Press release from The Race Legends


Race tickets (combination tickets to The Race Legends and Roxette) will not be valid to the entrance of the concert with Roxette in Halmstad, on 14th of August. The reason is that the area of the concert in Halmstad has a limitation in terms of audience capacity.

Purchased tickets are valid for next year’s event. The exact date will be announced this September on

For refund of tickets, send your information no later then September 15th to:

We want to thank all ticket buyers for your patience and understanding due to the situation and hope to see you at one of our future events.

Best Regards

The Race Legends

Reimbursement of The Race Legends tickets?

We got an interesting message from Andreas Kämpf regarding The Race Legends tickets

I got a phone call from Caroline Jepson from TRL last Thursday. She asked me if I want to change my racetickets to Roxette-tickets or if I want to give the tickets back and cancel my hotelbooking. Since I have new tickets for Halmstad I canceled the whole Anderstorp package. She sent me an e-mail and I replied with my bank account details. Now she will transfer the money I payed back into my German bank-account. I expect the money in the next days and will keep you informed.

The Race Legends event with Roxette gig cancelled!

According to an article, the upcoming The Race Legends event at Anderstorp raceway got cancelled due to financial problems of the organizers. It was meant to be the biggest event for the site since the 70s. As the article states, Roxette’s gig at the raceway doesn’t survive the failure. An official press release by organizer Urban Stamming about this issue is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday.

The Race Legends organisation was marked with confusion and failures from the beginning. There was a public dispute about the accepted ticket resellers. wants to receive compensation from TRL

It seems like the circus around the sale of Roxette’s tickets for show on Anderstorp Raceway will never end.

According to Swedish Radio’s CEO Hans Haraldsson was not very happy with The Race Legends’ decision to include and as the new resellers of Roxette tickets. Now Biljett Nu wants to receive compensation for breaking the deal as they thought they bought exclusive rights for this particular concert.

The Race Legends did not want to comment on that issue and Urban Stamming said that he thinks it is an unnecessary discussion.