2010 tour bootleg: “The miracle happened” (mix, audio)

Taken from Run2Roxette Forum

As we haven’t been at the concerts Arlanda and I (Kerstin) decided to make this little bootleg to remember and celebrate Roxette’s comeback. Inspired by Per’s Gessle Over Europe we searched youtube for concert videos to get songs from every concert. In doing so, our intention was not to create a fine high quality masterpiece but a nice souvenir of this miraculous tour.

01. Dressed for success (Sundsvall)
02. Sleeping in my car (Moscow)
03. Opportunity nox (Halmstad)
04. The big L. (Moscow)
05. Wish I could fly (St. Petersburg)
06. She doesn’t live here anymore (Moscow)
07. 7twenty7 (Skanderborg)
08. Perfect day (Leif’s Lounge)
09. Things will never be the same (Halmstad)
10. It must have been love (Skanderborg)
11. Silver blue (Skanderborg)
12. Fading like a flower, How do you do!, Dangerous (Starvanger)
13. Band Presentation, Joyride (Moscow)
14. Listen to your heart (Leif’s Lounge)
15. The look (Skanderborg)
16. Church of your heart (St. Petersburg)
17. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (Sundsvall)
18. Juni, Juli, Augusti, Sommartider (Halmstad)
19. När alla vännerna gått hem (Halmstad)


Smukfest: 22,000 tickets are sold

Tickets for this year’s edition of Skanderborg Festival sell so good that the festival will announce sold out very soon, tv2oj.dk reports. Over 22,000 tickets are sold.

There are only 3,000 tickets left and we can already announce sold out for Friday and Saturday. It is very probable we will announce sold out at the end of this month, Poul Martin Bonde, Smukfest’s spokesman, said to TV2 Østjylland.

Roxette is going to perform on Smukfest festival in Skanderborg on August 8th, Sunday at 10 PM local time, so there is still a chance to purchase a ticket.

Source: Esktrabladet.dk

New Roxette Interview with Per in Smukfest magazine

A special B.T. magazine edition about the Smukfest festival in Skanderborg, Denmark features an interview with Per about Roxette’s upcoming show and the album, as well as the biggest memories from the past. He states again that they aim for a spontaneous “power pop” show without computers in the background. For the album the goal is a “really, really good, classic Roxette” sound – including power ballads where Marie can shine. Check it out if you understand Danish (or use a translator)!

Link to magazine PDF

Smukkaste Festival 2010 ticket, Denmark.

Roxette will perform on Smukkaste Festival on its last day – Sunday, August 8th. In 2009 over 45,000 people attended this event making it the second biggest festival in Denmark just after Roskilde. We do not know the exact time when Roxette will hit the stage, but we encourage all the readers to purchase the ticket for at least one day here (650 DKK + fees). In the meantime you can see how the ticket for this festival looks like:

Thanks to Petra Osifova from Czech Republic.