World Tour 2011: Døgnvillfestivalen, Tromsø, Norway – September 1 #53

Yesterday Roxette played their only concert during the tour break in August and September at a festival in Norway.

Per’s comment:

Oh Yeah! Tromsö! Have you seen this place? Far out!!! It’s so far north you wouldn’t believe it but it’s the greatest place on Mother Earth. We had a blast at the festival. Headlining in front of a great crowd. The band was superb even though we haven’t played together for a month. And, hey, no soundcheck = No cheatng! Love you guys!

Articles and photos: (Review) “In summary, Roxette was a straightforward, fully chewed and partially enjoyable nostalgia trip.” (Video report) “The audience was delighted with the Roxette concert.” (Review, rating 5/6) “Hit-parade, singing and a perfect ending to the first Døgnvilldag 2011” (Review) “All in all a very nice concert, which perhaps lacked a little energy, but the Swedes can definitely still deliver to their fans.” (Photo gallery) (Review) (Photo gallery)

Roxette to take part in Norwegian festival in Tromsø

Organizators of Døgnvillfestivalen in the Northern Norwegian city of Tromsø announced that Roxette is set to perform during this year’s festival. The festival takes place between the 1st and 3rd September and Roxette is said to perform on Thursday (September 1st). This makes the 4th Roxette concert in Norway this year and the 69th (!!!) on the World Tour 2011 schedule.

The festival’s director Hogne Rundeberg said:

This is one of the bands on the list of ultimate bookings for us and we are looking forward to this historic event. We have a tradition to have great artists with us and this concert is a guaranteed singalong – in the same way as the a-ha’s gig last year.

Other Swedish artists like Robyn, Veronica Maggio or The Cardigans are going to perform there as well. It is the third largest festival in Norway with over 13,000 people participating.

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