2009 remasters.

If you are willing to see more photos of Roxette 2009 remasters, team supplies you with 5 big photos per each remaster. They were bought in Poland and all the photos are available after you log in on

Roxette Archives Vol.1 – Pearls Of Passion
Roxette Archives Vol.2 – Look Sharp!
Roxette Archives Vol.3 – Joyride
Roxette Archives Vol.4 – Tourism
Roxette Archives Vol.5 – Crash! Boom! Bang!
Roxette Archives Vol.6 – Have A Nice Day
Roxette Archives Vol.7 – Room Service

Another comment from Per on Roxette remasters.

Of course we have been involved in the re-mastering of all the Roxette albums! Clarence spent a week on this! Where do all these strange ideas come from????? And same goes, of course, with the packaging and everything else. We’re still working as close as possible with the EMI Stockholm office since we’re still EMI artists. There is supposed to be a “high-light-feed” at iTunes all over Europe pretty soon for your info. Whatever that means.

Humbly yours, P.

Source: TDR