Per Gessle’s Roxette – Zurich, Switzerland – 19th October 2018 – #7

Per and his band had no break between the concerts in Vienna and Zurich. Many fans went to see the gang either for the first time or for the one and only time to Zurich. They were excited about the show and to see how Per Gessle’s Roxette works. What they didn’t expect was that their ticket they bought for the standing area of the venue, which was clearly stated on the seatmap to be in front of the stage wouldn’t be valid for that place anymore, but to the back, behind appr. 20 rows of seats. I mean, what??? The organizers, most probably the production company decided to reorganize the whole venue last minute, not sharing any info previously. When people could enter the venue at 18:30 they wanted to go inside and enter the standing area in the front, but the staff didn’t let them enter the front part. There was a seperated area of appr. 20 rows of seats and the staff told those are already taken. That wasn’t shown on any seatmap before.The seats were not unnumbered,  but actually the balcony seats were moved to those front of stage places. So those who had tickets for the balcony could get close to the stage and sit there, while those who bought their tickets exactly because they wanted to stand as close to the stage as possible, they had to go behind all the seated people. What a mess! And there was no one to talk to, to get an explanation at least. At the venue, everyone blamed someone else. The staff said it was the artist’s management that wanted the venue to be rearranged, however, others said it was the production company’s decision. Of course the hardcores tried everything possible and some of them got ”lucky” being able to change their tickets to the new seated area. And it wasn’t front row, but mostly 3rd row and more to the back. Fans were totally disappointed, for an understandable reason… And can you imagine the disappointment of those who were not able to change their tickets and had to be standing in the back? A nightmare! It might have been the suggestion of the artist’s management to make the floor seated, but they confirmed they weren’t aware of the issue mentioned above. Probably, they thought it could be sorted out in the way they changed 2 Swedish venues from standing to seated already. Seated, but with unnumbered seats, so first comes, first serves. And that was announced weeks before the concerts will take place. But it seems that in Zurich the price of the balcony tickets were 10 CHF more expensive than the standing tickets and the organizers probably thought the only fair thing is to offer them the front of stage seats. But they didn’t think about being fair to those who bought their tickets for the standing area, in front of the stage. We all started worrying that if it could happen in Zurich, it can happen at any other venue during the rest of the tour. The management said they would keep an eye on it and make sure this would never happen again.

So that’s how the excitement of fans was partly killed in Zurich. Lee MacDougall was the support act there too and those who saw him for the first time say he was fun and he is a great musician. He really knows how to grab the audience’s attention and make them interested in his music.

Per didn’t change anything in the setlist. It was the (now usual) 20 songs.


1. The Look
2. Milk And Toast And Honey
3. Crash! Boom! Bang!
4. Dressed For Success
5. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
6. Spending My Time
7. I’m Glad You Called
8. Small Town Talk
9. I Have A Party In My Head
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. Opportunity Nox
12. The Big L.
13. Fading Like A Flower
14. Doesn’t Make Sense
Band presentation
15. How Do You Do! (in a medley with No. 16)
16. Dangerous

17. Queen Of Rain
18. Joyride

Encore 2
19. Listen To Your Heart
20. The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye

Mr. G and all the band members were in top shape, they put all their energy into their performance. They for sure didn’t even realize something was wrong in the audience area. They tried to animate the crowd, showing signs to get up or clap, but it worked only partly. Never mind, their joy of being on stage made many magic friends still very happy and those who wanted to join the Joyride, just did so and had much fun. Tthere were lots of balloons in the air. They were probably coming from those fans who got stuck behind the newly added seats. It would have been nicer if they could throw the balloons in the air in the front.

People were standing up from their seats during the uptempo songs, but not all of them. During the ballads and talking they were sitting. No surprise. Those who originally bought their tickets for the balcony wanted to sit anyway…

Fun thing is that a few people requested Sommartider. In between the songs when it was quiet there were people shouting out for it here and there.

Åsa was there filming a lot during the concert and as I mentioned in my Vienna review, Anders Roos is coming to take pictures to 8 shows, so he was there in Zurich too.


Oh well… I said that after each seated gig on this tour so far that if those concerts are such a blast, I want more seated shows. But not the way it was arranged in Zurich. Hopefully, such a mess won’t ever happen again.

Per after the show:


Wow! What a great Friday night! Thanks so much for showing up and making all that glorious noise!!! Seventh gig of the tour and now this show is starting to make sense for real!! Love this band, Helena is truly amazing, Malin-My as well. Ola + Andreas are bringing their own magic and mix it with the gold stuff I’m so used to from my old war heroes Clarence, Chris + Magnus. What a privilege to play with these people. Lucky me. Day off tomorrow. Warsaw on Sunday. See y’all there! Badabam from P.

Pics in the article are taken by Sandra Knospe. Thanx for sharing them and also for all the info about the gig and management confirmation.

More photos:


Roxette XXX Tour – Locarno, Switzerland (Moon and Stars) – July 10 – #51

Concert No. 51 took place in a beautiful setting in Locarno. The last time Roxette played at the very same place, Piazza Grande was almost exactly 4 years ago, 14th July 2011. That was a sold out show with more than 12,000 people in the crowd. This time (according to Corriere del Ticino) appr. 6,600 people went to see Roxette. Actually, the huge main square looked so full, I can’t imagine how more people could fit there. Most of them were standing on the ground, but since there are houses, those who live there watched the show from their balconies. How cool is that! Wouldn’t we all want Roxette to play under our balconies if not in our living rooms?

After some disastrous and messed up inlets on this tour leg, the security team in Switzerland showed it can work in a much better way. Those Roxers who had been waiting in front of the open air venue all day could reach their well-deserved spots in the front row.

Roxette charmed the audience with their performance and yet another sweaty night it was for the band. Marie was shining and in top shape, Per was smiling all the time from ear to ear while jumping like hell. The band was very energetic, too and they animated the crowd continuously, however, the audience rather remained a bit reserved. The setlist got one song shorter than at the past few shows. It was again The Heart Shaped Sea that was left out.

Just like in Vienna an Austrian flag, in Locarno at the end of the concert a Swiss flag was thrown to the stage by long time Roxers Karin Rubischung and Jörg Zimmerli. Dea and Chris held it up, you can see it on this pic. Lovely!

To make sure everyone sees what is happening on stage, there were big screens on the 2 sides. Just like in Australia for the Sydney Opera House gig, the screens were showing everything in black & white.

Anders Roos, photographer of the upcoming XXX tour book this time fixed a camera to Christoffer’s guitar he is using during Dressed For Success and Dangerous. Quite curious about the result. We do hope we will get to see it one day!

Åsa is still on tour, so we can expect many cool videos appearing on Roxette’s Facebook page from the show.

Per’s words after the Locarno bonanza:

LOCARNO UPDATE: Allright!!! Could this be the most beautiful concert setting in the world? I dunno, but it sure makes your jaws drop when you’re standing on that stage!!! Wonderful crowd and a most asskickin’ band this hot Friday night. Thanx everyone for showing up, I dunno how many you were, looked like at least 10.000. Some sleep now, after some really stupid Pelle jokes, then it’s Zurich-time! See y’all tomorrow, folks!! Cheers, P.

Can you believe that only 10 shows are left and the European tour leg is over? My, oh my… Roxette stays in Switzerland for one more gig. Next show is in Zurich without a day off (11th July). Dear champagne lovers, don’t forget to party hard! 😉


Articles and photos

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Corriere del Ticino; on
Roberto Finizio’s photos
Raffaele Photographer

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13; 14;


She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
Fading Like A Flower / How Do You Do!

Sleeping In My Car
It Must Have Been Love


Pic by Angela

Sleeping In My Car
The Big L.
Spending My Time
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Crush On You
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
Watercolours In The Rain / Paint
Fading Like A Flower
How Do You Do!
It Must Have Been Love
Dressed For Success
Joyride (intro: Vogel-Lisi)

Listen To Your Heart
The Look


Thanx for your help with the setlist, Karin Rubischung!

Roxette at SnowpenAir – a Swiss Roxer’s diary

You could already read and hear about those 3 hardcore Swiss Roxers – Cathérine, Karin and Jörg – who were lucky enough to enjoy Roxette’s soundcheck on 5th April and be part of a once-in-a-lifetime ROXperience last weekend. If you don’t know who they are, watch the soundcheck video (“HDYD soundcheck. Snowpenair….”) Per shared on Roxette Official, Facebook on 7th April. They are the ones who are jumping the most in the “crowd”. 😉

One of the 3 lucky fans – Cathérine Frei – has written her “diary”, which I thought is worth being shared with you to make it possible being part of the happenings via her stories. Here it comes. (Beware, it’s hardcore! 😉 )


ALMOST UNREAL – A Roxette fairy tale in the Swiss Alps

What a fantastic, out of this world weekend trip! Words can hardly describe the experiences and feelings we had during those two days. One thing is for sure: Moments of such happiness make the world go round in everybody’s lives. For those among you who like Roxette fan stories, I have tried to sum up the vastness of all my impressions of those two days in early April 2013.

Day 1: Train ride and rehearsal

“Luck” is the first word that comes into my mind when I think of the experiences of the day prior to the concert. Extreme luck made one of the most awesome moments in my life as a diehard Roxette fan possible. Why had my two friends Karin and Jörg and me decided to stay in Grindelwald? I have no idea, it was more or less a random, and a very LUCKY decision to stay there and not in one of the other surrounding villages. We travelled there quite early, a plan of which I actually was not too fond of, but LUCKILY Jörg wanted to do that. If we had ridden up later, the opportunity would have gone. When we arrived there, LUCKILY Karin checked Facebook on her iPhone and saw Per’s post about their sound-check plans. So we quickly ran to the train station in order to hurry up to Kleine Scheidegg! LUCKILY, the whole gang was there, waiting for the next train. So, we experienced a train-joyride with Roxette. Up at the mountain, we placed ourselves just outside of the railway station, where you have the overview of the venue and the stage. We observed how the gang slipped down to the stage, which looked funny but stylish. Put ‘em on, put the big boots on? Forget it! Except Christoffer, they were all wearing light summer shoes. As an exception, I am merciful and defend Per with his own words: They are from the South of Sweden, they are not used to this. Check the respective video on Roxette Official if you want to hear this perfect excuse from the man himself.

They started rehearsing with Dressed For Success, and we were singing, jumping and clapping up there, at the mentioned place. Surprisingly, the festival ground was accessible, but decent as we are (supposed to be), we did not dare to go down, closer to the stage. We feared maybe they would feel disturbed by us. A bit later, a few skiers and two other spectators were sliding down and stopped a few meters in front of the stage. Bojo was around and tolerated it, therefore we had the impression it was alright to go down. Nothing could stop us anymore and we literally jumped down that snowy ground, while we were singing and shouting. We all must have looked extremely silly. The three of us celebrated Roxette’s sound-check, which was actually an entire rehearsal, just a few meters away from the stage, jumping, dancing, singing, going crazy. It was unbelievable. And it was reassuring to see Bojo’s grin in his face when he watched us, so we knew that what we did was fine for them. As they rehearsed for almost an hour with actually no real breaks in between the songs, it almost felt like a small concert without a crowd but with tons of space for jumping and dancing in the snow. I thought I was dreaming, it felt like everything was surreal. Here are three funny or interesting details of this rehearsal:

«  Per once said “thank you”, but we could not figure out if it was out of sheer routine or if it was directed to us. I assume the first mentioned is the case 😉

«  Before Perfect Day, Marie said: “This is a test (for) Perfect Day”. It sounded a bit as if she wanted to say that she’s not fully convinced that it will work out fine. With no reason – she sang it like a goddess.

«  The rehearsal ended quite abruptly with the transition between How Do You Do and Dangerous, of which we were not so sure if it worked properly or not. Maybe that was the official rehearsal version 😉

Later, we took the Roxette-Express back to Grindelwald again. On that evening, we were completely over the moon and floating through space.



  ©Karin Rubischung            Snowy soundcheck, 5th April, 2013


Day 2: Concert

We could not act any different than taking the first train up to Kleine Scheidegg, arriving at 8.00 am, what enabled us to capture the pole position at the ground entrance. Of course it was cold, but we were not freezing, so it was much more pleasant than expected. At the time of entrance, also known as the heart-attack moment, we fortunately managed to run down the snowy ground to the stage fast enough to position ourselves exactly where we wanted, “front-row middle-left”. I am very pleased to say that I also enjoyed two of the other acts, which played before Roxette. Hanery Amman, a Swiss rock and blues singer / songwriter / piano-player veteran, was really entertaining and his music was spreading good mood and a warm, lively atmosphere. One Republic was strong as well, I liked their performance, they seem to be versatile and talented musicians.

Then it was time for our darlings to hit the stage! I stop narrating in the chronological style at this point of my text, since everything that would follow now would be a repetition of hundreds of other Roxette concert stories. I guess my writing skills are not sophisticated enough for inventing new ways to describe the enthusiasm that every diehard fan knows very well. Therefore, let me just stress one thing in particular: It was more than obvious that Marie, Per and the whole band were extremely excited to play together again. Sheer joy, fun and happiness were visible in all their faces throughout the entire gig. Per was smiling and radiating like the sun. Same with Marie, her smile was breath-taking. After Perfect Day, she was very moved, fighting with tears. The atmosphere on stage led to a great magic between the band and the audience, so that also the less dedicated fans and other visitors were evidently simply captivated. As far as I could judge it from the front-row, the main part of the audience sang along very loudly and fervently. It was noticeable that Marie, Per and the band absolutely loved this moment, on that stage, at that snowy gig, here in beautiful but foggy Switzerland. But it is clear: There is only one sun in our solar system, and this sun had to be Roxette in this moment.

Cathérine Frei, Zurich, April 8th, 2013



  ©Karin Rubischung                   SnowpenAir gig, 6th April, 2013



Roxette rocked SnowpenAir

Roxette arrived to Switzerland on 5th April and went to the venue in the afternoon. Some VERY lucky fans had a chance to hear and see the soundcheck. Even Per stated it on Facebook:

Wow! We love this place. Had a great soundcheck in front of serious winter lovers/Rox fans and it all felt like the tour was still going on. More to come tomorrow.

Fans reported that Roxette were in top shape like there was no break. Per had the same opinion:

The band looks like they just came back from Mexico last year!


Those serious winter lover Roxers were already there at the venue early this morning, to be able to reach the front row and they made it! SnowpenAir was reported to be sold out: 9000 tickets. First there was MC Juli, Hanery Amman, then came OneRepublic at 13:30. At 15:30  Roxette hit the stage.

We hoped for a certain coat to appear on this gig and when our RXB team mate Kirsten wrote a Facebook status after the show started: ”MaTaH coat!!!”, we all were very happy. We asked her about Per’s outfit, too and then let her enjoy the show. 😉

The gig lasted for about 1.5 hour. Roxers say it was an amazing, awesome, fantastic show, so fans had a blast! According to the photos we’ve seen so far and Per’s post, Roxette had a blast, too and they looked HOT HOT HOT!

Thanx for a fab afternoon delight by the ski slopes here in Switzerland. Wonderful reception, and Hey! This band works like clockwork!! First gig in six months, only less than an hour soundcheck yesterday and and almost everything works. Amazing + purrfect. Thanx everyone for your support, always nice to see familiar faces in the first rows!
Cheers + see ya next time! /P&M


Marie_Snowpenair  Per_Snowpenair

Photos by M. Lopez



  1. Dressed for Success
  2. Sleeping in My Car
  3. The Big L.
  4. Spending My Time
  5. Stars
  6. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
  7. Perfect Day
  8. It Must Have Been Love
  9. 7Twenty7
  10. Fading Like a Flower
  11. Crash! Boom! Bang!
  12. How Do You Do!
  13. Dangerous
  14. Joyride (band presentation before Joyride and local song: “Kiosk”) /only some fan balloons, no beachballs in the snowy mountains/
  15. Listen To Your Heart
  16. The Look


According to Berner Zeitung, they fly back to Sweden this evening. Hopefully, the internet connection will be perfect in Sweden and Per will post tons of videos and pics from yesterday and today.


Thanx to all the Magic Friends who were keeping us updated, especially to Kirsten Ohlwein, Mandy Sedgwick, Karin Rubischung, Jörg Zimmerli and Natalie Natalie.


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