13 thoughts on “Helena Josefsson – Fen & Jag [clip]”

  1. I read somewhere that the DNS for 900.000 (?) Swedish websites were off yesterday and can still cause problems…

  2. At least it looks like it was shot in Tylösand, yes. I can be wrong but it fits too perfectly to not be true.

  3. this girl is .. funny 🙂 The video is funny, even though I am still not a 100% fan of her voice. She really seems to live in her own world 😀

  4. Judith, after all it’s Helena – we should get used to her, hmmm, own world. Anyway – I really like the song, though I expected the second album would be in English as the first one was. But this time she decided to record sthg in Swedish. Sounds fresh, interesting and much Helen-ish! 🙂

  5. Sorry, guys, but it is not Halmstad. It is Skanör. You can read it in Helena Josefsson’s myspace, in the videos section:

    HJ: “A little song with video especially made for you who are patiently waiting for my coming album! This song is not on the album, it is just a present for you! And some amusement for myself, because I needed to have a little fun instead of just waiting. Produced by Martin Josefsson and Per Blomgren from Sandy Mouche, in Per’s garage studio. The video crew is my sisters Sofia Josefsson (photography) and Carolina Josefsson (assistant) and my friends Annette Lindqvist (script) and Jens Jansson (cut)! Recorded in Skanör, on the very south edge of Sweden.”

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