NOTP tracklist [not confirmed]

German NOTP Fan page published a tracklist for Night of the Proms tour in Germany. For your information, it is not official or confirmed.

Il Novecento – Ouverture 2009
Il Novecento – Finlandia (Jean Sibelius) 1899
Katona Twins – Double Concerto RV532 1717
Il Novecento – Bolero 1928
Christina Stürmer – Das können wir sein 2009
Christina Stürmer – Engel fliegen einsam 2005
Christina Stürmer – Ich lebe 2003
Heaven 17 – Temptation 1983
Il Novecento – Miss Marple (Goodwin) 1961
John Miles – Music 1976
Katona Twins – Bohemian Rhapsody 1975
Il Novecento – Schlittschuhläufer-Walzer 1882
Alan Parsons – Sirus / Eye in the sky 1982
Alan Parsons – Silence and I 1982
Alan Parsons – Don´t answer me 1984


Il Novecento – Le carnaval romain 1843
Heaven 17 – Trouble 1987
Heaven 17 – Temptation 1983
Il Novecento – Suite to dance 2009
Katona Twins & J. Miles – Stairway to heaven 1971
Il Novecento – Ouverture Roxette 2009
Roxette – Wish I could fly 1999
Roxette – It must have been love 1990
Roxette – The look 1989
Roxette – Listen to your heart 1989
Roxette – Joyride 1991

Il Novecento – Land of hope and glory 1907
All Artists – Let it be 1969

Source: NOTP-Fanpage

8 thoughts on “NOTP tracklist [not confirmed]”

  1. Hmm, 2 times “Temptation”..? We’ll see how much is real…

    You forgot to mark this bold: “Il Novecento – Ouverture Roxette 2009”

    That sounds very interesting! Kind of orchestral medley? People would get a much wider impressions of Rox than the 5 main songs. With the finale seven times Rox after all! 😀

  2. Ok, don’t want to be mean here – but do you think I still can get to my place after the break? I definitely can’t do 7 complete no ;D

  3. I have no idea what to think about it. I though it would be more like Stjarnklart the last year. One Roxette song and then another artist, but now I’m not so sure anymore.

  4. No, it was clear from the beginning that the “headliner” will play at the end of the show…but the part pre-Roxette looks loooong.

  5. The artists blocks look correct, at least it went that way in 2002. No artist shuffle… 😉

    Kiwein: At seven shows I’d think the same… But I’ll handle two dates. The whole concept is quite nice after all!

  6. This playlist is a “wish”list from the people of the fanpage… The actual one will probably be (very) different… We know what the Roxette songs will be (because Per told it at the press conference), not the running order… We can hope for a Roxette Ouverture, but we can only be sure when the shows have started…
    all the other songs are guesses and/or wishes…

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