Roxette’s new video now working and unblocked – Vote!

As fans mentioned and started to report yesterday certain countries could not view the new video to ‘She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)’ due to it being blocked, however it now seems like the problem has been fixed [at least in some countries] so head on over to YouTube and see if it works for you now!

If it still doesn’t, here’s the official MyVideo link for Germany (already 30,000 views!), official Dailymotion link and Mats Udd’s video channel on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to vote for the video on the pages mentioned above (click on the 5 stars ;)). And of course, view it, we (they) need as many views and highest vote as possible! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Roxette’s new video now working and unblocked – Vote!”

  1. Yeah, can view the video from here (Singapore). Nice video, but it’s just i don’t like the idea about putting up the light from the back of Marie & Per….Hmmm, it really made her looked older. I think she looked more gorgeous even when she sang at the tunnel or during the tv interview @ Poland. They could have made something better for M&P appearance. I hope Marie will color her hair just like in 2001 era…really miss her in that style 🙂

  2. Personally, I don’t think it deserves a 5 stars rate. Compared with previous Roxette videos, 3/5 is more accurate and fair.

  3. I agree, we have to support Roxette, vote 5 star. It’s the song is the most important….the more you listen to it the more you like it…I really hope a better video next pls…

  4. Pfff, do you think rating it 5 or 3 will make any difference? Ok, give it 5 and the Academy Award too, if it makes you happy. The video is rubbish, anyway. And that won’t change.

  5. Ok they’ve got my solid vote (4/5) just because the song is great and the come-back effort for Marie (and Per ofcourse) – can’t be easy for her after 10 years in this young competitive market, but fortunately she still has one of the best voices ever!! I wish them all the success with this effort!!! Let’s support Roxette with everything!!

  6. I vote it 5 stars against the current competition – not the best Roxette videos. An the video really gets better after some spins. 😉

    PS. Over 41,000 views on MyVideo now!

  7. Despite my own opinion on the video, I am glad that many people likes it 🙂 and yes, it’s start to grow on me. I still couldn’t stand the “party scene”, but I am started to enjoy the part with Marie and Per, and I am still happy that they’re back 🙂

  8. Video isn’t bad, but is different. This is the problem when you use such an alternative director for such a commercial pop band. Remember Corbijn’s videos.

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