The very last concert in Europe – Stockholm tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day of the very last (confirmed) concert of Roxette in Europe during the World Tour 2011-2012. It will be a special 45-minute performance at the Oriflame’s anniversary conference at Globen in Stockholm. Rumour has it that the whole welcome rally will be broadcasted online tomorrow. Follow Facebook page for more updates!

Here are two promotional clips – with Roxette’s “It’s possible” as the tune in the background.

Patrícia Peres & contributed to the article

Russia: Roxette have written “a special song” for Oriflame

Last September we revealed that Roxette are set to play at Globen in Stockholm this summer (August 2012) on the special anniversary corporate event organized by the Swedish company Oriflame. In the beginning of May this year it turned out that Russian edition of “Travelling” does not include the very first international single “It’s possible” in both versions.

You may ask how those two things go together? Well, it turns out that Russian chapter of Oriflame claims that Roxette have written a special song for them. What’s its name? Yes, you’re right – “It’s possible”! In the end of May the 9th edition of the Oriflame magazine will be released together with a special bonus CD – including 11 Roxette hits and a new track called “It’s possible”. At this point we only know this will be released in Russia and will cost 99 rubles (ca USD 3.5). The artwork for both the cover and CD discs is shown above this text.

The tracklist for the album:
01. It’s Possible
02. It must have been love (Live in St. Petersburg)
03. Wish I could fly
04. How do you do! (Live in Stavanger)
05. Dangerous (Live in Stavanger)
06. Reveal (Attic Remix)
07. Speak to me (Bassflow Remake)
08. Dressed for success (Live in St. Petersburg)
09. Sleeping in my car (Live in Stavanger)
10. Real Sugar
11. Milk and Toast and Honey
12. Listen to your heart (Live in St. Petersburg)

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for sharing this news.

Anton Corbijn photography exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm

Before you start wondering why this post, let me explain. I am a big Stockholm fan and a location which has become one of my favourite the last years is Fotografiska.

I have already seen three exhibitions there and I can simply recommend it. Not only for the photography itself, but also for the great cafeteria on the top floor, which gives you the chance to view the beautiful Stockholm islands from another point of view.

I just received the information that Anton Corbijn’s photography would be presented in an exhibition between January 14th and April 15th, 2012. Knowing that Per Gessle is a big fan of Corbijn’s work – he has the largest private owned collection of Corbijn’s photography in Sweden, which you can see in his hotel – and that Corbijn has taken pictures for Roxette and Per in the past, I quickly checked if there would be any of those pictures in the exhibition.

The answer is no. Also, no Gessle-owned photos are part of the exhibition. But still, having become a small photography fan thanks to Fotografiska (and to my sister, who takes great photos too), I recommend paying a visit to the Fotografiska and check Anton Corbijn’s latest project “Inwards and Onwards” if you have the chance.

Per Gessle for Livestage TV: this tour should last till October 2012

Livestage TV has had a chance to talk with the Man from Roxette just before yesterday’s Stockholm concert in Globen. Here is what Per said during the interview:

– hopefully 1.5 mil tickets will be sold once the tour ends
– this tour should last till September-October 2012
– there will be Gyllene Tider reunion in future
– the new album is called “Tourism II” and it will be released in March; this album will be finally mixed in January

Win a chance to meet Per and Marie in Stockholm!

Are you going to see Roxette live in their homeland next week? Keep on reading!

In cooperation with Roxette’s Management and Live Nation we are proud to offer you the chance to meet Per and Marie backstage in Stockholm on Thursday 3rd of November, 2011.

To participate in the contest simply write an email to judith @ roxetteblog . com including the following information:

– your name
– your nickname on Roxetteblog
– cell phone number

and answer to this question:

– Name one of the two songs which were added to the set list in the Autumn tour 2011, which started in Vienna on October 10th.

The winners will be chosen randomly amongst all participants who answered the question correctly.

The contest will run until Monday 31st of October.

Good luck!

Don’t forget to read the small letter…

Contest terms and conditions:
– you can only participate once
– we will randomly pick the winners among all valid emails (valid means: with name, nickname, cell phone number and correct answer).
– the winners will be notified per email on Tuesday 1st of November and will be required to reply to the email confirming their attendance to the meet & greet
– further instructions where/when to meet will be also sent per email or SMS. If you are not at the meeting point at the agreed time, the prize will be given to somebody else!
– the winners will have to have a valid ticket for the concert and are responsible for their transport to and from the venue and any costs that might arise
– the prize is for one person only, so the winners won’t be able to take their friend(s) with them to the meet & greet
– Roxetteblog will not enter into any correspondence regarding the result of the contest
– in the event the meet & greet is cancelled, no other date or other prize will be offered as replacement
– of course, all submitted data will only be used for the purpose of the contest, to contact you for confirmation and instructions, and won’t be given to third parties
– last but not least, you can bring one item to have it signed by Marie and Per

Roxette to play in South America and Stockholm 2012

Yesterday Per Gessle was interviewed on the Nordic Rox programme and he mentioned about the new album possibly out spring 2012. He mentioned places where Roxette have done recordings: Dubai, South Africa, Argentina, Russia etc. He also said they were planning to go back to South America next year. So our little rumour is getting closer to be confirmed. It seems like this tour gets bigger and bigger with everyday. Few weeks ago we were informed about 120 shows in total – now the number increased with over 30 concerts!

It looks like it’s going be about 150 – 160 shows. And we’ve done 53. 100 is left.

Additionally, at the Russian Oriflame company internal meeting, it was revealed that Roxette will play in Stockholm next August. The concert will take place in the Globen as part of Oriflame’s Gold Conference 2012 event. It seems like it will be a full-length concert. You can watch an insider presentation from Russia here.

Thanks to Miedy Bishop and RoxetteCafe for these pieces of information.

Roxette to perform in Stockholm?

According to a Swedish TV ad found on a Bulgarian (!) website by Evgeny Perekopskiy, Roxette is going to perform at Sjöhistoriska Museet (National Maritime Museum) in Stockholm on July 20th, 2011 – 4 days before another Swedish concert in Gothenburg. The place is known among the fans as Marie’s Äntligen tour from 2000 and Per’s En händig man på turne 2007 gig were recorded there.


Update November 16: Stockholm has not been confirmed by Roxette’s management.

Per Gessle on Depeche Mode’s gig

According to Dagens Nyheter Per Gessle was watching Depeche Mode’s concert at Globen, Stockholm (January 31st) from the mixboard place together with Anton Corbijn. The well-known photographer was also called as the “third member of Roxette”. Did someone forget about Clarence?

Here’s what the Man said about this gig on his Twitter and Facebook:

Just back from Depeche@theGlobe. Much better than expected since I don’t know that many songs. FANTASTIC set design! And a beautiful crowd!! And Dave Gahan is great mix between Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger…

Re. Depeche Mode: And of course, Anton Corbijn did the stage production!

Gessle on Swedish radio for Christmas.

For those of you who didn’t catch the latest broadcast of Per Gessle’s “Party crasher tour” gig from Cirkus, there is a good news – the performance will be repeated once again in the shorter version on December 30th at 11.00 am local time on P4 Skaraborg. It is unknown which songs will be included in this show and if there is a chance for something new.

Source: P4

“Gessle over Europe” DVD – menu

The very first look at “Gessle over Europe” DVD menu:

The most interesting things I’ve noticed while the watching:

– the interview parts with Per & fans pop up many times through the Cirkus concert – after “Dressed for success” [Why did Per decide to go on the club tour?], “The Party Pleaser” [Rosina & Dany spotted; Per tells more about how he appreciates the fans – especially those from South America], “She doesn’t live here anymore” [Interview with Ezequiel in Swedish; Per’s story from Warsaw gig about some people from Siberia who came for the concert], “Late, later on” [The idea of this tour], “Do you wanna be my baby?” [Roxette/Gessle music as the soundtrack of our lives; Dany wants her husband to forgive her! :D], “Doesn’t make sense” [The future?], “Joyride” [The little concerts suit Per the best], “Are you an old hippie, sir?” [About “The look”], “It must have been love” [The tour experiances], “Queen of rain” [Per tells more about the band members; fans from Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico after the Cirkus concert]

– though there is a 12 years-old parental adivsory – both videos for “Kix” and “Do you wanna be my babe?” are censored

– some unseen footage from the tour was added to the 100x tribal homevideos

Gessle’s concert on the Swedish radio P4 [on November 14]

I know it’s difficult to think about our idols’ solo careers at the moment when so many things are happening in the rox-world, but I have to remind you that tonight on P4 Live Per Gessle’s Cirkus concert from May 2009 will be broadcasted as well as the new (hopefully) interview with the Man.

According to P4 website, the radio station has recorded both concerts on May 9th and 10th.


Don’t know what is happening, but P4 does not broadcast the concert.

Edit 1: 11-minutes interview with Per Gessle on P4.

Edit 2: From Something has gone wrong, P4 is not airing Per’s concert, but a Ted Gärdestad tribute.

Edit 3: The concert will be broadcasted on November 14. P4 apologized for this problem.

Den standiga resan turné 1992.

DSR tour 1992.Live in Uppsala on December 16 or 17, 1992 at Universitetsaulan.
Part 1
Part 2

Live in Luleå on November 25, 1992 at Pontushallen.
or here track by track:

Live in Stockholm on December 7 or 8, 1992 at Cirkus.
Part 1
Part 2


Lighting and stage design by Pontus Lagerbielke.


# Marie Fredriksson (vocals and grand piano).
# Margareta Andersson (backing vocals).
# Mikael Bolyos (keyboards)
# Anders Herrlin (bass)
# Magnus Helgesson (bass)
# Jonas Isaksson (electric guitars)
# Christer Jansson (percussion)

Thanks to Leo.

UPDATE, October 10th: I uploaded Luleå 1992 again – first two tracks don’t skip on this one.
Enjoy: Live in Luleå

New Roxette picture

Per and Marie met for an interview about “The Look” and sent a brand new Roxette picture with it.

“A brand new photo of Roxette at EMI Studios, Stockholm. Roxette has been interviewed by Magnus Broni who’s making a documentary about “The Look.” Magnus has been all over the US interviewing Brian Philips (former EMI boss) and Dean Cushman (former exchange student), among others.”


Update: Another new picture has been uploaded to Have a look at the sheet of paper. Looks like the NOTP arrangement, ain’t it?