meet Marie in Helsingborg. We have four places to give away!

In order to participate in the contest simply write an email to including the following information:

– Your name
– Cell phone number (make sure it works outside your country and in Sweden!)

and answer to these 2 question:

– Marie performed two songs at the Polar Prize gala in 1996. Name one of the two songs.
– So far, two singles were released off Marie’s latest album Nu! Which was the first to be released?

The four winners will be chosen randomly amongst all participants who answered the questions correctly and will be announced here and on our Facebook page.

You can participate until the 15th of February!

Good luck!
Don’t forget to read the small letter…

Note that there is another meet&greet contest going on on Marie’s official Facebook page as well!

[Update February 16th]
And the winners are…

Martin Cascallar
Isabel Schramm
Claudia Stratmann
Ricardo Acosta


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Emil Jonsvik: “I wanted to bring out Marie’s enormous energy”

We had the chance to interview Emil Jonsvik, the director of Marie’s latest video “Sista sommarens vals”, taken from her latest album “Nu!”. Emil told us about his career and the shooting of the video with Marie.

Judith: To start with, could you tell us about you? When and how did you get into filming and directing films?

Emil_Jonsvik_01_Emil: I was born in Gothenburg, Hisingen 1978. I started producing my first films at the age of 12. This was for Swedish television (ZTV) and the film was “Gold”, which was a skateboard movie. When I look back on it I see that I already then wanted to create drama in film. I used scenes with actors walking through smoke in slow motion with strong cinematic music. After that I produced the Award winning break dance documentary “Shindig” and two other dance movies, “The Book” and “No One Knows Our Thoughts”. They were about winning over your inner fears. In 1998 I went to a film school, “Film I Väst” (Trollywood), and started working with blockbusters as “Santa is the father of all the children” and “A Witch in the Family” as a lighting designer and set lights along with being the cinematographer on location. I met the director Daniel Fridell which started a long cooperation, among others I became a cinematographer on his award winning TV series “A Class Apart” as well as the movies “Sökarna 2” and “Blood Brothers”. After that I directed the very popular television program (with over 1.5 million downloads on YouTube) “Late Night with Pierre” with little Al-Fadji for Swedish television (SVT). After that came my debut as a feature film director with “7X / Seven Bullets”. This movie was about seven kids that find a gun with seven bullets. This is a multiple award winning film including awards for “Best film” and “Best director”. Now I’m in the final cut with my new feature film “Krigarnas ö” (The Name of the Game) with the great actor Kim Bodnia known from TV series “The Bridge / Bron”. An exciting drama / thriller.

J: What do you like about being a director?

E: I love the creating process. To take a idea, put it down on paper and then manage to make these scenes come alive, that’s where my drive comes from. I get inspired by many different kinds of films in different ways. I love movies like “City of God” and “La haine” but I can also find inspiration in films like “The Last Samurai” and “The Driver”.

Emil_Jonsvik_02_J: You started mentioning inspiration, but what do you want to tell with your videos? what do you think is your “trademark” and what makes you different from other directors ?

E: I get inspiration from people’s energy, music and films. In meetings with actors and artists, I often feel what they want to create together, it is important that I together with the team create the best energy on location for the shoot. Because of my broad experience with film production it’s easier for me to decide what to focus my energy on which makes my work very efficient.

This ultimately results in me laying my energy on the right stuff. I want to get the artist and the actors to have trust and feel secure with me in order to create magic together. That’s what makes every difference, and that’s my “trademark”.



Emil_Jonsvik_03_J: Now about the video you did for Marie:  how come you ended up doing the video? Did Marie or her management ask you?

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Roxette Brasil interviewed Jokke Pettersson: ”Marie and I are very close since I was a child.”

Roxette Brasil (Bianca Cappelletti) did a nice interview with Jokke Pettersson, Marie’s nephew, who is going to be part of Marie’s band on tour. Here you have the translation:


Marie is the youngest child of the Fredriksson family. Her sister Anna-Lisa (who died in a car accident when Marie was 8) and Ulla-Britt were much older, so Marie had a closer relationship with Tina. In fact, they were inseparable! The family has always lived in a very musical environment and it seems that the tradition is being kept. Jokke Pettersson, Marie’s nephew will play the guitar in the band that will accompany her on tour in 2014.

Jokke kindly gave an interview to Roxette Brasil and here it is:

Roxette Brasil: – Hello, Jokke! For a start, tell us a bit more about your musical background. Has music always been present in your life? When did you start playing? What are your biggest influences?

Jokke: – Yes, music has always been a large part of my life. I started playing the drums when I was 8 and the guitar at the age of 11. In my family we were always playing music and singing, so it was natural for me to play the instruments, too.

jokke02Roxette Brasil: – We know you have a strong blues influence, but you also play great pop and wow … heavy metal? Can you tell us more about your style?

Jokke: – I started out as a big heavy metal fan and I was listening a lot to Metallica, Pantera and stuff like this when I was a kid. At a time in my life I thought that it was not enough and then learned to play all the other styles such as blues and pop. I always liked guitarists like John Scofield, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix and others.

Roxette Brasil: – In 2011 you gave an interview to a newspaper in Helsingborg, related to a United Nations day show. You were asked about playing songs from Marie (Tro, Sparvöga , Ett hus vid havet, Vinterangel and Ännu doftar kärlek) and you said that the conductor of the choir proposed the songs, who revealed that Marie is your aunt and that your mother was in the choir, too. Can you tell us more about your relationship with Marie? Are you close to each other?

Jokke: – My mother is Tina. Marie and I are very close since I was a child.

Roxette Brasil: – Tell us about your band, Ladah.

Jokke: – I and two friends are the members of Ladah, where we played jazz-rock fusion. I’m currently working a lot with my band, Karavan. We released two albums that can be found on Spotify. We toured with American Hunter Perrin and now we’re on tour with Cameron Ochs. I also have a metal band called Kayser. We will release our next album in February. I love playing different styles.

Roxette Brasil: – For those who are wondering if you’ve worked together with Marie earlier, you played the guitar on some of the songs of Min bäste vän album, right? How did she invite you to accompany her on tour?

Jokke: – Yeah, I played on Min bäste vän and also on her new album, Nu!. She called me to go on tour with her and of course I said YES! It’s an honor!

Roxette Brasil: – Marie has one of the most beautiful and the most recognizable voices in pop. For this reason, she has many fans around the world and we know that many fans will travel from their countries to join her tour. Do the pressure and anxiety increases for this reason or the fact that you are her nephew makes you more relaxed?

Jokke: – Tough question. I think the biggest reason to be calm is that I know what I’m doing. But I love Marie and her personality and it is very good of course.

Roxette Brasil: – As a final question, what are your expectations for the tour?

Jokke: – Play great music, meet cool people and have fun.

Marie Fredriksson – TV ad and PR for ”Nu!”

Lygrell & Silver Productions is the company that made the short video we could see on Aftonbladet’s website last Friday in which Marie and Micke are talking about ”Sista sommarens vals”.

Warner Music Sweden decided to do different PR for the album than usual, so besides some interviews in magazines, there are 5 videos about different topics. Good news is that all 5 videos are available online! (4 of them were removed after this article was published.) The PR videos are fantastic and it’s a great idea to do something different indeed. The productions company informs, Warner will spread them via social media sites.

Here you can check all the videos (note that now only Sista sommarens vals has a valid link):

The videos are shot at Marie’s & Micke’s home in Stockholm, in different places of the house. One of my personal favourites is the one with ”Kom vila hos mig”, where Marie is singing in the studio. Pure awesomeness!

The other is the longest video (15 minutes!!!), where she and Jonna are talking about mode and style. We already shared Jonna’s blog post with Marie some time ago on our Facebook site, so now we know why they were sitting together in Marie’s wardrobe. 😉 In the background you can see many clothes Marie was wearing in old videos (e.g. Anyone, The Big L., Joyride, Milk and Toast and Honey) and on tours or photo sessions. You can see in the video how much Marie loves her hot clothes. Good that she keeps them all.

Besides the 5 PR beauty videos, Lygrell & Silver Productions also made a 20-sec-long TV ad, which can be seen on TV4. Absolutely fantastic! 3 songs can be heard in the ad: ”Det är nu!”, ”Kom vila hos mig” and ”Sista sommarens vals”. Click HERE for watching!


Update 15:30 CET, 1st December: the PR videos besides the one in which Marie and Micke are talking about Sista sommarens vals and the TV ad were removed. Ooops. Warner will probably share them one by one, so please, be patient. They should be out very soon.

Marie Fredriksson & Mikael Bolyos interview on TV4

This morning at 10:15 am CET there was a short interview with Marie and Micke in Nyhetsmorgon on TV4. The interview took place at Marie’s & Micke’s home in Stockholm. Marie was talking about how grateful she is for everything and they both said they learned how to live in the present. Marie said she learned to live with the fact that it takes her more time to write and also that she can’t remember the lyrics sometimes.

It means a lot to both of them that they could make this new album, ”Nu!”, however, it took a long time to release it. When she wrote ”Sista sommarens vals” of course she was thinking about Micke and when Micke wrote ”Vad vore jag utan dig” he thought about Marie. Marie says this latter song is so beautiful. That’s her favourite off the album and it feels fantastic to sing Micke’s words. Watch the video how Marie is “touching” Micke when they are talking about these 2 songs. So lovely! 😉 Both Marie and Micke were in a very good mood and relaxed, Marie was smiling all the time during the interview.

They were also talking about the kids, how fantastic it is to have them and that they are also interested in music and they are talking about music each day. They also told the story of their meeting in Sydney and how they became a couple right after that.

While touring with Roxette she felt better and better, she got strength and she gained her self-confidence back. Marie – besides her family – is grateful also to Per who was writing new material for Roxette and believed so much in Marie.

Marie is longing for the tour. It will be fantastic to tour in Sweden with a great band she’ll have with her. Besides new songs, there will of course be old ones, too on the setlist.

Watch the video HERE! Don’t forget to check the wonderful old pic of Marie in front of Micke!


Marie Fredriksson chats with fans: “Successful because of my fans”

In a 20 minutes chat on Aftonbladet Marie Fredriksson answered some questions today.

Most of the fans asked about her tour which starts in February. Rosa from Barcelona wanted to know if we can expect any surprises on the tour, but Marie didn’t reveal anything and said: “If I told you know, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”Luiz Gimenez asked how Marie feels about the fact that a lot of fans will come from Brazil to Sweden to see her shows. Marie replied she is also looking forward to the tour and seeing the fans again. A Russian fan wanted to know how many new songs Marie will play at her shows and Marie let us know that she plans to play at least two new songs. RXB admin Judith asked if they are already rehearsing and have prepared a setlist for the 2tour, but so far they are only thinking of several songs and haven’t started rehearsing yet.

RXB team member Patrícia asked about a rumour we have heard several times now – that Marie is working on a biography, but it seems it’s too early to tell about it since Marie couldn’t or didn’t want to say anything about a possible release date of this book. Later on, Evgeny Perekopskiy asked about a dream she has and which dream she wants to come true: “Maybe to release a book about my life in the future.”

Being asked about her favourite song on “Nu!”, Marie replied that it’s “Vad vore jag utan dig” (see our interview with Mikael Bolyos) which “means so much to me”. The main difference between “Nu!” and her previous albums? Easy question for Marie: “I have only written one song.”

Julia from St. Petersburg asked about Marie’s other passion – painting – and if she is planning another exhibition. But it is of course obvious that Marie is busy with other stuff: “I’d love to have another exhibition when I have the time.”

A user called Mia wanted to know about artists Marie likes or give her inspiration – Marie says it’s Rufus Wainwright and Veronica Maggio. Funniest answer: “My friend Pär.” Guess the question.. “Do you still have any connections with Halmstad?”

And the most touching answer comes with Miedy’s question “You always look so happy and in a good mood when you meet your fans. What’s your secret?” – I know that my success is because of you.

Miedy also asked about possible Roxette recordings, but Marie seems not to be involved so far as says: “Nothing new with Roxette, so far.”





Interview with Mikael Bolyos: “Working with Marie is a blessing”

Marie Fredriksson’s album “Nu!” is out since Wednesday. Reason enough to ask her husband, Mikael Bolyos, who wrote most of the songs, to ask some questions about the process of recording and some well-known names who came with “Nu!”.  Thankfully he made a slot in his tight agenda to answer our questions. We appreciate that!

Mikael, we saw that you collaborated with 4 other songwriters. How did you choose them? Did they offer their texts or did you kind of order them? We remember Ulf Schagerström, who wrote Mot ökända hav and Aldrig som främlingar. How come you worked with him and the others and how was working with them?

Mikael Bolyos: I quite recently started to express myself in lyrics. It’s not that easy for me, so it takes mostly a while to finish a song. I always liked the simplicity and poetry in Kenneth’s lyrics, so when I had the song ”Bara 3 ord”, I just gave him a call and asked if he was interested in helping me out. Luckily he wasSkavlan. He is such a talent!!! Johan Kinde was the singer in a band I used to play keyboards in (Lustans Lakejer). We always got along wery well so it was easy asking him for a text. To me ”Stjärna som brinner” is one of the best texts on the album. Uno and I met during the Roxette concert in Göteborg 2011, and we talked about doing something together and Ulf has, as you know, been working with Marie since day 1. He contributed on several songs that we recorded, but only 3 of them are on the album.

Good choices. The lyrics on “Nu!” are really impressive. And how and why did you decide to produce the album with Christoffer Lundquist and how can we imagine the producing process? Have you been to Skåne or did he come to Stockholm?

Mikael: As you know, Christoffer has during the years made an exceptional good job in recording Marie with Roxette. They are such a great team in the studio, speaking the same language (Skånska). Although Marie is such a great singer, I wanted to improve the vocal part from what we’ve done before. Chris became more & more involved in the process so we decided to produce the album together recording in AGM in Skåne and Atlantis in Stockholm. We are both (Marie and me) so happy working with Chris.

When I first asked you for the interview you wrote that you are satisfied yourself with the album. Now that it’s released, what are you most satisfied with? Which song is your favourite song and why? And which is Marie’s?

Mikael: I must say that I’m very satisfied with how the leadvocal turned out. Thanx to Chris! Favourite song ? Hmm … maybe ”Kom vila hos mig”. I think I managed to say something with the lyrics and I like the beat. Marie says her favourite song is ”Vad vore jag utan dig”.

To get more insight (since we are very curious, of course). When Marie writes a song, does she do it on her own and presents it to you when it’s done or are you evolving it together? Speaking of Sista sommarens vals! How did you develop this song?

Mikael: Marie writes on her own and presents it to me when it’s more or less finished. We made a demo on the song and then we re-recorded it in AGM with Chris.

How did you choose treview_DIhe first single, “Kom vila hos mig”?

Mikael: Marie wanted an uptempo song and “Kom vila hos mig”  felt like an excellent choice.

From the lyrics and looking at you 2 we know how you feel towards each other, but how would you describe working together with Marie?

Mikael: Working with Marie is a blessing. She is so patient and a great source of inspiration.  She is amazing in her concentration and has extraterrestrial singing skills.

Do you have demos to all songs? Are you considering to release them all?

Mikael: Mostly, we record a serious demo that we can develop into the final version.  Like put real bass & drums into it instead of programmed. We never thought of releasing the demos.

Are there demos with your voice to the songs you wrote for “Nu!?

Mikael: Yes! Some of the songs are with my vocals on it. I can assure you that those demos won’t be released as long as I’m alive.

Three words you think describe the album the best?

Mikael: Life is good!

After I read most of the reviews of the album in the internet I really didn’t know what to think of the Swedish music journalists. Some wrote it’s one of the best albums ever, some wrote it’s weak and nothing special and most important: all of them picked different weak or strong songs which shows that it’s really only a thing of taste and nothing else. Do you care about those reviews? D
o you read them at all or is indeed the most important thing that the artist is satisfied with his work?

Mikael: Yes, I admit that the reviews have been different from each other, but no one has been really nasty so far. Still it’s interesting, as you say, that they pick different songs as their favorites. To your questions I answer Yes, Yes, Yes! I read them, I care about them and after all what matters the most is to be satisfied yourself. (Another review on the left)

Final question. Is there any question you want to be asked about the album that we didn’t ask? Feel free to ask and answer yourself. Maybe we missed the most important aspect!

Mikael: Hmm. I really don’t know what that could be. Maybe that the first two songs we recorded were already mixed in Jan 2010. We thought the album would be released in 2010/2011, but as you know something else came between.

Marie Fredriksson’s awesome performance in Skavlan

Marie and her husband, Mikael Bolyos appeared in today’s Skavlan show. They performed ”Sista sommarens vals”, the only song Marie wrote for her new album, ”Nu!”. It was a live performance and left everyone breathless not only in the audience, but also in front of TV and computer. It was so touching! Top class piano playing by Micke and what an amazing voice of Marie! She started the song a bit insecure, she looked so fragile, but after warming up in some seconds her voice opened up and she was singing incredibly good! She’s an angel! And watch her facial expressions! Aaaw!

We hoped for some talking, but unfortunately, there was no interview with Marie, ”only” this awesome performance. You can watch it by clicking HERE or at the pic. It starts at 52:29. It is worth watching it at the link of the complete show, because it’s a bit longer and has a much nicer ending than the clip you can see on SVT’s website.


Screenshot is from the performance.

Swedish press reviews Marie’s new album


Marie’s new album is out today! We will collect the reviews published by the Swedish press here:

Allehanda (4/5)
Borås Tidning (4/5)
SVD (4/6) (4/5)
Allas (4/5)
Aftonbladet (3/5)
Sydsvenskan (3/5)
Uppsala Nya Tidning (3/5)
Helsingborgs Dagblad (3/5)
Dagens Nyheter (3/5)
Värmlands Folkblad (3/5)
Göteborgs-Posten (2/5)
Smålandsposten (2/5)
NWT (2/5)
Expressen (2/5)
Arbetarbladet (2/5)
Hallandsposten (2/5)



Lyrics to track 10, 11 and 12 on Nu!


So now the complete album is available digitally and we got to know how the last 3 songs ”Stjärna som brinner”, ”I morgon” and ”Vad vore jag utan dig” sound. Now that I could listen to the album from track 1 till track 12, I must say it has become my second favourite Marie Fredriksson album. Nothing can beat ”Den ständiga resan”, but ”Nu!” is a real strong Ms Effe solo comeback.

Hats off to all artists who cooperated and hats off to our Marie in top top top shape!

Bring on February! Hope to hear several songs from the album live.





Stjärna som brinner I morgon
(Johan Kinde / Mikael Bolyos) (Ulf Schagerström / Mikael Bolyos)
Kan du minnas dom avstånd vi färdats Ser hur dagens första ljus
Dom platser vi sett Har sökt sig ända hit
Kan du minnas var Genom natt och över tiden som flyr
Och hur vi blev ett
Man kan undra vad allting beror på Se hur mörkret bleknar bort
Hur vi gör våra val För varje sekund
Har ödet bestämt Av igår blir inget kvar
Vårat lyckotal Bara vi i denna stund
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Imorgon är redan här
Strålar och faller med dubbel fart Vi följer vägen vart den än bär
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Kom så följer vi vägen
Brinner i mörkret tills Imorgon är redan idag
Inget finns kvar En godare plats det är dit vi ska
Imorgon, imorgon
Alla människor jag känt alla vänner
Alla minnen från förr Det känns som om nånting har hänt
Finns dom där innanför Som om nånting har vänt
Denna dunkla dörr Som om nånting vaknar till liv här igen
Dom sekunder, minuter och timmar Och allt som vi borde ha gjort
som till sist blir dag Det kan vi göra nu
Allt som nyss kändes klart Och allt som vi borde ha sagt
Kommer det finnas kvar Det kan vi säga nu
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Imorgon är redan här
Strålar och faller med dubbel fart Vi följer vägen vart den än bär
Stjärna som lyser dubbelt så klart Kom så följer vi vägen
Brinner i mörkret tills Imorgon är redan idag
Inget finns kvar En godare plats det är dit vi ska
Imorgon, imorgon
Vad blir kvar


Vad vore jag utan dig
(Mikael Bolyos)
När jag ser tillbaka tjugo år
Snabbt vemodet övergår
Till en sån lycka man kan ju tycka
Tiden stått still
Jag minns dagen som igår
Du satte så djupa spår
Du sa första gången
”I dina ögon ser jag mig”
Du tog min hand och kysste mig
Min tvillingsjäl du är allt för mig
Vad vore jag utan dig
Våran resa blev inte som du skrev
Jag har kvar ditt brev
Men om någon sa
Du får leva om din dag
Aldrig någonsin
Skulle jag byta bort det som var
När jag ser tillbaka tjugo år
Och den tid som var så svår
Jag fylls av en känsla
Av någonting större än vi två
En glädje och sorg oändligt blå
Men dina ord dom tröstar mig
Vad vore jag utan dig
Jag älskar dig
Vad vore jag utan dig


Lyrics to track 8 and 9 on Nu!


Today we got 2 more songs: ”Känn dig som hemma” and ”Jag undrar vad du tänker på”. The latter one is a beautiful melody written by Mikael Bolyos.

The longest song on the album, ”Nu!” (40:50) is ”Känn dig som hemma” (4:17) written by Per Gessle. When the song started to play, the intro reminded me of Small Apartments soundtrack. Somehow it felt like this song’s intro could be a track next to Drizzle #1 or #2 and Franklin’s Theme.  I think if no one would have told this is the song written by Per, I would have found it out real soon. It sounds quite Gessleish to me and who else would use the word ”torktumlare” (= tumble dryer) in the lyrics? 😉 And I don’t even have to mention: Marie’s voice together with Per’s lyrics and music is always winning!




Känn dig som hemma Jag undrar vad du tänker på
(Per Gessle) (Mikael Bolyos)
När du kommer hit finns allt viktigt till hands Jag undrar vad du tänker på
Gitarren är stämd och bjuder till dans Jag undrar vad du tror
Och bordet där dukat precis som du vill Vi lever numera som
Du sitter vid fönstret, jag sitter intill En syster med sin bror
Jag vill att du ska få det bästa av mig Vi smälter, vi smälter bort
Känn dig som hemma Likt snön som föll ifjol
Det bästa av mig Är detta det vi drömde om
Du ska få det bästa av mig Jag undrar vad du tror
Känn dig som hemma
Dagarna dom flyter på
När du kommer hit, en känsla av gott Som vågor på ett hav
Som sol på tapeten, ett snyggt volleyskott Den ena är den andra lik
Sängen är bäddad och torktumlaren tömd Tristessen blir min grav
Och vintern därute är borta och glömd
Jag längtar, jag längtar bort
Jag vill att du ska få det bästa av mig Från den jag är idag
Känn dig som hemma Till någon mycket starkare
Det bästa av mig Till någon som är jag
Du ska få det bästa av mig
Känn dig som hemma Jag drömmer mig iväg
Till mitt paradis
När du kommer hit, jag hoppas du ser Där jag kan vara den jag vill
Att hela mitt hjärta skrattar och ler Känna doften av en sommarbris
Min plan är rätt enkel, jag vill nå nivån Och njuta av regnet i april
Så du aldrig nånsin vill gå härifrån
Till natten kommer tankarna
Jag vill att du ska få det bästa av mig Då vet jag inte hur
Känn dig som hemma Jag ska lyckas ta mig ut
Det bästa av mig Jag väntar på min tur
Du ska få det bästa av mig
Känn dig som hemma Men en dag skall att ordna sig
Då ska jag stå beredd
Att möta det jag drömmer om
Och inte vara rädd


Thanx for sharing the lyrics to ”Känn dig som hemma, Per.

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Nice to spend your Saturday morning with 2 new songs from Ms Effe’s new album. Today’s beauties are ”Aldrig längre bort än nära” and ”Bara 3 ord”. I can only say 3 words: I LOVE THEM!

The more you get from this album, the more you are longing for the rest of it. Maybe it’s better for those who decided to wait until they can listen to the complete album once it is released. Now it’s really soon: digital release is on 18th November, physical release is on 20th November.





Aldrig längre bort än nära Bara 3 ord
(Ulf Schagerström / Mikael Bolyos) (Kenneth Gärdestad / Mikael Bolyos)
Jag är aldrig längre bort än nära dig Bara tre ord och en evighet
Jag är aldrig längre bort än här Är allt jag begär av dig
Var vi än går så går du nära mig Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Jag är aldrig längre bort Säg att Du älskar mig
Än nära
När jag ser dig så blir min längtan större
Om jag är den som får Oh, än nattens tystnad
Ditt hjärta att slå När jag ropar så hoppas jag du hör mig
Om du vill gå med mig Oh, att du lyssnar
Kom med mig då Allt jag begär är tre enkla ord
Vart ska vi gå Bara tre enkla ord
Inget är värt mer på denna jord
Jag är aldrig längre bort än nära dig Än bara tre enkla ord
Jag är aldrig längre bort än här
Var vi än går så går du nära mig När jag ser dig
Jag är aldrig längre bort Så drunknar jag i minnen
Än nära Oh, du är så nära
När jag hör dig vaknar mina sinnen
Nu vet jag vad jag vill Mer än jag kan bära
Det var nåt du sa
Om att allt kan börja om Bara tre ord och en evighet
Allt kan bli bra Är allt jag begär av dig
Just nu idag Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Säg att Du älskar mig
Jag är aldrig längre bort än nära dig
Jag är aldrig längre bort än här All min önskan
Var vi än går så går du nära mig All min längtan
Jag är aldrig längre bort Är att ha dig nära mig
Än nära Allt jag drömt om
Är några ord från dig
Bara tre ord
Bara tre ord
Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Säg att Du älskar
Bara tre ord och en evighet
Är allt jag begär av dig
Bara tre ord för min vilsenhet
Säg att Du älskar mig

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Today we got 2 new beautiful songs from Marie’s album. One of them is Längtan”. We had the info that Marie has written only one song for this album and we knew it was another one, but still, having the same title as an earlier song of hers made us think it might be a remake of “Längtan” (written by Marie Fredriksson and Lasse Lindbom) from Efter stormen album.  Now it turned out it’s a completely new song.

The other song for today is “Sista sommarens vals”. A real gem! This is the song written by Marie. The one that will also have a video clip. The whole waltz is so soft and the lyrics are so touching. I really hope to hear this one live next year.




Längtan Sista sommarens vals
(Mikael Bolyos) (Marie Fredriksson)
Har du någon vän, som längtar Jag ville så gärna skriva nåt vackert till dig
Har du någon vän, som längtar, som längtar efter Du var den som jag höll så kär
De vackraste orden var bara till dig
Stjärnorna i vinternatten I en tid som var enkel och ljus
Som fyller dig med minnen
Haven som kan ge dig vatten Du min älskade vän
Svalka dig Du var den som höll i min hand
När det blåste så kallt
Har du någon vän, som längtar Du var den som kände som jag
Har du någon vän, som längtar, som längtar efter Du var min vän, det bästa som fanns
Kärleken som ger dig vingar Minns du hur tiden
Tro och visar vägen Var svår och förändrade allt
Lyckan av att bara finnas till Minns du hur tiden gav oss kraft att se
En stund på jorden Du var den som alltid stod brevid mig
Vara fri, att längta Du var den, den bästa jag haft
Har du någon vän, som längtar Du min älskade vän
Har du någon vän, som längtar Du var den som höll i min hand
När det blåste så kallt
Du var den som kände som jag
Du var min vän, det bästa jag haft
Våren kom
Det kändes som
Allting blev nytt
Ljuset kom och allting slog ut
Sommarn kom
Det kändes som midsommartid
Vi dansade sista sommarens vals
Du min älskade vän
Du var den som höll i min hand
När det blåste så kallt
Du var den som kände som jag
Du var min vän, det bästa jag haft