“Charm School” snippets out there!

Who would have thought the Frenchmen take a role in Roxette’s career again? Yes, it looks like a French music store is the first to offer 30 second clips of Roxette’s new album “Charm School”, to be released February 11 or 14 (depending on country).

If you can’t resist the temptation – here’s the link: qobuz.com – Just click “ECOUTER 30s”!

Update: It looks like somebody did a mistake – AGAIN. The snippets are gone from the website. No, we won’t link to any copies of them.

Update January 24: The album is listed for pre-ordering at iTunes – incl. slightly different snippets. Click here!

Update January 25: JPC.de listed the album as well, including different snippets. Thanks Volker!