Marie in Spain.

Carrita Henningsson informs on Twitter that she saw Marie Fredriksson on the plane from Spain the other day. It means Marie was on holiday with her family in her Spanish house in Marabella. It’s very probable that New Wave Festival rehersals or recording session will start soon.

6 thoughts on “Marie in Spain.”

  1. She doesn’t specify, but I assume Marie’s been there with Mikael at least.

    I wonder when rehersals with NTOP orchestra will take place?

  2. I don’t think rehearsals start before september. I think they’re busy with the New Wave festival and recording the new songs first. I actually wonder WHERE the rehearsals take place. 😀

  3. Oh, I would totally forget about New wave-thing 😀 Well, we still don’t know if NWF will be toally live, singback or playback.

    Orchestra rehersals will start in Antwerp in the middle of October, I think. NOTP starts on October 23…

  4. I thought maybe the family is staying in Marbella while Marie is making some money 😉

    NOTP rehearsals with full orchestra should take a bit longer than a 10 days. Didn’t they already rehearse at 9/11 2002?

    Probably first band/act and orchestra each on their own, later combined. The NOTP musical director is currently travelling to the bands, to coordinate the songs/arrangements.

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