A place to visit: “On the beat” shop.

otbHave you ever thought about visiting the London shop in which Per Gessle and Anton Corbijn were in 2005 to take some photographs for the Man’s second solo album in English called “Son Of A Plumber”? If yes, remember “On the beat” name. Danyela Etchart was there in May 2009 while European “Party crasher tour” and wanted to share with us her story enriched with a clip and pics from that place.

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2 thoughts on “A place to visit: “On the beat” shop.”

  1. It’s a cool looking store, and a good choice for a photo shoot, but it’s actually one of the WORST record stores in London! Bad selection and worse prices! If you’re going to London and you want to do some serious record shopping, avoid Soho and Camden completely, and go to these two shops: Flashback and Haggle Vinyl on the Essex Road in Islington.

  2. Greenwich have some 2nd hand stores with good prices and great stuffs too! Try also this neighbourhood in London! But O.T.B is is cool because of S.O.A.P. (of course!) and “according to Gessle”! But also according some DJ’s in London… but you are right, some rare stuffs are expensive! But… have fun, be fan… Buy a cheap stuff and take some SOAP photos!!!!

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