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So now you have your own chance to ask Per Gessle about forthcoming album and world tour. Just write a question (or drop a line) in the comment section and we – RXB staff – will choose the best ones and will try to get a little more information on these issues from the Man.

Please, don’t ask Per if Roxette is going to visit your country/city, he’s an artist, not a touring agency. Thanks for your patience 🙂

We are waiting for your questions till November 6th… so you have just 24 hours!

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  1. Hej Per, great that you have not forgotten “Good old Prague”! Unforgettable meeting with ROX in 2001.. My question: Will we get any bootleg demos from the new album, like you did once for Mazarin? Would be great! And what about old songs recorded by you to SOAP, but on demos sung by MF? Like Late, later on? Just have heard of them existing, not heard them, tyvärr. Looking forward to see you here in 2001! Kramar Majsi fr Prag

  2. From Jennifer in the USA,
    Hi Per! When it was still up for debate whether Roxette would be able to work together again, you mentioned that you had some Roxette songs stored away just in case. Does this album include all those songs? How long ago did you start writing the songs of this album? Do you have more ideas for a future album?

    Also, you have a huge catalog to choose from for the setlist. How much of it will be new material and how much from previous albums?

  3. Hej Per,

    during the last two years you did a rather intimate GOE-tour with a very pure sound and show on stage, which was, I think, very well received among the fans and allowed a closer contact between the musicians and the fans. This was followed by a couple of pretty huge and stylish NOTP-shows with new arrangements of some songs especially for a big orchestra. Now – after a ten years break – what are your ideas for the upcoming tour? Will these completely different experiences have any influence on the character of the concerts next year?

  4. Will there be support acts before the shows? If so what is your involvement in selecting them?

    Will the album be released in US and Canada as well?

  5. What’s Roxette biggest musical influence right now? Who’s gonna direct Roxette new music video? Would you consider this tour (and new album) more like a Roxette reunion, then you’ll go separate ways again, or you’re really back on the scene then we’ll hear more Roxette in the future?

  6. Tnere were some rumours of Roxette playing News Year festival in Poland, Vina del Mar in Chile and San Remo in Italy, were those just rumors our negotiations ate still happening and dates might be added later ? (I hope this one is ok, not meant to be a will-you-tour-in-my-country question)

    I was very surprised to see a date in Dubai (WTC), how big is Roxette there?

    How involved are you and Marie in the planning process for the tour (ie where to play,dates,etc.) ? Do you suggest possible places (whish-list) or is it just up to the tour agency?

    Is there any place not on the tour plan yet that you would personally would like to play?

  7. Is there at least one song longer thar 4.10 minutes on the new album? Room Service includes no song with this lenght and It tgink it’s a shame…

  8. Hi Per
    If the title of the new album by Roxette, should describe how you feel now that after all these years, you went back to work with Marie and the whole band, with what follows it like the old days (tours, promotion etc.) as you might call?
    by from Italy.

  9. Out of curiousity I searched through the EMI websites today and guess what? Nothing! No news on whatever EMI site.
    Last news on, and are from december 2oo9, reffering to the NOTP tour., and only offer a direct link to (nothing more) and at I can’t even find Roxette. So I was wondering if there are plans to change something about it. Will the album be released under EMI worldwide or will their be more different labels in different countries than in the past?

    I know, probably not a question to ask because of the political correctness but maybe you can use it or reword it somehow. I know I go like a bull at a gate here, but I’m so pissed about the way EMI works (NOT)

  10. * When can we expect a snippet of the new single ?
    * Who will be the director of the video clip for the new single ?
    * Is the new album going to be released in CD-format in the USA and the UK ?
    * How many songs will the new album contain ?
    * How many songs are up tempo and how many are ballads ?
    * When did you and Marie finally decide to start a world tour ?
    *Will you take the time to do promotional TV or radio interviews during the tour ?
    * Are there any plans to record a new album in the next few years ?

  11. Hi, Per. Many non-single songs (like So Far Away, Paint or Perfect Day) have really stood the test of time. Can you mention one or two new non-single songs that you think can become fans all-time favorites?

  12. Hej Mr. Gessle,
    thank you for the brilliant news about the upcoming Rox-tour and album. Your music means the world to me for 20 years now!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do and for always being so kind to us fans!

    My question:
    Could you imagine to take some recording equipment with you on tour again in order to record some new songs while you are on the road with Marie and the band?
    The Tourism album is a really unique album that is very dear to all of us fans. Would be extremely nice to be continued…

    Daniel from Germany.

  13. ***QUESTION TO PER: Please can we have the full recording of the Borgholm Concert from the Look Sharp Tour, it was amazing to see on video, but would so love to have the full concert if it was recorded, either video or just audio. Marie’s vocals were stunning that night. Thanks, Thomas ***

  14. Hola/Hello
    A recommendation:
    In live Listen To Your Heart “turns to dark” vocals same like album version please is more romantic that “turns to dark” is sung in the same way that the album would be great please,and end like live Stavanger with 13 seconds singing “heart”
    I’m from Spain (Andalucía-Málaga).I love you.
    My Questions are (mainly on the music of today and the new album):
    What about today’s music?What do you base your music? (your music is fantastic).Would you change anything in music today?.The new album is typical and modern today?
    Do you think about Spain? Will you write a song with different languages?For example French, German, Swedish and Spanish? Verses.
    What sound is inspired by the new album?.What do you aim with the new album?.
    How would you describe the new album?.
    Do You (Roxette) will make promoting the new album?.Is there a song with great potential for Per and Marie voice?
    DVD tour Spain?Subtitles in Spanish?
    Does the latest single match your 25th anniversary?
    The new album is eagerly awaited
    It would be great to see Roxette in Málaga.
    It’s great to hear Marie at the end of Listen To Your Heart.
    Please write something in Spanish in a song please.
    Spain loves you.
    Roxette is fantastic.
    Please do not delete words to the songs in live,in any case chorus.
    Roxette the best,The Kings of Pop-Rock (King and Queen)
    Sorry for my English.
    My idea for setlist:
    June Afternoon
    Fading Like A Flower (Everytime You Leave)/A Thing About You (fused,together)
    Song of the new album
    Dangerous/Crush On You (fused together)
    Almost Unreal
    7Twenty7/Sleeping In My Car (fused together)
    Come Back (Before You Leave)
    Spending My Time (Piano,vocals Marie)
    Things Will Never Be The Same (sound album version)
    Dressed For Success
    The Big Love (new sound)
    Song of the new album
    Never Is A Long Time (Per and Marie only)
    Perfect Day/Crash!Boom!Bang!
    Run To You (Per guitar, and Marie)
    She Does’n Live Here Anymore
    Silver Blue
    One Wish or Opportunity Nox
    Listen To Your Heart
    The Centre Of The Heart
    You Don’t Understand Me
    Wish I Could Fly
    It Must Have Been Love
    Song of the new album
    The Look
    Love Is All (Shine Your Light On Me)

  15. hi Per. it’s Sabrina & Sebastian from Argentina.
    found the opportunity to leave you and Marie a letter @ EMI (via Sven… he’s so nice…) and Atlantis Studios back in August, when we traveled to see you play live. best concerts ever (and trip!), btw!!!

    anyway, just hope you got them. but even if you didn’t, here goes our bold, straightforward, exciting, AND super duper humble question again: “would you please consider us to shoot your next video?”

    we know it’s crazy but we get the Rox world so well… we’ve been Rox fans forever, and given the chance, we know we could do something out of the ordinary and great. maybe it could be a great story too.

    here you’ll find some of our work: (our motion graphics / vfx studio) (our production company)

    we love you, man.
    looking forward to April 2011.

  16. Not a question but a request from me =)
    Here we go : I really think you and Marie should bring an acoustic version (of any song you want) on the tour,Cuz those are (for me and probably any other fan) the most magic moments on stage 😉
    I think as my childhood hero you really should do that for me :p
    See ya in Belgium!!! xXx Wendy

  17. My Questions are:
    *Would you change anything in music today?.*The new album is typical and modern today?
    *Do you think about Spain?
    *What sound is inspired by the new album?.*What do you aim with the new album?.
    *How would you describe the new album?.
    *Do You (Roxette) will make promoting the new album?.
    *Does the latest single match your 25th anniversary?
    Spain loves you.

  18. Hello Per. My questions is:
    Who will are the group support in the tour? Should be ‘The baseballs’, for me.
    Greetings from Argentina!! See you in april.

  19. Hello Per! These are my questions:
    1) What place you liked the most from your previous tours?
    2) Is there a place that you personally would like to visit (where you have never been before so far)?
    Thank you!

  20. Per: I was very pleased to hear songs that were never played live before, will there in the World tour be more of these songs

    Dennis, Netherlands

  21. We are astonished with the news! Your Southamerican fans can hardly wait till April.
    1) Will you be playing any song from your solo albums (i.e. S.O.A.P. or Party Crasher?). It would be amazing to hear Marie performing some of those songs. Really.
    2) Who is coming to Argentina? I mean the band…
    3) Any idea about the supporting band? Google Bonsur.

  22. Hej Per,
    What or who was your inspiration during the writing ‘n’ recording of the new album? Is there any funny story for your fans? 😉
    Evgeny from Moscow

  23. Hello, Per!

    I wonder, do you usually put on (or take with you) on stage some “lucky staff”, as favourite shoes for example? 🙂


  24. Per: I’ve been thinking that Mary is an example, a real example for the people (whether they are Roxette’s fans or not). You know. Her fight, her victory over the disease, and now she is singing again for all over the world. Are you thinking of writing a song as a recognition for herself, her example and courage?
    Thank you very much and we’re waiting for Roxette in Argentina!

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