Jonas Isacsson responds to Roxette fans

Since Roxette’s longterm guitar player Jonas Isacsson didn’t participate on the latest album “Charm School” and the current World Tour, many fans wondered why they stopped to work together and wished him to reappear on new projects like the “Tourism 2” (working title) album. Jonas now responded to fans on Facebook in sort of an open letter:

Dear friends!
I’m honored and happy that you enjoy my
guitarplaying so much.
But let Roxette do their new stuff as they want.
It took some time for me to get rid of the ghost and
… grasp that I don’t work with them anymore.
I was sad but now I’m getting over it.
The old records are still there for all to hear and I’m
proud of my work. But that was then!
This is now and Rox are doing fine without me.
And I’m doing fine without them.
Let us carry on just like that.

Take care!
Jonas Isacsson

His last appearance with Roxette was the “Night Of The Proms” tour 2009 and the performance for Princess Victoria’s wedding in June 2010.

Good luck with your new projects, Jonas!

Thanks to Roland for the Info!

Update: Roxette comment this article via Facebook:

We all love Jonas dearly + are sure we’ll work together again.

Marie Fredriksson: “They loved our show” (18.06.2010)

Marie and Per were interviewed by Aftonbladet journalist just after the performance on June 18th. “It was just wonderful to sing “The Look”, tells Marie to Aftonbladet, “Victoria and Daniel were both so “ooh”, they loved it. Victoria is absolutely fantastic and I am so happy that she likes us”. Per also thought it was a “top class performance”and that it was a fantastic evening, “now I’m going home to recharge myself with a little sleep,” he tells Aftonbladet.

Marie Fredriksson and her husband were also asked by Aftonbladet TV reporter about their impression of Victoria and Daniel. Marie answered that she is happy that Victoria likes Roxette so much and Daniel’s reaction for Roxette’s performance was just “ooh”. You can see pictures of the performance on Aftonbladet.


Source: Aftonbladet

Thanks for help to roxy13.

Roxette at the pre-wedding concert – June 18th.

Roxette played one song – The Look – and made the whole royalty stand up in the end. Misc: Helena Josefsson didn’t have a microphone in the beginning, Jonas supported the band on lead guitar and Per painted his finger nails black again.

Aftonbladet also already reported about the performance, saying that even the King and the Queen enjoyed the performance and Roxette were a highlight of the whole concert.

Update: HD version of The Look on Youtube