Mats Udd to direct the new Roxette video

26-year-old Mats Udd from Falun is working on the new Roxette video for “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” single. The world premiere is scheduled for January 7th.

EMI Svenska liked Mats Udd’s videos which he did for e.g. Swedish musician Familjen and he was appointed to record the new Roxette video in the end of November.

I gave them four proposals and one of them was chosen. Just over a week ago I was told that “we are doing this”. On Monday I filmed Per and Marie and on Tuesday we did a story part.

The video will be put together in New York as Mats Udd is planing to spend Christmas holidays there.

He has made many other clips before for such artists like Timo Räisänen, First Aid Kit and Those Dancing Days. With Roxette for the very first time he has got the chance to work with a much larger productions.



People behind the “Radio” and “Charm school” mastering

Cutting Room, which was the first to reveal the title of new Roxette single, published this piece of information today

Björn Engelmann mastered the single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” as well as the full album for CD, Mats ‘Limpan’ Lindfors is mastering the vinyl today. All are to be released with Roxette Recordings.

Rumours: Roxette’s new single airplay start

There are two different information – Slovac site Webnoviny claims that the new Roxette single airplay starts on January 4th. On the other hand Australian site The Music Network wrote that the single will be released digitally on January 7th.

If you have any other news regarding the airplay, please let us know.

Update: Per Gessle has confirmed that the single airplay start and release will be January 7.

“She’s Got Nothing On” single postponed to January 28?

The Swedish music shops, and have moved the release date of Roxette’s forthcoming single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” to January 28 from the previous January 10. Without a confirmation by management so far we can’t say if this rescheduling is part of Roxette’s global release plan or just a local adjustment, maybe even a database error.

If January 28 gets confirmed, the gap between single and album (still at February 11) will be shortened from 4 to 2 weeks, while advanced airplay could get increased from a couple of days to 2-3 weeks.

Update: Also lists the single for January 28.

Rumours: Roxette’s new single title revealed?

Yesterday we got the first hints of the possible new Roxette single title. After investigations by several Roxette fans it looks close to being true by now, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The Cutting Room Studios, known for several mastering works for Roxette, had a news entry about the single, which some fans found thanks to The post was removed later for unknown reasons, but some fans managed to save the original text and do some screenshots, to which we now have access to:

Our long time friends at EMI Sweden & Roxette are releasing a new single titled “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)”. The Roxette duo started in 1986, combining Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson. Roxette has sold 75 million albums all over the world and have had four singles in the number one spot on the Billboardlistan in the US. With songs like “The Look”, “It Must Have Been Love”, & “Listen to Your Heart” och “Joyride” you can expect another great hit from this outstanding pair. Mastering with Björn Engelmann.

Björn Engelmann has mastered for example the Room Service singles.

As mentioned above, everything is based on the news posted by The Cutting Room studios. You might remember it was the same way, using google, that the participation of Roxette in NOTP was found out and revealed days before the official NOTP press release and artist announcement.

Update: The title got confirmed!