Michael Saxell – a man behind Christoffer Lundquist’s album

Michael Saxell is a Swedish singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has recently worked with Christoffer Lundquist on Chris’ first solo album. Here are few interesting quotes from the recent interviews Michael gave.

On May 4th Christoffer’s debut album as soloartist “Through The Window” was released by Warner Music Sweden. All music by Christoffer and I’ve written the lyrics. Drummer extraordinaire Niklas Kilenstam and great singer Hanna Ekström add brilliance as well as string ensemble; Charlotta Bergström, Tomas Ebrelius, Johanna Skoglund and Charlotta Weber Sjöholm and horn players; Sven Andersson, Petter Lindgård and Jens Lindgård.

“Green” the first cut off Christoffer’s album is chosen as the theme song for an exciting new project, YMP(Young Masters Programme) involving United Nations, UNESCO and Lunds University etc.

I got an email from Christopher when he was in South Africa as part of the Roxette band. He told me that “Green” is the first track from his debut solo album and it has been chosen as the theme of a worldwide campaign called YMP, Youth Masters Program, developed for UNESCO.

It is a great pleasure to write together with Christoffer. It was like standing in a candy rain. That was the opposite of sitting and writting at the record company office in Nashvill as I have done several times before.

If you still have not purchased Chris’ album, just give a try and listen to this song!

Source: Michael Saxell’s page, Expressen, Wikipedia

Christoffer Lundquist’s first single “On Air” is out

Published March 25th, updated March 28th

“On Air” is the first single out of Christoffer Lundquist’s first solo album “Through The Window” (release date: May 4th) and can be already bought online on a Finnish website Meteli.net (store not known to us..).

The single has already been played on Sverigesradio a few times since 3rd of March. You can listen to it SR P4 archive – starting at minute 13!

If you have Spotify and are in Sweden, check it out here!

The album is already listed on CDON, Ginza and Amazon as far as we could see.

Fabulous song!

Update March 28th: Here are some promo pictures of Christoffer and the album cover in better quality!

Christoffer Lundquist to release solo album in May

As previously reported, Christoffer Lundquist is going to release a solo album in the following months. Warner Music Sweden AB has sent out a press release today with some information about the album:

– Album release is set for May 4th – two days after Christoffer is going to receive the “Sir George Martin Music Award” in Palladium, Malmö.

– Title: “Through The Window”.

– Tracklist (taken from Swedish online stores Ginza.se or CDON)

01. Green
02. On Air
03. The Raging Hands Of Time
04. Tiny Penelope
05. Full Moon
06. By A Garden Wall
07. A Clearing In The Forest
08. Cloudberry Way
09. Through The Window
10. Everybody Prop.8 Breakdown
11. Everything About This Life Is Garbe D In Mystery
12. Early Morning Street
13. Not A No-no
14. Showtime
15. Angel Blue

– Cover: seems to be taken from/in the studio.. with some wild animals and plants in addition 😉

– It has taken Christoffer 12 years to finish the album, which might not be surprising given that Christoffer’s studio Aerosol Grey Machine has always been taken by other artists. So the only hours the studio was free and he could work on the album were between 4 and 6 in the morning. And Christoffer needed some sleep as well.

– Christoffer has recorded, mastered and mixed the album himself. He also plays all instruments, except for the drums.

And about the award:

George Martin about the award and Christoffer: “When I was his age I was in the middle of producing Sgt. Pepper for The Beatles but nobody took any notice of me until much later. I wish to cheer him with his success and wish him well for his future!”

Here is once again the promotion medley uploaded by Warner.


Christoffer released an EP called “Major & Minor Songs” which contained 4 tracks in 2005. You can read a review by Tomasz here.

Christoffer Lundquist new album preview

You can listen to some snippets of Christoffer Lundquist’s new album on youtube.

Christoffer informed on Facebook that the album will be out on April 28th. The backing vocals in the album are done by Hanna Ekström.

Hi there,
it will be released on the 28th of april I think. Someone asked who was on backing vocals: Her name is Hanna Ekström, she’s from a small village close to my home. And her father is the schoolteacher of my oldest daughter! She’s on …facebook:http://www.facebook.com/hanna.ekstrom1
Thanks you everyone for the kind comments!