Roxette’s Single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” is Out!

Long-awaited Roxette’s new single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio) can be purchased online from today on. So far, only the digital version is out. The digital single comes with “Wish I Could Fly” live in St. Petersburg, recorded in September.

International release dates may differ a bit, lists it for the 9th, some other places for the 10th. The CD single is scheduled for January 28.

We will list all stores (at least as many of them as possible) where it can be bought all around the world. Of course, we will need your help, let us know where it can be bought in your country!


PersonalMusica (only for Personal  – cell phone company – customers)



iTunes | Bigpond Music




Amazon France


Amazon (can also be bought from Austria) | iTunes | Musicload







HMV Digital (better quality)

Help Roxette to the download charts and buy your digital copy today!

Sascha has designed a couple of banners – feel free to use them on your website to promote the single.

48 thoughts on “Roxette’s Single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” is Out!”

    • With you there! can’t wait for the deluxe album – also counting down the days and got confirmation today that it will be released same time in south africa than rest of world!!!!! – (we can’t buy from itunes here – music legal stuff 🙁 bla bla bla)

  1. The song is available for download in Argentina, but only for custormers of Personal (a cellphone company), through their music portal:

    The price is $3.99 (Argentine pesos), and you get a 26,05MB .wma file. Movistar (the other important cellphone company) has not listed it yet.

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