RoxRequest – get active and support Roxette’s new single

Many fans are organising themselves in some countries to support Roxette wherever they can with the single.

Of course, one of the most effective actions is to contact your local radio station and request Roxette, I am sure you have done that many times before by calling the radio station. Times change though, and with the possibilities social media and internet offer, much of it can be done via Facebook or email.

Yesterday, for example, a group of German fans joined the Facebook pages of various German and Austrian radios to request the song. In Spain, the Spanish Fanclub has distributed email addresses of radio stations where the single was distributed so fans can request the song.

We are planning another request action – or as we use to call it, roxattaq – for this weekend in Spain and Germany. We will in short give you more details about that.  Let us know if you are organising such RoxRequest activities in your country so we can list it here as well!

We have also written down some additonal information about this on a new page.

13 thoughts on “RoxRequest – get active and support Roxette’s new single”

  1. Okay I’ll do my bit… created a page for the UK, don’t say I don’t try…

    FB people search ‘Roxette Roxattack UK 2011’ :p

  2. I will try to do my best! To promote them in the netherlands!
    I send an E-mail to 3fm our national radio station!
    And I made my homepage in the colors of the new single!
    With a picture from the cover on the background!
    Take a look:

    Cheers! and Rox on!

  3. I’ll try to get some things going here in Switzerland. The Eastern part of the country is already well covered, from what I know. I’ll keep my focus on the capital region (Bern ect.)

    The national pop music station (DRS3) will play the single tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon during the chart show. I doubt however that they’ll keep playing it afterwards.

  4. I think the best way to start a powerful RoxAttack is to form national/regional groups. No fan can request and promote all around the globe! Maybe some “weaker” regions need support from abroad though.

  5. I hear you Sascha…I’ve emailed our local newspapers and radio stations and even EMI South Africa. Feedback from EMI is that they will start promoting once the new album is released only, leading up to the concerts…one can only hope!

  6. German radio station SWR3 just called me because of an Email I sent them – they interviewed me about being a Roxette fan for 20 years… veeery embarrassing my answers LOL It will be on the air at around 13:45 CET and then they will play She’s got nothing on.

    Best wishes from Stuttgart

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