Amsterdam bootleg

pg2009-05-06_front A Dutch fan, Joost, recorded Per Gessle’s Amsterdam gig from the 6th of May with Marie Fredriksson as a special guest and prepared a wonderful cover for this bootleg. The Brazilian Roxette site published an mp3 compressed rip of the recording which you can download following the link below:

CONCERT (password:

Or you can contact Joost for the original non-compressed audio files at You can download the cover made by Joost here as well.

4 thoughts on “Amsterdam bootleg”

  1. Actually, this is my recording. The people of ‘RoxetteBrasil’ only ripped it and offered it on their site without giving me any credit. If you want the original, non-compressed audio files contact me at

  2. I knew it from the start! I even asked these ppl (in another forum) if it is YOURS but I didn’t get a reply. I can’t believe ppl really do this. I am sorry that we posted it here!

  3. As requested by Joost, I updated the article 🙂 Sorry for messing up when article was published, the brazilian didn’t mention on their site where they took the recordings from.. I can’t stand this stealing and not mentioning the original source!!!!

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