Gessle doesn’t take life for granted – Per Gessle interview by P4 Extra

Per Gessle was the guest of the day on P4 Extra, Swedish Radio on 26th April. The interview with him was done by Johar Bendjelloul. If you listen to the 113 min online version (including music), Per is on from 28:44 to 52:07, if you listen to him in the downloadable mp3 version of the program, he is on from 15:00 to 33:27.

Johar first talks about Per’s career that he sold an unbelievable amount of albums, 80 million with Roxette, Gyllene Tider and solo. Then he welcomes Per, the hitmaker music nerd in the studio.

They talk about last year’s announcement that Roxette had to stop touring and that this way Per had much free time left. Per thought he would do something different than what he did during the past 5 years. Johar asks Per if Roxette is over. Per replies touring is definitely over, but if they will record something together in the future, he doesn’t know, doesn’t think so.

The guys are talking about country capital Nashville, why Per chose that location. Per says he started writing songs in Swedish. Acoustic based songs with the lyrics and voice in focus, in really simple production. First he thought he would record in London or in France, but then the idea came why not making the obvious fusion of Nashville and Halmstad. Per says he always liked classic country, Neil Young or Gram Parsons.

Johar and Per are talking about Per’s voice. Per has not always liked his own voice. In the beginning he had a huge problem with his voice actually, he thought it sounded bad. Not that he sang badly, but the sound of his voice was bad. But later he learned it’s special and sometimes it’s quite good even (laughs). He says he talked a lot about it with his psychologist. Haha.

There is a premiere of ”Min plats” in the program. Per says it’s the type of song you need to have on an album. It’s the opening song and it sets the tone of what Per wants to say with this album. There is pedal steel, violin and acoustic instruments in it. Per and Helena Josefsson are singing on this track. It’s a 3-minute-long song. (You can listen to it in the online version of the interview from 32:10 to 35:15.)

Johar asks Per why he chose to work with new musicians while he is known as a control freak. Per says he is not really a control freak, just a little bit. He tries to put himself into new situations and it was really good to work with these musicians. The pedal steel player, the violin player. Per wanted something new to happen.

Per talks about the fact that he releases 2 albums. ”En vacker natt” now and ”En vacker dag” in September. He says he had so much material and it felt too much to include all on one album only.

The guys are talking about the album cover. There is Per’s sister, Gunilla on the cover of ”En vacker natt”. Per’s sister died last autumn and his son found a box full of photos. The picture is from the ’60s and Per thought this one fits the album and he dedicates this album to his sister. ”En vacker dag” is dedicated to his mother, Elisabeth. Per tells his sister, mother and brother have died during the past three years. He has been the youngest in the family and now he is the only one left. It of course has affected him, but it’s not directly in there in the songs. You realize that time passes and nothing stands still. And that’s what you reflect on when you grow older. When you are young, you take it for granted and there is an energy and a hunger that decreases over the years. It’s an important ingredient in pop music, however, it’s not pop music now on these two albums. There is an obvious connection between youth and pop music. Per thinks the task of pop music is to reflect its own time. Pop music of the ‘60s and ‘70s is very typical of its own time and also today’s pop music is very typical.

Johar wants a confirmation from Per that he won’t give up on pop music and Per says take it easy, he won’t. Haha. Johar says a lot of Per’s songs and lyrics will remain after Per will be gone. Per asks if Johar really thinks so. He asks Per what he thinks about it now that they are talking about the passing of time and deaths. Per says he doesn’t know, he doesn’t think about it. Johar is surprised and asks if Per doesn’t think his songs are classic. Johar mentions for example Sommartider being played at the school year end happenings in Sweden. Per says it’s just not a pleasant thing to think about his songs remaining after he’s gone. So they just move on to another topic.

They start talking about Per’s books he published 3 years ago, “Texter, klotter & funderingar” and “Songs, sketches & reflections”. Per laughs and says it was exhausting to collect all the things together, because it was too much material. But he was happy that people liked the end result. The books are a compilation of studio diaries, Per’s lyrics and all possible stuff. During the project, reading through and checking all things, he saw how different the ‘80s and ‘90s were. For Per, writing lyrics is a bit like writing a diary in a certain way. Sometimes he writes lyrics including what happened during the day. He writes about things he likes. Love, disappointment, stuff people can identify with. Johar says it’s kind of magical that people can feel Per’s songs are like they are written about themselves.

The guys listen to Dolly Parton’s song, Jolene. Per thinks it’s a fantastic song. Johar says the listeners couldn’t see it, but Per was listening to this song intensively, concentrating deeply on it in the studio. Johar asks Per what he thinks as a songwriter, what is the success behind this song. Per says the songwriters succeeded with everything here. For example, there is the exact same chord in both the verses and the choruses. The same chord goes round and round. It has a classic country text of a nice story. It’s a wonderful song, wonderfully arranged with pedal steel. When talking about the country milieu, Per says, on the new album he used milieu sounds between the songs.

Johar asks Per about songwriting again, if he sees colors when he writes. Per says he is always looking for some certain color, the temperature of the song. In a way it’s hard to explain though that he wants a yellow song with a little blue in it. On the new album there is everything possible. There is a certain melancholy. It’s very melodic and effectively arranged.There is happiness and there is sadness.

The guys are talking about the summer tour. Johar states Per tours terribly much, all his life, actually. He asks Per if he still finds it fun. Per replies it’s totally amazing, it’s the best thing. He likes the creative process in the studio, but it’s damn good to stand on stage and perform to the crowd. He is looking very much forward to this summer. Johar says a lot of artists say they hate touring, but Per enjoys it much. He says there is of course a price you pay, for example you wake up in a new bed each day and you don’t know where to find the toilet. Whether it’s on the left or on the right. Haha.

Johar mentions he read that Per was in Nashville once before he recorded his album. Per says he was, but can’t really remember. It was when they toured with Roxette in the US.

Johar asks Per if he likes attending other artists’ concerts. Per says sometimes he goes to shows, but often it’s boring, because tons of artists have pre-recorded CDs. It’s not like cheating, it’s just a style. Some music in the digital technology can’t be played live. But of course, he likes to attend concerts. To the question which was the last concert he saw and liked Per replies he has to think about it for a long time. He doesn’t know, he can’t say it. And here, the interview ends with this unanswered question.


Interview with Marie on P4 Extra: “I am looking forward to the tour!”

Marie was interviewed by Erik Blix on P4 Extra. Marie talked about the upcoming tour, meeting her fans and also about a project she has longed to do for a long time: something with jazz and soul.

Here is a summary of what Marie said:

Erik Blix thinks that Marie’s blonde haircut is a kinf of signature, and wonders if people would recognise her otherwise. “Haha! Well, I have had it for such a long time..  haha who knows, but yes, everybody is used to it now”.

Erik Blix congratulates Marie on the Hall of Fame selection and asks her if she thinks an artist is missing “naah.. haha I don’t think so.. but.. there are many great bands out there”.


Marie will go on tour in just 11 days and she is looking forward to it. “I am just so much looking forward to it,” she says. She hasn’t been on tour for more than 10 years, Marie explains that she has been touring with Roxette the past years and that things just take some time. But now the time has come.  Marie explains that they are having so much fun at the rehearsals and that it feels exciting to perform her songs in Swedish.

The reporter wonders if she still feels nervous when it comes to touring. She tells that she does! Marie also explains that it makes a difference if she is on tour with Roxette, because Per is a great support, and now she feels a bit of alone on stage, but she has a great band with her, so it’s going to be fantastic.

Erik Blix saw that there are some competitions for meet&greets with Marie and wonders how it is to meet her fans. “It’s going to be great, meeting my fans is the best there is because they have always supported me and believed in me.” The reporter wonders if there aren’t any crazy fans who for example want to cut off a bit of her hair or something like that “yes, sure, there are many idiots out there, but most of them are extremely nice, they are the best.”

Marie’s latest album is called “Nu!” – this means live for her, just living the moment. That’s how she’s living right now, after all what she’s gone through. She explains that she tries not to plan long-term and just enjoy what happens now. Of course, she has become better in living the moment because of her illness. She also explains that she loves to just sit down and listen to birds sing, specially when birds start to wake up and show up again. She reveals she can even distinguish some of the birds she hears tweet.

It took Marie and Micke a long time to finalise “Nu!”, but now that it’s finally out, Erik Blix wonders how it feels to release something that they have been working on for so long. She says it feels great, to just be done with it and then look forward to the next project. The album is full of love, Marie talks about her husband Mikael Bolyos who has supported her all the way and has written (with other composers) most of the songs on the album. She explains that it takes very long for her to write texts, so she is happy that she wrote “Sista sommarens vals” and it turned out so nice.

Erik and Marie look back in time into the 80ies and even before that, when Marie was into the “progg” movement, but she doesn’t want to talk much about that “haha! it was cool.”

Marie also reveals that there is one thing she really wants to do: start with her jazz project again. “I love jazz and blues and always wanted to do something with that.” But she doesn’t want to reveal any details, even if the reporter tries to find out if she will record old jazz songs or new ones, “no sorry, cannot talk about it, haha! it’s too early!”

Marie also tells that she hates winter and snow and that therefore she loves her house in Spain. She gets inspiration there and she writes music and also paints.

Erik Blix asks about her illness and what it has given to her. She is happy that she managed and that she is here now. There was a time when she had to take many pills (up to 25 a day even!) and it was very hard, but she was always sure inside that she would manage. Her faith helped her too as well as the fact that she has always believed in herself and, of course, her family. Marie doesn’t want to go into further details about her faith, but she tells that she sang a lot in the church when she was a kid and it gave her strength, so she grew up with it and it means a lot to her. She also explains that nowadays she feels fine but that when she is tired she has problems with one leg, but “I have started to like my leg, haha”.

Roxette and Marie have done music for some films (Pretty Woman, Arn, Sånt är livet…), so the reporter wonders if she could choose, for which film would she have liked to make music for. Marie tells that there are many great films out there, so it’s very hard just to pick up one.

Erik comments on Marie’s rock look and some pictures where she is wearing T-shirts of Beatles or Ramones, she explains that she just liked the T-shirts and got them. Of course, she loves the bands too. Specially Jimmi Hendrix and Joni Mitchell meant a lot to her, but also a lot more. She listened to them when she was a kid, she is not much up-to-date nowadays, but she explains that her son has a great ear for music and has a great music taste, also her daughter, they like all kinds of music.

The first Marie thought when she was asked to sing at Princess Madeleine’s wedding was “oh, what am I going to wear? haha!”. She was very happy that the Princess asked her to sing at her wedding and what was amazing for her was that she wanted to listen to “Ännu doftar kärlek”, she felt very proud about that. So they rehearsed a lot and she also found a dress to wear that day. For Marie this song means strength.

Exclusive premiere of Marie Fredriksson’s single on P4 radio station

Marie Fredriksson’s “Kom vila hos mig” will premiere exclusively on P4 national radio station just after 2PM CET on the 24th of September. Listen to it here.

Additionally two new Marie pictures were published – one being “Kom vila hos mig” single cover and one used for world’s premiere article on P4. Both pictures are credited to Fredrik Etoall, photographer previously responsible for Roxette’s “Travelling” photosession.


Interview with Roxette on Swedish radio today

Lotta Bromé has interviewed Roxette for her radio programme P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé. The interview will be aired (not live) today at 13:25 on SR – P4 channel.

You can already listen to a short part of it on the website. In this short teaser, Marie explains doctors gave her only half a year but that deep inside she knew she would make it. “But it has been a tough fight,” she says.

“Hopefully the new album will be realeased before the next Christmas”

Per Gessle gave another interesting interview in Swedish for Lotta Brome from P4 Extra the last week. In this short talk he releaved that the new Roxette album should be released before Christmas 2010 and that Roxette is in the middle of recording at the moment. He also admitted that Marie is extremly motivated and sings ‘bloody fantastic’. They also decided for simplicy and pureness while recordings and a lot of duets.

Sounds hot!