5 months of Roxetteblog – thanks!

On April 29th we started with Roxetteblog, not really knowing where this would lead us to. Five months later, we get a big smile on our faces when we see:

  • We have written 209 posts, to which you wrote 389 comments
  • We have had about 4,000 unique visitors per month and 102,000 views in these 5 months

We now think it’s time for three things:

  • Thank you all for your support!!!
  • Thank you for your contribution to the site as well: keep the articles and news coming!
  • Ask you for your feedback:  we would like to know what you like and you dislike about this website. What you miss, what we could do to improve it.

You can leave your messages here, or use the contact form or our Twitter account @roxetteblog. Thanks!

And I personally want to thank the team behind Roxetteblog: Tomasz, Kirsten, Sascha and Jiri for their time investigating and writing great articles 🙂

12 thoughts on “5 months of Roxetteblog – thanks!”

  1. Hip hip hurray! 😀 The stage reunion was a great time to start this off.

    I’d like to give the site a rox-style head banner and tweak the colors a bit. Easy to change the pic? I’d make one.

  2. I love it, too. Thanks for inviting me to contribute here with my little-nonsense articles 😉

    And yes – some kind of RoxetteBlog.com logo and changing colours would be nice! We gotta think about it!

  3. There are so many Rox-fans who know how to design such things. Maybe we should organize some kind of contest? With no prizes, though 😉

  4. Well, I definitely don’t have the skills to design a WordPress template on my own: If anyone CAN, let’s try. Otherwise we would have to get rid of WordPress and design our own blog (which includes php and more..). Don’t know…

  5. So let’s do it. And re-open RB on NOTP premiere!

    I gotta few ideas regarding our website and tour’s start. I’m going to write about it later on.

  6. *To everybody from Roxblog: Happy Birthday People!
    Definetly my fave roxette site is roxblog!
    The fans were missing sth like this since the end of Roxette Official Fanclub! 🙁
    And now… if I were Per, I would change my speech… “If I want to know where I was or what I did, I definetly check: roxetteblog!” … rsssss… (sth like that I think…)
    Keep doing this wonderful job people!
    * to Tomos85: I can help with design btw! ;D

  7. Dany, you can think about re-design of RB. We need good ideas 🙂 And yes, I suppose we’ll organize a no-prize-contest for the most creative fans 😉

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