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Extra-long interview with Per Gessle by Thomas Evensson

Thomas Evensson has interviewed Per Gessle for TDR. The interview is long and very interesting. Don’t miss it!

Of course, the main focus is on the new single, album and world tour.

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She’s Got Nothing On (but the radio)

What she got she got to give it to somebody
What she got she got to give it to someone
It’s not a case of growin’ up or lots of money
It’s just the fundamental twist of the sun

More at The Daily Roxette

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NOTP Countdown: Two articles in Belgian press.

The first one from Nieuws Blad was translated on earlier today and the other one from Gazet Van Antwerpen was published on The Daily Roxette – read it.

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NOTP Countdown: Thomas Evensson on radio

According to The Daily Roxette’s tweet Thomas Evensson, better known as tevensso, talked about Roxette tour on SR Halland radio station this morning at 8.50!


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Another comment from Per on Roxette remasters.

Of course we have been involved in the re-mastering of all the Roxette albums! Clarence spent a week on this! Where do all these strange ideas come from????? And same goes, of course, with the packaging and everything else. We’re still working as close as possible with the EMI Stockholm office since we’re still EMI artists. There is supposed to be a “high-light-feed” at iTunes all over Europe pretty soon for your info. Whatever that means.

Humbly yours, P.

Source: TDR

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Pearls of passion (2009 version) – sleeves.

Tevensso on TDR board posted three photos of “Pearls of passion” (2009 version):

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First look on Roxette 2009 remasters

The Roxette remasters sound swell! An extensive review coming up on @dailyroxette this weekend.

Source: Tevensso / The Daily Roxette

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P4 broadcast tracklist

P4 will broadcast Per Gessle’s concert from Cirkus on October 24. It is still uknown from which day it will come.

1. Dressed For Success
2. The Party Pleaser
3. Wish I Could Fly
4. Stupid
5. I Have a Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends)
6. Listen To Your Heart
7. Do You Wanna Be My Baby?
8. Opportunity Nox
9. Doesn’t Make Sense
10. Joyride
11. The Look
12. Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song)
13. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

Source: TDR

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USA & UK: more shops list Roxette remasters.

For those who live in USA: (all albums, just for $8.99, the regular price is $19.98)

For those who live in UK: (there is no Room service 2009 version, no price is given) (the release date is September 28, no price is given) (only digital releases, £7.55)

Thanks to TheRain1981 & colby.fredriksson @ TDR.

If a shop in your country lists Roxette remasters, let us know here or on our Twitter and we will post informations on that!

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Cirkus concert on P4

Swedish radio P4 will broadcast Per Gessle’s Cirkus gig on October 24. It is still unknown from which day it will come, but as for now we were informed it would not be the whole concert. Before the broadcasting, the interview will be aired. It is connected with a release date of “Gessle over Europe” which is set to be out in Sweden on October 21.

Source:, TDR

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“Gessle over Europe” on October 21?

According to user ‘the rain’ on TDR board, Gessle over Europe will be released in Sweden on October 21. There is no source of this information and it is not confirmed by the Man.

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The 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs according to Gessle

Roxette’s Per Gessle and Swedish music journalist Sven Lindström celebrate the summer season with a countdown of the 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs of all time on The Spectrum’s Nordic Rox, SIRIUS XM’s Scandinavian music show. Listeners heard songs by Peter Bjorn and John, Eagle-Eye Cherry, ABBA, Roxette and more.

The Spectrum, SIRIUS channel 18, XM channel 45:
Sunday, July 12 at 8:00 pm ET
Wednesday, July 15 at 11:00 pm ET

Has someone recorded this show or at least got the final list?

Source: TDR,, Sirius XM

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“Roxette Ballads” on #4!

Roxette’s song pack Roxette Ballads for the PlayStation game SingStar is #4 on the SingStore’s global download list for June.

Source: & TDR

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