More dates confirmed for 2012

We received the following press release:

ROXETTE 2012! 

On Tuesday Roxette played in a sold out Wembley Arena in London in front of 12,000 people. It was 17 years ago Roxette last played in London and the concert was the 72th of the list of concerts in the ongoing world tour. 2011 has been a fantastic year for Roxette with huge success for “Charm School” and the tour.

In 2012 Roxette goes on with the world tour and with New Zealand in February, they will have played in 31 countries in four contintents. Tickets for three more concerts in South East Asia are released these days. Roxette will play in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong and will go back to South Africa for three more concerts.

A new single off “Charm School” has also been released, the ballad “No One Makes It On Her Own” with the video done by the Russian fan Tanya Rush
In addition, a special edition of “Charm School” will be released on November 28. This edition contains all the demos Per Gessle recorded for this album.

Here are the tour dates for 2012, so far:

11.2 Aukland, Vector Arena (New Zealand)
14.2 Brisbane, Entertainment Centre (Australia)
16.2 Sidney, Sidney Entertainment (Australia)
17.2 Sydney, Entertainment Centre (Australia)
18.2 Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena (Australia)
20.2 Adelaide Adelaide Entertainment Centre (Australia)
22.2 Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena (Australia)
24.2 Brisbane, Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Australia)
25.2 Sydney, Entertainment Centre (Australia)
28.2 Perth, Challenge Stadium (Australia)
29.2 Perth, Challenge Stadium (Australia)
3.3 Jakarta, Indoor Tennis Stadium (Indonesia)
6.3 Singapore, Resorts World Convention Center (Singapore)
8.3 Hong Kong, Convention Center (Hong Kong)
3.6 Johannesburg, Coca-Cola Dome (South Africa)
5.6 Durban, ICC Durban Arena (South Africa)
8.6 Kapstaden, Grand Arena (South Africa)

More dates to follow.

Roxette back to South Africa in June 2012

According to Big Concerts, tour promoters who brought Roxette to South Africa in May 2011, the demand has been so big that it was decided to bring Roxette back to South Africa in 2012.

After their phenomenal sold out success (53 dates to over 650,000 people) of their 2011 World Tour, Roxettes much anticipated 2012 dates are already booked up. Don’t miss the chance to see them live in South Africa in June 2012.

The dates are as follows:

June 2, Johannesburg – Coca Cola Dome

June 5, Durban – ICC Durban Arena

June 8, Cape Town – Grand Arena, Grand West

Tickets can be purchased at

Thanks to Roxette South Africa fan page for the information!

South Africa, North and South America on Roxette’s radars

In the very recent English interview for World Radio Switzerland’s Alex Helmick – promoting 2 forthcoming Swiss shows – Per Gessle has admitted that Roxette is planning to come back to South America (it has been circulating for few months now here and there), South Africa and North America (Canada).

Have a listen!

Thanks to Arnaldo Mariano Suarez for sending this through.

Sun City press conference: over 50,000 people saw Roxette in South Africa

On news of the band returning to the country for a series of shows, fans quickly flocked to ticketing offices to make sure they got to see one of the world’s most loved bands on South African soil. The response was overwhelmingly positive, prompting organisers to add more dates to the tour. The result? Seven sold out shows in South Africa alone. Ahead of the show, the band’s Per Gessle said they really weren’t expecting such a response.

Watch an interview with Per Gessle

With the industry moving into a digital environment with fans downloading albums and using social media as a means to find out more about their favourite stars, Gessle says he too has embraced the new media craze.

I have a 13 year old son. If you told him I was interested in new media, he would probably laugh in your face. It all comes down to the fact that I always wanted to be in control of my music. I remember in the old days in the 80s when you had fan clubs. It was always terrible because there was always someone else running them. There was no money involved, nobody wanted to be involved. It’s just so easy using Facebook for instance. I have my iPhone and a take pictures. It’s just a fantastic thing for a fan to see that level of access.

More from the press conference

Journalist: “I feel like I should hug you”; Per Gessle: “Please, do!”

Swedish pop group Roxette’s fans showed their undying support when the dates for the South African leg of the Charm School tour were announced, making sure every show was sold out. Top Billing caught up with Per Gessel, the male part of this well loved duo and a award winning musician in his own right. We find out about his and partner Marie Frederikson’s love for Cape Town and what his favorite Roxette song is. Watch this episode to find out the inside scoop, like how hit single, It must have been love was originally written as a Christmas song.

Anyone who knows how to watch the whole episode?


South African press: Roxette still dressed for success

Roxette’s Per Gessle opens up about the band’s past, his life-long love of music, singer Marie Fredriksson’s near-fatal brain tumour, and writing hit records.

People love our songs, they seem to be part of people’s lives – which is just amazing. The songs I write are based on the music I listened to when I was very young – music from the ’60s, ’70s – so everything I do is basically melody oriented. I think also it has helped that we’re not American, we’re not English so we’ve always been a little bit offside. We’re a Swedish band with a Swedish manager, a Swedish producer, so we’ve done everything outside the global music industry and I think that’s really helped us out. There have been times when people have said: ‘You have to move to New York or LA, or at least move to London’, but we’ve never wanted to do that.

We always listen to our gut feeling. It was the same when I wrote the new album, ‘Charm School’. My ambition was not to write a best-selling album. I just wanted to write a great album for Marie – these are the songs I want her to sing. If it works commercially, then hallelujah. If it doesn’t, we’ve still done a great album.

When we perform, we’re one of those bands who don’t use computers, vocals on tape, or click tracks or whatever – it’s just 100 percent live, like when we started out. For us that’s so much more fun – sometimes a song goes too fast, sometimes it goes too slow – and every show is unique. We try to make it interesting and enjoyable for ourselves.

More at

World Tour 2011: Cape Town, South Africa – May 10 #20


01. Dressed for Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. Only When I Dream
06. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
07. Perfect Day
08. Things Will Never Be the Same
09. It Must Have Been Love
10. Opportunity Nox
11. 7twenty7
12. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
13. Silver Blue
14. How Do You Do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation
16. Joyride (no traditional tune)

17. Watercolours in the Rain
18. Spending my Time
19. The Look

20. Way Out
21. Listen to Your Heart
22. Church of Your Heart




Heidi wrote about the concert last night – same place but totally different concert!

This concert was mind blowing!!!! A hundred times better than the one on Sunday evening.  The crowd also truly enjoyed the concert which was fantastic to say the least.

“Silver Blue” replaced “Stars” tonight and I was waiting for this.  Chris again did not play anything local which I think is fine ! We are there to listen to ROXETTE !

The band had a rejuvenated energy that is out of this world.  Per and Marie were in TOP shape!

I really could go on and on but I don’t have words to describe the concert experience!

I also struggle to use my camera as it distracts me from the concert enjoyment. I did take two video clips like promised – hope it is not too bad. I will also post a few pics.

Had a chance to briefly chat to Per afterwards, super guy!

World Tour 2011: Cape Town, South Africa – May 8 #19

Roxette is now in South Africa, where the band will play 7 concerts until the 17th of May. It was the 19th concert on the tour.

(C) Ingrid Sinclair and Celeste Saville


01. Dressed for Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. Only When I Dream
06. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
07. Perfect Day
08. Things Will Never Be the Same
09. It Must Have Been Love
10. Opportunity Nox
11. 7twenty7
12. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
13. Stars
14. How Do You Do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation
16. Joyride (no traditional tune)

17. Watercolours in the Rain
18. Spending my Time
19. The Look

20. Way Out
21. Listen to Your Heart
22. Church of Your Heart


Heidi’s Flickr, Vittorio D’Amico,, Michael Ashley Currin,



– Christoffer asked which song to play before “Joyride” on his Facebook page for the very first time during this tour. It was the second gig on this tour – beside Minsk on March 12, where Christoffer did not play any traditional song as there was no time for rehearsals.

– Roxette was a trending topic (TT) on Twitter yesterday while they were playing in Cape Town!

– 7,000 people attended the gig


IT IS easy to see why organisers of Roxette’s South African leg of their Charm School world tour had to add an extra gig to their Cape Town schedule. The Swedish popsters had fans rocking to a number of their old hits and a smattering of new material.

The first concert took place yesterday in Cape Town, Grand West Arena, and Heidi van Rensburg has sent us a report of the show. Have a nice read!

My fascination with Roxette started when I was 12 years old back in 1989. When I received a ticket for their C!B!B! show in Cape Town for February 1995 I was ecstatic! With South Africa that became a democratic country as recently as 1994, we had no international bands come to our shores before, but Roxette had the determination and courage to visit here. And what a show it was!! I could not believe that they were actually performing live on stage in front of me.

Unforgettable and priceless….I remember Marie asking the crowd in the stadium of about 30 000 people to sing Happy birthday to Per as it was his birthday on that day. After that show I promised myself that if I ever had the opportunity to see Roxette live again, I would grab it with both hands!!

When Per announced the world tour dates on 2 November 2010, I had to read twice to realise that they would include South Africa in the tour. I was beside myself and bought my ticket within the first 5 minutes of release. With the tour dates growing my amount of concert tickets also grew. I ended up with tickets for 4 out of the 7 shows in South Africa. My opportunity finally came in 2011 to see my favourite all time band live again.

Here is a snapshot of my concert experience.

8 May 2011: Roxette live in Cape Town.

Excitement was in the air. Sound check alone through locked closed doors sounded amazing. Per and Marie with the Roxette band played to a sold out show of 7000 tonight. All the classic Roxette songs were played like at the other shows so far, with “Stars” replacing “Silver Blue” as in South America.

The 3 new songs “Way out”, “She’s got nothing on” and “Only when I dream” were performed and sounded really fantastic live. The same energy as on the album is somehow also carried through to the live concert. With a front row spot I really were treated a professional pop/rock concert. The almost two hours flew by way too quickly. Ms Fredriksson’s performance was exceptional. I refuse to post a live clip of the concert as no live clip will ever do justice to Roxette live on stage.

A Swedish camera team were recording some of the songs (and I don’t know how confidential this is) and we were told that they are making a Roxette Comeback documentary and they are planning on recording one of the upcoming live shows later in the year for a live DVD release.

My evening just got better when two of my girlfriends and I had the opportunity to meet the whole band as well as Per and Marie after the show just as they were about to depart back to their hotel. Totally unexpected and by chance this happened. It was great to meet these legendary superstars in person.

One thing is for sure: the band is in top form and are really fit. I as a 30 something struggled to keep up at their pace! I really applaud Marie for doing this after so many years away from the world stage. It must have been such a daunting challenge to make this comeback. And what a comeback!

Per Gessle has this amazing gift to write really great music and together with Marie they just create and deliver something called “Roxette-ism addiction”. I’ve been an addict for 22 years and I can’t seem to kick this habit. Per and Marie, I hope you are thinking about the follow up to “Charm School” because this Joyride is far from over!

Ok, one day to rest and then back for concert no 2 in Cape Town!

Roxette goes South Africa and we have 5 copies of the ZA Greatest Hits to give away

EMI South Africa was very kind and sent us 5 copies of “A collection of Roxette Hits – Their 20 Greatest Songs & Videos” *Exclusive South African Tour Edition CD & DVD* to give away among our readers.

If you want to participate in the contest simply write a comment at the bottom of this article and you are in for the random drawing!

Some info about this edition:
Bar code: 6 009509 339912
Made in RSA
CDEMCJD (WE) 6621 / 5099 9 027457 2 5

If you want to read more about this edition, check this article.

Roxette is going to give 7 concerts in South Africa the following days, starting tomorrow in Cape Town. Additional concerts have been added to the initially planned since the sales were so enourmous, actually, the concerts are almost sold out.

Here are all the dates – have fun!

08.5 Grand Arena, Cape Town, South Africa
10.5 Grand Arena, Cape Town, South Africa
11.5 Grand Arena, Cape Town, South Africa

13.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa
14.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa
15.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa
17.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa

If you still haven’t got your tickets, you can try here

And don’t forget to visit Roxette South Africa website and Facebook page.

PS: Unfortunately, the cases of the 2CD got a bit damaged on the way from South Africa to RXB Headquarters.. just that you know. They are all still sealed.

And here is the small letter, contest conditions
– In order to participate, you only have to write a comment in this article which consists in more than 3 words ;). We will consider all comments written until the 15th of May, 2011, 23:59 CET time.
– 5 winners will be picked up randomly among those who have written a comment with more than 3 words.
– As it is usual, you can only participate once, any attempt to participate twice will lead to your disqualification.
– Prizes won’t be paid out in cash. Prizes will be sent by standard mail only once (so basically, if the envelope gets lost.. we won’t be able to send a replacement).
– Winners will be announced on this website on 20th of May 2011. You will also be notified per email and you’ll be required to answer to the notification email.

South African fan website launched

All South African fans (and all others as well) – heads over to the Roxette website launched by Hanro Manefeldt. There you will find the latest information from the world of Roxette, snippets from “Charm school” album and – hopefully – more content to be added any time soon. By the way – we love the “links” section 🙂

Don’t forget to follow the Facebook page Roxette South Africa and Twitter account RoxetteSA.

Roxette has just landed in Cape Town today. They will play seven sold-out shows in South Africa form more than 40,000 people.

Landed in South Africa! Great place. “I was here two years ago with friends enjoying the lions”, Per says. “My daughter puked on the carpet in this very hotel”, says Marie. She was three!!! Seven great shows to come, y’all!

German radio station HR3 takes you to South Africa to see Roxette

German radio station HR3 has started a contest where you can win a trip to South Africa to see Roxette live. The package includes:

– Trip from 10th to 17th of May including flight to and from South Africa
– 5 nights in five-stars hotel “The Palace of the Lost City” in Pilanesbert National Park
– Roxette live on May 14th in Sun City

Contest is organised by HR3 together with South African Airlines and Sun International.
How to participate:
The radio station will be playing Roxette songs during the whole day between 2nd and 6th of May. Whenever you hear one of their songs, you’ll have to be quick and phone the radio station (phone nr: 069-19709). If you get through you’ll get a “Stand-By-Ticket”.
On May 6th, the radio station will then pick a winner among all listeners who have a “Stand-By-Ticket” during their show “hr3 – pop&weck”.

Note that these Terms and conditions apply! Specially important is that you have to have your residence in Germany and be at least 18 years old.

Good luck!

Thanks Kirsten for the information.