Marie Fredriksson – a set of lovely backstage moments

While we are still badly missing the tour, I’ve put together some of those nice videos in which Marie is appearing during backstage rehearsals. You may remember Per once wrote this on Roxette Official: ”How could Marie go wrong with a band like this?” From these videos you can see that she didn’t go wrong with them at all. Pure fun!

By the way, once in a while it would be great to see some pics or videos of how Ms Effe is doing these days. Short videos from the studio where she’s working on her solo project would just be awesome. Until then, enjoy this set of lovely backstage moments.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Marie!





NOTP Countdown: Marie & Per on the first rehearsal

According to Maurice from

Marie seems to feel more comfortable when she can sing “in force” (“The Look”, “Joyride”). As a solist on the ballads, she seems a little timide.

Maurice thinks that with the support of the fans she will feel more at ease. Per was impeccable, even if he didn’t go to the bottom. He also notes that for the interventions of Roxette, the Electric Band is replaced by the Rox band.

Thanks to Project_Z.

NOTP Countdown: the official report from rehearsals

Source: Twitter

Edit: Project_Z provides a translation of the Roxette part.

Marie is really happy to be here. It’s possible more satisfying for her than for us. It’s a salvation for her to be finally here, … it brings back many memories and emotions…
It’s a party… fantastic popsongs from the swedish ’school’… ABBA is the biggest icon and Roxette is a close second with many worldwide hits, songs which are very translatable for orchestra…