Norwegian band accuses Roxette of plagiarism

According to an article on Norwegian newspapers Dagbladet and Side2,  the Norwegian band Hollywood Vampires claims Roxette has stolen parts of their song “She Had Nothing On But the Radio”, which was released in 2008. According to the singer of the band Paul E. Vercouteren, these parts can be found in Roxette’s latest single “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)”.

“It is weird that another band is earning money on the chorus we wrote,” tells Vercourteren to Dagbladet. Vercourteren claims that besides the chorus, the bass rythm and guitar chords are similar as well, and that all in all, the song is “too similar to be a coincidence”.

The norwegian band is now considering if they take any legal steps against Roxette or not.

Here’s the link to Hollywood Vampires song. What do you think? Personally, to me this song sounds like Green Day.

6 thoughts on “Norwegian band accuses Roxette of plagiarism”

  1. Haha, the accusation is pure nonsense. There’s nothing in common with “Radio”, except the title. And you can’t claim plagiarism based in that. They just want some publicity.

  2. Well, I must say, that Norwegian band has some drugs up their noses if they think Roxette stole their song. God!! Their song doesn’t sound ANYTHING like Roxette’s – the mere title is the only resemblence!! The lead singer looks like a drugged up homo anyway. I wouldn’t take them serious.

    Their song sounds like shit, anyway….

  3. Everyone’s gonna hate me for it, but, I think just a little tiny bit… Yeah…
    The repitition of ‘Radio’ is similar, and I can see hints of similar bass line.
    Of course it’s a mere coincidence, and falls way short of ‘plagiarism’.
    Roxette’s still better, even if they took a little inspiration from that song.

  4. The thing is guys Per does not get his inspiration from trashy musicians like these. His roots are 60’s & 70’s – Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan, Led Zepellin, The Kinks….those legends of rock & pop.
    I seriously doubt if he even heard this band’s song before….! Geez if you’ve written over a 1000 songs in your career then why would you wanna ‘borrow’ trash like that???!! Doesn’t make sense to me

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