Anderstorp schedule and tickets

Important information regarding the schedule of “The Race Legends” event. Roxette and supporting acts will start performances at 8.00 PM CET on August 14th. I suppose Roxette will start playing at 21.30.

Regarding tickets: we have talked and received an email from the CEO from The Race Legends with following information:



Roxette concert tickets are included in the race tickets, that can be purchased now at from 800SEK.

A limited number of concert tickets will be released in a couple of weeks.

Official race and concert tickets can ONLY be purchased at,

For further information please contact

Welcome to a spectacular weekend!

12 thoughts on “Anderstorp schedule and tickets”

  1. Ok, Tix can ONLY be purchased at your website. I get this. But: What happens to those who buy tix on biljettnu? How much will the tix for the show cost and how many tix will be available? And there’s no golden circle? So biljettnu is a rip off?

  2., according to my Swedish friends, is one of the sites that sells ticket for much more money than they cost before, so it’s up to everyone. If you want to pay more, then okay…

  3. Tomasz, that’s what I mean.. you write “…than they cost before”

    But BEFORE what? The tix for the concert on won’t go on sale on monday. So WHAT tix do they actually sell? I am confused.

  4. With “before” I mean the regular price, so I just suggest to buy the tickets on – and no other place to be sure that you have the right tickets and not to pay anything more than you should.

  5. When I talked with the CEO from The Race Legends, he said that such “golden circle” tickets don’t exist.
    So it looks like Biljettnu wanted to make some money here. That’s why he said tickets are sold ONLY via their website.
    Biljettnu has btw deleted the “golden circle” tickets 😉

  6. Aha!! Hmm…okay.. I should have looked here first..poor racelegends..they will drown in fanmail now…;)

    So now the only thing that is a bit unfair is that they don’t sell the concert tickets already now.
    I really can’t decide what to do now.
    Noone knows HOW MANY they will offer…..moaaaah…after 20 years I need a fulltime access all areas ticket valid for the next 20 years…..;) 😉 😉 I’m getting grey hair of this one day!

  7. @ Sascha: But didn’t Per say, that the area’s capacity where the gig will be held is about 10.000? So not everyone with a 3-day pass will have the chance to get in? Quite a bit unfair, if you spent a lot of money for those tix and thought you’d have full access to everything… Or maybe Per was wrong.

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