Message from Roxette’s management about the ticket sales

We just received this statement from Marie Dimberg (D&D Management), Roxette’s manager, regarding the tickets. Some issues have been solved now, so I think some fans will be happy about that.
Thank you for reading us and taking care of this.

Dear Roxers,

following the turbulent posting on Facebook and Twitter etc regarding the release of tickets for the upcoming XXX Europe Tour 2015 we’d like to clarify some of the queries on behalf of Roxette.

We’re actually rather surprised reading some of your negative comments as Roxette have always been a band who are widely known for keeping their ticket prices very low compared to most other artists. The reason for this is of course very simple. They want as many fans as possible to be able to attend Rox events all over the world. This is a fact, almost a trademark for the band, and that’s why this entire discussion makes us all quite startled and sad. But we hear you and want to meet your queries.

Here are some facts:

– The pre-sale system was launched in order to fight the black market companies who only try to rip off hardcore fans by buying bulk tickets and selling them with an enormous personal profit.

– It might be obvious but we must advise you to only buy tickets from our official ticket providers listed on our sites as well as on Live Nation sites. We also need to encourage you to very carefully and thoroughly read the information about tickets on these sites. In most cases you will find that an average ticket price is lower than most other artists and that the special pre-sale tickets are extremely limited in each country.

– Regarding the situation in Mainz, the local promoter made a mistake and the first rows should of course have been up for sale from the start. Marek Lieberberg Konzertagentur apologizes for this.

– Regarding London, Ticketmaster made a mistake and blocked too many tickets on the floor. This has now been corrected and all remaining tix are now available at regular price plus service fee.

We sincerely hope this explains some of your questions. After some wonderful shows in Russia with Finland, The Baltic countries, New Zealand and Australia coming up, Marie, Per and the band are really looking forward to the European gigs next summer. And to meet you there.

D&D management

If you don’t like it – don’t go: A ticket price rant..

This is just a blog post, WARNING, no news included.

In the middle of the ticket presales that started this week the fans have been surprised by not so nice things. One of the “things” popping up was an issue already months ago when the ticket sales in Australia started. Australian fans were – let’s say – surprised when they found out that the prices for tickets in the front rows were high above what they were willing to pay. A check today made clear the prices never changed, even though many fans complained about them on Facebook, Twitter, official sites and elsewhere. So, a “hot seat package”, which probably means you have a “hot seat” in front of the stage costs around 212 Euro. And then there is a “VIP package” which costs around 280 Euro. And of course, there are normal tickets – even in the front row, if you are lucky enough to get them. In the end that means that someone who paid 90 Euro could easily set next to somebody who paid 212 – a really bad thing and a trend that cannot be stopped it seems since there are always some people out there who pay every price they have to. For those who want to see more than one show it’s even harder.

However, prices in that range were hardly imaginable in Europe, but today we learned better. A front row seat for the show London costs around 380 Euro and a ticket for the also seated show in Paris is around 200 Euro. But this is not the only problem regarding the ticket issue. Many fans wondered why there are “exclusive presales” when it’s not possible to book and buy the best possible seats. This problem showed up for the show in Mainz (seated show, tickets costs 86 Euro which is pretty much for Germany and starting from row 3) and Paris (tickets from row 7 only). So yes, the question is: Why exactly do they offer an “exclusive presale” when it’s not possible to get the best tickets? Who else but hardcore fans buy tickets on an “exclusive presale”? Seriously?

A quick poll among fans showed what even hardcore fans are willing to pay. The German Roxette fan site Planet Roxette asked their users on Facebook about that. Many would definitely pay more for their favourite band but then buy less tickets and see less shows. For the German fans 80 Euro seems to be the magic limit. Compared to let’s say Romania this isn’t much. The tickets for the Romanian show cost 60 Euro, but please keep the ticket price-salary relation in mind. 200 Euro for a ticket is about 1/6 of a monthly average salary. 60 Euro in Romania are 1/7.

Another short story from yesterday/today. The Swedish presale via coop and comviq yesterday didn’t include the possibility to book tickets with an “early entrance” option. Today suddenly this option appears – for some extra 90 Euro. We wonder: What happened to the numbering system? Is it really all because of the money? And why is it necessary to totally rip off the fans?

Throughout the day many fans were clearly irritated about the increasing prices for concerts, prices which are not much longer affordable.  In the end, it’s pretty easy: “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If you don’t want to afford it, don’t buy a ticket.” But maybe it’s not that easy in this case. Many fans save their money for concert tickets for months, waiting for this one concert, this only chance to see their favorite band on stage. Everybody in this world should be able to do so. It’s clear that this is not Roxette’s fault but certainly a big fault of the promoters. Or maybe really their intention. In the end it means that at least some foreign fans don’t travel to Swedish Liverpool, because they are not willing to pay 190 Euro to stand in the front.

Just a short note: The German promoter Marek Lieberberg blocked the two front rows for the Mainz concert for themselves – no chance for fans to get in the front row. And not many people are willing to pay 86 Euro for a third row ticket.

This feels wrong. It probably shouldn’t be like that – neither the prices nor the way the agencies deal with the tickets they give away.

UPDATE, November 14th:

This is getting more and more absurd. Not only in Mainz but also in London the front rows are already blocked for American Express customers. So it says on the website: “”American Express Invites® Reserved Tickets.” If this is the future of pop concerts, then no, I don’t want to be part of it anymore.

Marie Fredriksson in ”Tack för musiken”

It’s nice to hear so many news about Ms Effe being very active nowadays. Today it has been announced that Marie will appear in Niklas Strömstedt’s ”Tack för musiken” (= Thanks for the music) show.

The show provides an exclusive and unique picture of Sweden’s most famous artists. Niklas and his guests are talking about music, memories, anecdotes from the artists’ career and also singing songs during the program that is recorded in Maximteatern, Stockholm. Other famous guests related to the participating artists are also attending the show, so we might see Per in the part with Marie as well.

The third season of this program starts in December on SVT, but recordings with Marie are on 27th August.

If you want to be in the audience, apply for tickets asap by sending an e-mail to Joanna Nilsson (Audience Manager): Provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, number of tickets you need and the name of the artist you want to see. Tickets cost only 70 SEK, payable in cash at the entrance. Who comes first is served first!





World Tour 2011: Tickets – UPDATED

As you may remember I did something similar back in 2009 with Party Crasher Tour’s tickets.

The idea is simple. We would like to collect all tickets from the 2011 tour. We would like to ask you to send us your tickets – at the moment we managed to collect almost all tickets from 2011 Roxette World Tour tour. As you see 3 more tickets are missing. Some pictures included belowe are low quality as well. So – if you want to send us something new or HQ, please do it at – thanks!

Read moreWorld Tour 2011: Tickets — UPDATED

Cologne and Leipzig concerts (almost) sold out

As it appears 2 more concerts in Germany are close to sold out after Berlin. Cologne is already sold out at both big ticket vendors, while the availability for Leipzig goes on/off at and According to Roxette’s homepage, 53,000 of 60,000 tickets in Germany (excl. the Audi gigs, as it appears) are sold. The Hessentagsarena in Oberursel/Frankfurt has capacity for up to 30,000 visitors.

Have a look at our World Tour 2011 page for the complete tour plan so far.

Thanks to Rene for the Cologne tip!

Berlin show sold out!

Roxette’s world tour concert in Berlin appears to be sold out at the biggest ticket vendor This could change again with additional contingents but indicates the nearing end of capacity. However, the promotion partner Spreeradio still has tickets on sale. So if you think about going there — don’t wait too long!

Update: A couple of hours later the other official ticket vendors like and have sold out as well. Be cautious if you buy from unknown re-sellers! The normal price was between 59 and 62 €.

What’s up with the tickets to Roxette’s concert in Prague?

Czech fans are extremely looking forward to their tour date in 2011. But, so far,  have failed to get hold of tickets for the show.

There is only one seller who has the exclusive rights to sell tickets, which is at the same time the owner of O2 Arena, a company named Sazka. Tickets can be bought on:

Unfortunately, the ticket sale has not started yet and nobody knows why. Some fans contacted Sazka and Live Nation a few times to find out where the problem is.  Sazka replied that they don’t have any idea when the tickets will be available. Live Nation, on the other hand, communicated about a month ago via the Facebook LiveNation CZ page: “During the course of this week we should get a confirmation on the exact date of start of advance sales. Subsequently, we will inform the public – and through media, web pages and Facebook. Of course, thank you for your understanding.” To the date, nothing has happened yet.

Another problem might be purchasing tickets from abroad, more info can be found here:

As stated on the website:

Orders of tickets from abroad please email to and specify:

  • event name and date,
  • number of tickets and price category (preferred sector if need be; please check out tickets availability on-line first clicking on „Tickets“),
  • your name, surname and delivery address.

When your order is fulfilled, usually until the next working day, you will be e-mailed back with confirmation and terms of payment. Payment of your reservation would be made via banking transfer, payment has to ordered in czech korunas (CZK) and all the bank charges has to be paid (code “OUR”). Tickets would be sent to your address then by post in a registered letter (expedition fee: within Europe 260 CZK, overseas 450 CZK).

  • Tickets can be ordered from abroad 30 days prior to the event at the latest.

Only the very expensive World Ticket Shop (a secondary ticket agent) already offers tickets to Prague show in the O2 Arena. But after a phone verification, we realised that the tickets will be actually sold only via, and that World Ticket Shop seems to only be adding up buyers to a list, to then purchase tickets from Sazka and pass them on to their customers.

Capacity of O2 arena is 18,000 seats and due to poor access to tickets, we are afraid that the arena won’t be filled as we would wish.

If you know anything about the Czech ticket sale let us know.

Thanks to Lucy for letting us.

UPDATE, 2.12 pm: Petra Osifova lets us know that it seems tickets will be on sale soon:

More info about the Anderstorp gig

(UPDATED, 16.21 CET): According to the audience will be allowed to  enter the event area at 17.00 CET (which either means we’re talking about two different stages or a re-organization of the so far known schedule for this day):

So, we have two different kinds of tickets – concert-only tickets for 650 SEK which can be bought at  and 3-days-race-tickets including the concert for 850 SEK which can be purchased at

Then we have a schedule with the stage program starting at noon. Until now many of us didn’t know and wondered how the entrance will be done since the owners of a 3-days-race-ticket can of course join the stage program starting at noon which is also included in the ticket. So as far as I know a lot of fans already bought the full package for 850 SEK just to be sure to stand the closest to the stage.

Thanks to Yana who sent a mail to the CEO we now know that everyone – no matter which ticket for the concert you have – has the same chances to reach the front row:

There will only be one type of ticket to the Roxette concert, regardless of if you have race ticket or a concert ticket.
The stage is located in the event area and there will only be standing tickets. No special tickets for close to the stage are available.
Both those who have a race ticket and those who have a concert ticket only will be forwarded in to the stage area at the same time.

So, the questions change from “how and when do we get in?” to “How does this work when there’s actually artists on stage performing before 17.00? Are there two stages, more entrances? And how do those with the 3-days-ticket get in to enjoy the stage program during the day?

Happiness, excitement and a lot of confusion

Wasn’t this a great week? Of course – all of us knew that Roxette would come back this year. But who expected a nearly full length concert this summer? I didn’t and I know that many others didn’t either. It feels so great that Per and Marie still have the power to surprise us again and again. So after some deep breaths we felt the happiness take over – followed by excitement and certainly getting out our filofax, iPhone or Palm (whatever) to see if we can attend the show at all. Place: Something in the middle of nowhere which makes it perfect I think, time: Summer. What more do we need? Yes, tickets. Thinking of tickets the confusion began..

1.) Some people found out that seems to be selling tickets for what they call the Roxette concert from Monday on – when I visited the site for the first time they offered tickets for a “Golden Circle” for 950 SEK and “normal” standing tickets for 550 SEK. From what I heard the tickets aren’t fake but too expensive. is a ticket reseller, which means they buy tickets from the organizers and sell them for a higher price. So what they are going to do is most probably buying tickets for the race which allow you to join the concert as well. In the meantime – after called the CEO of the event – the prices have disappeared from the website.

2.) The CEO made clear that a small number of concert tickets will be sold on their website and ONLY there. We don’t know the price yet, we don’t know when the sale starts and we don’t know exactly how many tickets will be available, but it’s approx. 1,000-2,000 tickets.

3.) Capacity: The newspapers reported that 45,000 people attend the concert, which seems to be in contradiction to Per Gessle’s words on Facebook and Twitter, who said that the concert is only for about 8,000-10,000 people. According to information on The Race Legends, the concert is for 45,000 and everyone who has a ticket for the race can attend the concert as well.

So, to clarify it at least a bit, with info we have for now.

– If you want to buy tickets which include entrance to the Race the 3 days, head to and buy one of the race tickets starting at 800 SEK. Concert is included.

– If you want to risk it, go ahead and buy tickets on from Monday on, we however cannot tell you what kind of tickets they are reselling. Besides that, they seem to be more expensive. You will probably end up paying more than directly at The Race Legends. Again, it’s at your own risk.

– Tickets for the concert only will be on sale via in short, but we don’t know when the sale starts yet. According to The Daily Roxette, will also be involved in selling tickets.

(UPDATE, 30/01, 12.02 pm): added a price again. Now they sell a concert-only-ticket for 605 SEK, sent as a pdf file.

Party Crasher Tour tickets

Do you still live on memories? Do you still have flashbacks from the Man’s latest tour? Yep, me too! That’s why I would like to present Party Crasher Tour’s tickets’ collection from each and every gig. I say thanks to all of you who helped me to collect all these tix. If you’ve got any ticket which looks different, then drop a line.

Helsinki – Mari Pudas / Ivanych @ R2R
Oslo – Jan Hedman / Daniel Bernhard
Copenhagen – Bo Hansen / Anja Jensen
Warsaw – Mikolaj Prymka
Prague – Almost Unreal @ R2R
Hamburg – Christina Röhrs
Munich – linki @ R2R
Cologne – Christina Röhrs
Zurich – Ms. Fredriksson @ R2R
Gent – otus! / Txiqui @ R2R / Andreea Totoescu
London – xarrrr @ R2R
Amsterdam – sarah @ R2R
Stockholm – tomos85 / Andreas Kullbjer / Sudek