25 thoughts on “NOTP tour: “Wish I could fly” & “The look” from Belgian TV”

  1. Hahaha, I just noticed that WICF is the version Bayern 3 played… oh my..nice to have the video now, though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Z! You can see that Marie was still a bit stiff at this that date, but great musical performance. 🙂
    Will be interesting to compare this to the TV show from Hannover! I guess we didn’t get any broadcasting (on radio) from Germany yet, all taken from Belgium and Netherlands…

  3. @Kirsten, you mean they put the picture from October 31st and the sound from Munich December 11th? Haven’t listened to these two clips yet, so cannot tell more…

    @Sascha Wasn’t so that there were going to be more radio broadcasts (at least from 2 radio stations)?

  4. And btw. if in the second part “Listen to your heart” and “It must have been love” would be included, it would make each song available in the hq…

  5. No, Tomasz, I mean that they separated the audio from the video and played the Antwerp recording on Bayern 3 telling it was from Munich. 😀 There are some parts in WICF she sings really significant, for example the “sweatin” and the “oooh oooh” in the end.. I can’t imagine she sang it like that ALL THE TIME. And as far as I remember the 14 shows I saw she really didn’t. But it’s really nice to have the video now!! I appreciate that.

  6. I’ve had no time yet to check my recording… Holidays are over, so I’ve to get up early and go back to work 🙁

  7. The most important fact is that you have recorded. It would be fun if you find some time in the nearest days/weeks and upload these files on sendspace.com or somewhere else 🙂 Anyway, I’m waiting impatiently for the informations regarding this broadcast.

  8. The Look & Joyride are :
    On “Avro” : Antwerp “stage”, Rotterdam “audience”
    On “één” : Antwerp “stage”, Antwerp “audience”
    (BTW : same goes for OMD with Enola Gay)

    Perhaps the reason for the “missing” IMHL : Marie mixing up the lyrics on 31 october (if I remember correct from a youtube vid)

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