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“Kom vila hos mig” available for purchase and streaming

Marie Fredriksson’s single is already available for purchase in Scandinavia:

Digital single:


We still don’t have any information about a physical single. We will keep you informed!

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“It’s possible” finds it way to Spotify as well

Roxette’s brand new (and catchy) single is now available on Spotify as well. If you haven’t heard it yet, you have no excuse anymore!

Roxette – It’s Possible (Version One RadioEdit)

And don’t forget to buy it.

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Roxette featured in EMI Sweden Yearbook 2011

“No One Makes it on Her Own” is the last track of EMI Sweden’s Yearbook 2011, a compilation released for Spotify only. The ablum features singles by Magnus Uggla, Mauro Scocco, Timbuktu, Me and My Army among others.

This is mentioned in the press release from EMI:

2011 was a fantastic year for EMI. With new sign-ups like Magnus Uggla, Mauro Scocco or Alice b, releases by Lykke Li, Timbuktu and the acclaimed debut album by Me and My Army, three albums by Robyn and much more.

Eldkvarn got 40 and celebrated with both gold and platinum records, Magnus Uggla’s first album signed under EMI sold gold as well, and Roxette did their comeback with “Charm School” which has sold so far about 0,5 million copies.

All this resulted in a great bunch of great songs. Therefore we have put them all together in an album, “Yearbook of 2011″, which can be found on Spotify starting February 1st. A collection of great titbits from 2011.

“We are incredibly happy with 2011, it has been both an eventful and successful year for EMI. Therefore, it feels good to give some songs some extra attention,” says Stefan Blom, VD of EMI Music Nordic.

Listen on Spotify

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Roxette interview in Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow

TV4 posted a short teaser of the forthcoming interview with Roxette that will be broadcasted on Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow, February 19th.

Watch this teaser here. Per and Marie talk about the songs they choose to play for the audience before they go on stage.

Update February 19th: Here is the full interview from Nyhetsmorgon today!

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Christoffer Lundquist – Major & Minor Songs EP [review]

Written by Emilio Gimenez Bahl from Argentina:

Christoffer Lundquist - EP>Besides Per Gessle undoubtedly Christoffer Lundquist is my favorite artist from Sweden. I started to know more about him from the latter days of Brainpool when he assumed a more active role in the band from Lund. Actually “Junk a Rock Opera” became my favorite and the best album they made, ever.

One day, wasting some precious time on the iTunes Store, I got a beauty surprise – “A Christoffer Lundquist EP“. There were only four songs, so I asked myself why not to give it a try? The album was released under the extinct Junk Music AB in 2005 an it’s called “Major & Minor Songs EP”. Let’s see.

The opening track is “Happy new year”. Maybe the song matches the most the Brainpool sound but until 1:40 when you start to listen a very familiar sound – Christoffer’s guitar. Then you start to listen to synths like in “Mazarin” and beautiful guitar sounds as in the outro of “Late, later on”.

The first impression was strange, because the EP doesn’t have the sound I was expecting to listen, I mean… like “God bless free Radio” or “Designer dreams” from Brainpool and “Happy new year” has the sound and atmosphere of … “Son of a Plumber”, yes! Sort of acoustic and organic music with a very 70s sound.

“I would fain fly” has to most “up to date” sound of the EP. It’s an amazing story of love with all the tips that I used to enjoy in a good pop song. Simple lyrics, harmonical vocals and a sweet guitar melody – when you have this music’s algorithm, you have a hit. And “I would fain fly” is it!

The track #3 “Let’s Talk” follows the same plot, an extraordinary acoustic and simple pop love song “…so let’s talk you and I till the wondering sky kiss the night goodbye…” Sometimes it reminds me the voice of Peter Hammill, when he sings “Refugees”.

The ending track is “Take out for one”, a sweet American ballad like “Since I don’t have you”, with Christoffer singing in a higher tone and with a very 50′s piano rhythm.

I really enjoyed this EP and “I would fain fly” in particular. Christoffer has finished to record his first full length solo album right now and as he said “it is ready and waiting to be released”. So I do hope to see it on the shelves very soon.

You can listen the EP here: Christoffer Lundquist – Major & Minor Songs >
Spotify (album:0IRoJNaY655DcuCK1Zf2Lm) or buy it here iTunes

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