Well, let’s party all over the world! or at least in Madrid and Barcelona

Do you usually feel like partying after a Roxette concert? Don’t want the fun to end? Always wanted to live the Spanish fiesta and cerveza (or sangria)?

Then go on reading!

As we mentioned, the Spanish Fanclub, Roxspain, is organising a post-concert party in Madrid and Barcelona.  Here are more details about where and when. We expect to see you there!

Madrid (click to open the event on Facebook)
Where: Delirio Live, C/ Pelayo, 59, Madrid
From: after the concert, approx 23:59 until 5
Entrance: 10€ including 2 drinks until 2am. From this time on 1 drink 10€, 2 drinks 15€.
Don’t forget to bring your flyer (will be given away in Madrid the same day or can be printed out from Roxspain, more details to follow) to participate in the small competition!

Where: Fundació Mágica a la Ovella de Poble Nou / L’Ovella Negra – C/ Zamora 78 (crossroad with C/ Pallars)
From: after the concert, approx 23:59 to 3:00
Entrance: 10€ (includes 1 softdrink)
How to get there: Subway L1 until Marina, then about 5 minutes walk. L1 goes from Pl. Espanya, which is the station for Palau Sant Jordi as well. For more information about transportation in Barcelona please visit TMB.

Our DJ will play Rox&related non stop!

If you have any question about transportation let us know and we’ll try to help you out!

Party after the concert in Madrid and Barcelona? We need your help!

Roxspain, the Spanish Fanclub, is working to organise an after-concert party in Madrid and Barcelona to celebrate the return of Roxette to our country. The party in Madrid would probably be the day before the concert. The one in Barcelona right after the concert.

We would like to know how many of you would assist to these parties so that we have an idea what kind of pub or disco we should book for that.

Please  go to the events we created on Facebook and click on “YES, I will attend”:

Madrid event

Barcelona event

or answer this poll.  Thank you!


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Release parties in Spain and Argentina this weekend!

Let’s party!! In order to celebrate the album release, following release party have been organised in Spain and Argentina:

– February 12th, Madrid – Party organised by the Spanish Fanclub Roxspain and EMI Spain with contest and a little surprise.

The party starts at 21:00 CET, there is however a pre-fan meeting at 18:00. For more information please check these websites out:

Roxspain | Roxspain Facebook.

– February 12th, Sevilla – party organised by local fans. For more information check this article.

– February 13th, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Organised by the local Fanclub a nd EMI Argentina. You will find more information here.

Roxette promotion in Spain: video premiere tomorrow on RTVE.es

EMI Spain has set up quite a big promotion plan for Roxette in Spain. Besides launching the new single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” on iTunes this week (where it reached #10 so far) and on Spotify, these are some of the activities which are planned and some general information and dates:

  • January 14th: Video premiere on Spanish public TV website rtve.es: The video will be available on the website the whole day.
  • January 15th: the video will be available on VEVO (YouTube) and digital partners for purchase.
  • February 15th: album is going to be released. There will be the normal edition of the CD, the Deluxe version will be available via iTunes
  • Increased presence of Roxette on internet via the following pages – don’t forget to join!
    • official Facebook page for all Spanish (speaking) fans: Roxette Spain.
    • besides the website Roxspain.com (which we started in 99, can you believe it?), the Spanish fanclub opened a  Facebook page and Twitter account

Unfortunately, no date for a concert is set up yet, we are afraid Spanish promoters will wait to see the response to the single and album to decide on bringing the band to Spain or not.

In order to help spread the word, Roxspain, the Spanish Roxette Fanclub, is collaborating with EMI Spain on some actions with and for fans. We’ll definetely need your help. Since this is mostly targeted to Spanish fans, we will have most of the information on the websites mentioned above – we will, of course, summarize the information here from time to time to keep everybody updated.

Hagamos que un (o dos? ;)) concierto de Roxette en España sea realidad! (Let’s make a concert (or two) in Spain a reality!)